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Easter Riddles for Kids – 25 Best Riddles For Clever Fledglings




Easter riddles challenge children and go incredibly well with Easter! They spice up any Easter egg hunt and Easter scavenger hunt and are a great Easter egg filler as an alternative to small gifts and sweets. These are the best Easter riddles for kids, from fun joke questions to tricky maths and brainteasers!

Tricky, funny and also for calculating – which Easter riddles for kids are the best? It’s all in the mix! It is important not to overtax the child or children and to choose the right Easter riddles for kids according to age, interest and use. Here you will find our best of mixed Easter riddles – from brainteasers and arithmetic riddles to funny riddles and joke questions. By the way, we also have Easter puzzles for adults for you.

You can use our Easter riddles for kids for creative Easter games to make the Easter season even more fun and to keep the programme going.

You can simply download the Easter riddles for kids as a pdf and play them as a free Easter game – together or as a small competition of mini bunnies. They are great for an Easter scavenger hunt or as a filling for refillable Easter eggs. You can download the solutions as an extra pdf!

Ideas for Simple Easter Games With Easter Riddles

  • Easter scavenger hunt – tips on how to organise can be found here
  • Easter puzzle competition – for every puzzle solved, the child with the solution receives an Easter egg
  • Fill Easter eggs, each with a puzzle that is hidden, searched for and solved together
  • Place an Easter egg with a riddle in the child’s lunchbox
  • Let the children design Easter cards with riddles, which they choose and send to relatives and friends

25 Fun and Tricky Easter Riddles for Kids

Easter riddle for kids as Easter game printable

Easter riddle for kids as Easter game printable

Most Easter riddles are “Who am I” riddles. Some of them rhyme, but not all. Some riddles can be solved by children as young as 6 or kindergarten age, others are more for primary school pupils. This is the case, for example, with the 5 tricky arithmetic riddles – be sure to help find the solution here if no maths whiz sets out to crack the puzzle egg. The most fun is solving the riddles together anyway – either several children in the group or older ones give help when things get stuck.

20 Fun and Tricky Easter Riddles for Kids

  1. Not a single hair serves him for adornment, but a comb has this’ beast.
  2. I am a plant that nobody really likes. You can also eat me, I’m delicious in a salad. But touching me can lead to a loud ouch! If you come closer, you might get very burnt. Who am I?
  3. What does the Easter Bunny say when it burps?
  4. First I am a creeping animal, then I change into a flying animal. Who am I?
  5. When does the Easter bunny have as many spoons as the year has days?
  6. I am round, sometimes red, sometimes yellow, very colourful. If you hit me, you get delicious yellow and white things out of me. Who am I?
  7. It has two horns and lives in a house smaller than a mouse.
  8. I am an animal and I make buzzing, buzzing noises in your garden. I’m yellow, black and all fuzzy, but I’m not a bee. Who am I? 
  9. What can fall without hurting itself and pour, but is not a pitcher?
  10. If the rooster lays an egg on top of a mountain, in which direction does it roll?
  11. He has two spoons and a sniffing nose, he is a very special rabbit. He only comes in March and April, but never in any other month for a very special feast. What is it called?
  12. I came to earth to show you how to live, how to love, how to put others first and how to give. Who am I?
  13. Do you know three eggs from which no chicks hatch?
  14. What opens when the rain falls from the sky?
  15. Who lays eggs but does not build a nest? 
  16. You pick me in the grass and put me in a vase. Who am I?
  17. Who always eats with two spoons?
  18. If it is not eaten, it grows up in a round house and walks out of there as a living creature.
  19. You’ll need me to paint the eggs, I love dipping in colourful paint. Who am I? 
  20. I am wearing a beautiful red dress with black dots. Who am I? 

5 Math Easter Riddles for Elementary School Students

  1. 9 Easter bunnies want to race each other. How many races do the bunnies have to run so that each bunny has reached the finish line faster than all the others at one time? 
  2. Early in the morning the Easter Bunny hobbled off to hide 46 Easter eggs. He hid 10 with the Schmidt family, half as many as with the Schmidts, with old Peter Fox, who lived alone, and little Elisabeth, and 7 with the Lewandowski family. He hid another 10 with Gabi and Felix Furchtlos. How many Easter eggs does he have left to hide for you in your garden?
  3. In spring, Julia pokes five holes in the ground to plant four seeds. She plants a seed in the second hole. Then a seed just to the right of that seed. Next she plants a seed in the 5th hole, and finally she plants a seed four holes to the left of it. Which hole did not receive a seed?
  4. Jenny finds 4 Easter eggs. Alex finds 3 more Easter eggs than Ginnie. Matti, on the other hand, has found 2 fewer Easter eggs than Jenny. Anika finds 6 more Easter eggs than Matti. How many Easter eggs have they all found together?
  5. Racer Rabbit Rudi Rasehase wants to run three laps in three minutes each at the big Easter race. He can do that if he runs one lap at a pace of 30 km/h. After the start, however, he only manages the first lap at 10km/h. How fast does he have to run the second and third laps to complete all three laps within three minutes?

Have fun with our Easter riddles for kids and a happy Easter!

Looking for more Easter ideas? From a free Easter bingo printable and beautiful Easter games, original tips on how to celebrate Easter and free Easter craft tutorials can all be found on our ideas portal. And when it’s not all about the bunny and the egg, there’s new inspiration for leisure activities with kids, your partner and friends every week. Have fun browsing!

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