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18. November 2023 - Anika Semmer

24 Best Christmas Riddles for Adults + Free Printable




Really good Christmas riddles for adults provide spontaneous laughter, let the brain cells work at full speed and bring beautiful moments together. After countless hours of browsing the internet, I have created the best Christmas riddles to print out as a free Christmas game.

Once you’ve been bitten by the puzzle bug, you can’t get rid of it. And ever since my first Escape Room Games, I’ve been convinced that it’s a lot of fun and provides unforeseen funny moments when you work together to solve tricky puzzles. Admittedly, Christmas riddles for adults don’t quite match the tactile appeal of an Escape Game. And they don’t have to: after all, they are meant to create an enjoyable Christmas atmosphere and are not an adrenaline-fuelled race against time. For my selection of the best Christmas riddles for adults, it was important to me that there are really difficult puzzles, but also just as many funny Christmas riddles that ensure lots of laughter, shared moments of success and, of course, Christmas spirit at its best.

You can play through the Christmas riddles for adults together in a relaxed atmosphere. In our store there is also a game version for Christmas parties, with which solo players or teams can compete against each other. But of course you can also use these free Christmas riddles to print out. The team with the most points then gets a Christmas surprise.

Important: These Christmas riddles are really for adults in terms of difficulty. If you have children with you, you can simply add Christmas riddles for kids to the Christmas game so that everyone has fun :-). In the linked article you will also find a child-friendly riddle version of the Christmas game to print out, which you can use as a great addition.

24 Christmas Riddles for Adults Printable

The Christmas game consists of 4 puzzle cards with 24 Christmas riddles for adults

The Christmas riddle game you can get in the store includes answer cards for solo players and teams

The Christmas riddles for adults printable consist of 12 hard and 12 funny puzzles and joke questions. There are 2 riddle cards in the same design (blue – tricky, yellow – funny). You’ll find the solutions as an extra PDF, so you can join in yourself if you don’t manage to take a look beforehand :-).

Hard Christmas Riddles for Adults

  1. If it takes Santa’s five elves five minutes to make five dolls, how long do you think it takes 100 elves to make 100 dolls?
  2. What’s easy to catch but not throw, especially in winter?
  3. I am big when I am young and I am small when I am old. What am I?
  4. Precipitation in the form of ice crystals + adult male human = ?
  5. Biscuits baked especially during Advent and Christmas + building where people live or work = ?
  6. Voluntary transfer of ownership without expectation of consideration + material in the form of thin leaves, consisting of plant material = ?
  7. Cocoa-based food and luxury foodstuff + symbolic figure of Christmas gift-giving = ?
  8. Pagan festival around Christmas time
  9. What can you keep after giving to someone?
  10. What did St. Nicholas bring to the poor girls?
  11. On Christmas Eve, you enter a room where there is a match, a paraffin lamp, a candle and a fireplace. Which do you light first?
  12. A wise author by day
    A storyteller by night
    Come the yuletide spirit
    My book will show the light
    Who am I?
  13. A ballet of yore
    A character alright
    Performed and enjoyed on Christmas Night
    Written in Russia
    Made in whole
    Have music that makes you hum along
    What am I?

Funny Christmas Riddles for Adults and Joke Questions

  1. Who is never hungry at Christmas? 
  2. If the year ends on 31 December, what is the end of Christmas?
  3. What do you call a person who is afraid of Father Christmas?
  4. What do elves learn at school?
  5. What do you call Father Christmas when he takes a break?
  6. What kind of photos do elves take?
  7. What’s the best thing to put in a Christmas cake?
  8. How much did Santa pay for his sleigh? 
  9. What do you call an old snowman?
  10. What did the Christmas tree say to the Christmas tree ball?
  11. Which Christmas carol is a parent’s favourite?
  12. Why are Christmas trees so bad at knitting?

Adult Riddle Advent Calendar with Christmas Riddles

Fun Advent calendar riddles for adults include joke questions, funny riddles and jokes packaged as cryptograms.

Funny riddles in my Advent calendar puzzles are jokes packed in cryptogram or joke questions

Of course, Christmas riddles for adults are also a wonderful, creative Advent calendar filling. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find a complete puzzle Advent calendar to print out, which I designed with a lot of love and which contains other Christmas puzzles than my puzzle Christmas game that are also designed to be done solo. After all, only one person gets the Advent calendar.

You can easily put the puzzles in an Advent calendar that you can fill yourself. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find lots of DIY instructions for different Advent calendars. For my riddle Advent calendar, I made what I think is an absolutely brilliant Christmas decoration staircase out of birch sticks, which can also be used to hang up Christmas decorations.

Have fun cracking the Christmas riddles for adults and a Merry Christmas!

Are you planning a lively Christmas party or a contemplative Christmas with the family? Browse through our Christmas ideas! There’s lots to discover: from free Christmas games like Christmas bingo, beautiful craft ideas and gift ideas to tips and ideas for creating a special Christmas party. Get inspired!

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