Ingenious ideas for special last minute Christmas gifts for women

22. December 2017 - Anika Semmer

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Women That Don’t Look Like This at All




You are still looking for last minute Christmas gifts for women who are close to your heart? Whether you’re a wife, girlfriend, best friend or mum: these creative gift ideas don’t look like they were made in a flash! 😉

Christmas is coming soon and you still don’t have a gift for the lady of your heart or your mother, mother-in-law or an insanely good friend? Welcome to the club – because I’m sure almost everyone has felt that way!

We also have tips for the best last minute Christmas gifts for men!

Even though today should already be the 24th of December and you only have a few hours until the gifts are handed out, there are many great last minute Christmas gifts for women that you can make, print or get yourself in a jiffy and that you won’t even notice!

In this article you will find the best ideas for last minute Christmas gifts for women, which you can either create yourself or get in common shops that are still open until 2 pm on 24 December, such as supermarkets, DIY shops, drugstores or technology shops. You’ll be amazed at how many last-minute gifts for women you can conjure up right away that still look great! And if you’re also looking for a last minute Christmas gift for men, you’ll find inspiration in this article.

There are several types of gifts that you can whip up quickly. All the gifts we suggest fall into one of these categories:

  • Presence baskets with a supermarket theme
  • Homemade Christmas gifts, which can be made quickly and for which you can get everything you need to make them in the supermarket and DIY store
  • Coupons
  • Cards for events

The 10 Most Beautiful & Quickest Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Women

The best 10 last minute Christmas gifts for women create insane surprise, joy and happiness

The most beautiful last minute Christmas gifts for women trigger joy!

1. Delicious and Original Baskets Full of Treasures – The Theme Basket

Grab a shopping basket and load it full of everything in the supermarket that fits a theme and her. She has an enormously stressful job? – A wellness package to relax fits perfectly. She loves Italy, Spain or the Caribbean? A culinary basket for a gourmet evening is perfect.

Or you can give love an original injection and buy everything for a romantic day: but please, with some original, personalised things! Put all the ingredients in a gift basket (you can even use a cardboard box lined with wrapping paper) and put it under the Christmas tree 😉

2 Ideas for Gift Hampers

Wellness Gift Basket for Relaxing

  • Bath balls or bath additive
  • Wellness products
  • Scented candles and sticks
  • Beauty products
  • Cucumber mask
  • Peeling
  • Fruit basket
  • Handwritten or printed voucher for the sauna, thermal bath or a massage parlour

Gift Basket as a Romance Set for the Home

  • Favourite snacks to feed each other
  • Self-designed voucher for a day out for two. Tip: At many stores you can also quickly print out a nice photo of the two of you and write a short text on the back of the voucher!
  • Massage oil
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine or champagne
  • 3 candles
  • Cosy large woollen blanket
  • Cheese fondue pack with crackers for dipping and a small bottle of kirsch
  • Tasty baked apple set with 2 apples, 1 vial or jar of 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 knife tips dried ginger, 1 pinch allspice, 1 pinch clove powder, ½ tsp orange zest, 2 tsp vanilla sugar and 1 jar of the filling; 4 tbsp chopped almonds, sultanas, 6 dried apricots, 1 bottle supermarket bought custard

2. Give the Gift of Special Experiences

Experience gifts are some of the best last minute Christmas gifts for women that offer something extra special

A carriage ride is one of the best last minute Christmas gifts for women

We’re all about gifts that make sure you get to experience something awesome with the person you’re giving them to: and that’s completely independent of the price! From a surprise short trip to the mountains, an original picnic in the snow with all the trimmings, a ski trip or excursion to the amusement park or zoo, to special experiences that you can find at experience providers such as Mydays or Jochen Schweizer as a voucher.

The great thing about these experience providers: from blacksmith workshops to show dinners, crime dinners and laser tag games, you can choose the gift online from a wide range, buy it immediately and get a voucher to print out.

If you have thought of an original activity yourself, then simply design the voucher yourself on the computer or by hand! Tip: Simply cut out a few pictures from the flyer and stick them on as a collage. Add a nice text and you’re done!

