I love you because... DIY Advent calendar for lovers to make yourself

13. November 2021 - Anika Semmer

DIY Advent Calendar for Lovers: 24 Declarations of Love | Instructions




The heart of this romantic advent calendar for lovers consists of 24 personal messages. Sweetened with fine chocolates and completely sustainable in a preserving jar. In this quick guide, you can download the templates for the Advent calendar and make it yourself. 

I love you because…? The “because” is of burning interest to anyone in a young relationship. And even if you’re no longer newly in love and know the reasons (do you ever really?!?), it’s all the more important to hear them every now and then to keep the flame burning!

What reasons can you think of why you fell in love with your sweetheart? What qualities and quirks do you love the most? In my guide you’ll find 24 personal reasons and if you need more inspiration, here are more 365 reasons why I love you!

The advent calendar looks especially beautiful if you design it in the colours red, gold and black like I did. After all, it should also look good ;-).

I made the fold-out cards with the numbers myself and provide them free of charge on the material list. All the other materials I used to decorate the cards are listed there.

Chocolate creates feelings of happiness and to sweeten the written declarations of love even more, 24 fine chocolates are hidden in this Advent calendar in addition to personal declarations of love. Individually wrapped chocolates in shiny cellophane are particularly beautiful: because they are delicious and colourful, I have filled the Advent calendar with golden Ferrero Rocher and red and black Lindor balls.

Do you have the time and inclination to make your advent calendar for lovers more elaborate? You can also package it in a sophisticated way as origami Advent calendar or snowflake Advent calendar. Among all my craft projects, I am particularly proud of these two reusable advent calendars. 🙂

How to Make an Romantic Advent Calendar for Lovers

DIY Advent Calendar for Lovers

DIY Advent Calendar for Lovers with 24 Reasons Why I Love You and Chocolates

The advent calendar consists of 24 cards, each with “24 reasons why I love you” hidden inside and 24 chocolates in a preserving jar. As always, you can find all the craft materials I used on the material list.There I have also provided you with the template for the cards (in German)  as a download.

Material List*

1. 24 Reasons Why I Love You for the Adevent Calendar for Lovers

You can easily print out the template for the folding cards of the Adevnts calendar for lovers.

24 reasons why Cupid’s arrow hit the heart

  1. Because you make me laugh, sweat, lose my mind and then come home.
  2. because you follow your heart but take your brain with you.
  3. because you tell me I wear the “dress of love” when I am naked.
  4. because you give me space for myself.
  5. because you make me grow beyond myself.
  6. because your smile is so radiant that atomic nuclei melt.
  7. because you give me more credit than I give myself.
  8. because I deprive you of sleep and yet lie in your bed every night.
  9. because a little crazy is damn near wonderful.
  10. because you smile at me in the morning even though I look like a raccoon on drugs.
  11. because you’re a true prince who won’t slay dragons for me, but loves me for it when I am one myself.
  12. because I googled love and found you.
  13. because you are the salt in my soup: hot and delicious!
  14. because you start clever sentences with the words: “my girlfriend said…”.
  15. because you make me a better person.
  16. because you always give me the biggest piece of the pie.
  17. because you celebrate the little joys in life.
  18. because you do things for me that I’m not so good at.
  19. because for you being childish is something beautiful and scissors, rock, paper is the best way to decide who takes out the rubbish.
  20. because you like to give and take gently.
  21. because you are full of ideas that you want to bring to life.
  22. because you always make me see the world from a different angle.
  23. because you make me feel like a winner.
  24. because you take me to the land of dreams every day.

Are you looking for more funny reasons or personal compliments or do you want to go the extra mile in terms of romance? Find more 365 reasons why I love you right here.

2. Label and Design 24 Folded Cards

I love you because: a personal reason goes on each of the 24 cards

You can draw a frame around the bottom with a fineliner.

You can draw a frame around the reason with a finelinerPrint out the template (currently only in German available) on 120mg paper and cut out the cards or design it by yourself. The Advent calendar looks especially nice if you print half of the cards on red paper and the other half on white paper.

Fold each card in half and label it with your 24 reasons. Decorate each card with gold relief stickers. I used Christmas stickers from Paper Poetry (see supplies list).

Seal each card with a red or a white mini clothes peg and fill them alternately with 8 black Lindor balls, 8 red Lindor balls and 8 gold Ferrero Rocher balls in a 750ml canning jar.

3. Finalize Advent Calendar for Lovers in a Jar

Self-made Advent calendar for lovers in a glass jar with instructions for DIY.

A 700ml old jar of preserved fruit is a great jar for this

Place the lid of the jar on a piece of golden patterned wrapping paper and outline the jar. Leave 2-3 cm overhang and cut out the circle with pinking shears. Glue it to the lid and the rim of the lid with the hot glue gun.

Cut out one of the two letters “24 reasons why I love you” from the template all the way around. Place a red fabric ribbon around the belly of the jar and glue it in place so that the ends overlap in a cross. Stick the words “24 reasons why I love you” in the centre. Now glue the wooden stars on top.

Now you have a beautiful and very personal advent calendar for lovers that is guaranteed to bring you a kiss or two. 🙂

Doing your own gifts is your thing? Have a look at our crafting ideas or browse through our ideas for Advent and Christmas. And if you’re in the mood for something different, time is far too precious not to savour with unforgettable leisure activities for two, friends and family to remember.

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