Book gift idea as a diy voucher in envelope

6. August 2022 - Anika Semmer

Book Gift Idea for a Creative Voucher + Free Printable | Tutorial




Simply print the voucher, fold the envelope according to these instructions and get started. You can wrap this book gift idea in an envelope from old book pages in about 20 minutes. This is how it works!

This book gift idea in an envelope made from old book pages is quick to make with the free printable voucher template and conveys an important message: You are important to me!

Because instead of running to the shop and buying a plastic voucher card, I made a voucher especially for you. And the best thing about this book gift idea is: it probably takes less time to make it than it does to go to the bookstore and buy a book voucher 😉

I made this book gift voucher for a dear friend whom I see far too rarely. She loves books just like I do and enjoys browsing for hours in the bookstore. And that’s exactly what I wanted to give her. A book voucher with the special extra of browsing together in the bookstore and gifting her with the greatest treasure she finds.

Bookworms know that many a hero has found a strange book between old, dusty spines. When you open it, your heart starts to race and the journey to Fantasyland begins…

On the material list you will find everything I used to make this book token. If you don’t have an old book you want to cut up, just use an old newspaper!

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Material List*

How to Make this Creative Book Gift Idea

Duration: about 20 minutes – or 5 minutes without a self-made envelope.

All you really need for the book gift coupon is a colour printer. If you have enough time and a print shop around the corner, I recommend printing it out on high-quality paper, which costs no more than a maximum of one dollar.

The most time-consuming part is making the envelope as packaging, but that’s what makes it original. If possible, use a funny book or comic strip!

Tip: Newspapers have a page with a satirical comic at least once a week, which you can use wonderfully.

Print Out and Cut Book Voucher Template

Book gift idea as a Voucher with Printable Template

Book Voucher Template Printable for a trip to Fantasyland

Note: The colour choice of the book voucher template differs from my voucher in the photos. This is because I coloured my voucher by hand as a first draft.

How to Make the Envelope

Folding the envelope to wrap the book gioft idea from two book pages

First separate two book pages from an old book

Make a book voucher envelope with tissue paper lining

Glue in yellow tissue paper as lining to fit exactly

Bookgift idea as a voucher in homemade envelope

Fold the top and bottom edges around the book token

The envelope in which the book voucher is kept is beautifully decorated

Design the envelope as you like with stickers and felt pens

Make a book voucher with an envelope from book pages

Put the book voucher in the envelope

Sealing the envelope with the book voucher at the end with sealing wax

Drip sealing wax onto the flap and seal the letter in style

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