10 Ideas for Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Women

  1. Wellness day trip to a sauna or thermal spa landscape
  2. Winter carriage ride, winter day trip in the snow
  3. Special culinary or romantic short trip
  4. Day trip to an amusement park, zoo, boat trip, canoe trip, etc.
  5. Voucher for a professional photo shoot together
  6. Crime dinner, dinner in the dark, show dinner or magic dinner
  7. Short trips: e.g. a cuddle weekend, a gourmet weekend or a great city break
  8. Voucher for an Escape Room Game
  9. Voucher for a goldsmith, pottery, painting or sculpture workshop
  10. Unusual city rally with a mystery case or real actors

3. Give Tickets to Their Favourite Concert

Tickets to an event are quick last minute Christmas gifts for women

Concert tickets, musical tickets or theatre tickets as a quick gift

She loves music and listens to some songs of an artist in continuous loop? Sit down at the computer and check if the band is performing in this city soon. And even if they’re not, I bet you’ll find some concerts she’ll like while browsing the programme.

In big cities, you can buy the tickets for them right away from the ticket seller and wrap them up nicely. If it’s even quicker, book them online and quickly make a concert ticket on the computer as a voucher with their name on it.

4. Give a New Hobby That You Share

Last Minute Gifts for Women can give her a great hobby for a whole year

Learn to make pottery together at a creative workshop

Almost everything is more fun together. Go swimming together, learn pottery or goldsmithing together or create jewellery together. Or conquer your inner weakness together and book an abdominal-legs-exercise course in a double package 😉

For couples or best friends, there are ingenious workshops that you can book at mydays, for example, and print out immediately as a voucher – that’s the quickest way.

Or, for example, you can buy a 12-person ticket for a thermal bath or a sauna season ticket, sign up for a creative course and design a matching voucher.

5. Be Creative and Give the Gift of a Road Trip

A road trip as a last minute Christmas gift for women

Creative & fancy – road trip as a last minute gift

A great last minute gift for a woman who holds a special place in your life: give her a road trip together! Whether it’s a day trip by car or train, a weekend getaway, a camping trip or a short holiday: all you need is a map or road map, needle and thread and a picture frame (can also be second-hand).

Spread out the map and embroider the tour you are going to take on the map with a needle and thick red thread. If you have enough time, you can also use sharpie to creatively draw both of you as stick figures, the means of transport of your choice and dogs, cats etc. that belong to you. Then cut the card to fit the frame, put it in the frame and wrap it in wrapping paper.

6. Give an Original Zen Garden for the Desk

You can get everything you need for this gift at the DIY store. Buy a glass bowl and 2-3 succulents. Succulents are a family of plants that can store a lot of water and are available in many varieties in every DIY store. The best-known representatives are cacti! You also need a packet of bird sand.
At home, pour the sand into the glass bowl until it is ¾ full and plant the succulents on one side (for low bowls, it is advisable to tape the plants to the bottom of the glass, e.g. with washi tape, so that they don’t slip) and water them lightly. Now you can draw squiggles in the sand with your finger and have a really original last minute Christmas present!

If you still have time to order a Zen garden with amazon Prime, you can find great DIY Zen garden sets with a gong and a Buddha statue for a very reasonable price.


7. Create a Special Breakfast or Office Mug

Paint a mug with funny motifs that put you in a good mood in the morning. Or paint a short comic strip around the mug that tells your story of getting to know each other – or a funny episode with your mum, etc. You can get a pure white mug in any supermarket for little money and ceramic crayons are definitely available in DIY shops or even in large drugstores and craft shops!

Tip: I painted a set of 4 espresso cups for a friend. Each cup has a motif with her cat, which is hilariously up to mischief. Inspired by Simon the Cat, a cartoon cat she loves – and she was insanely happy about it!

8. Treasure Chest Full of Coupons for Everyday Life

In the stress of everyday life, many don't have time to relax - and that's exactly what this last minute Christmas gift for women takes away from them

Things to relax with are perfect last minute Christmas gifts for women in stress

Imagine getting a little box of freebies to put your feet up in front of the TV or chill in the tub while a Mainzelmännchen does all those tedious everyday chores. That’s it! And that’s exactly the idea behind this last minute Christmas gift for women, which will not only bring a blissful smile to young mothers and stressed-out worker bees.

You need a nice gift box – you can get them in any stationery shop, supermarket or DIY shop. Now you write down notes as vouchers with everyday activities that the recipient can redeem from you. Roll each one up like a lottery ticket and seal it with a piece of washi tape, scotch tape, ribbon or a small rubber band – and put it in the treasure chest.

Voucher Ideas

  • Babysitting all evening for 1 time
  • Cleaning the whole house
  • Clean the windows
  • Do the shopping
  • Clean the car
  • Cooking a delicious lunch

9. You Are the Fairest of Them All! – Beauty Christmas Gift

Beauty sets are one of the fastest bought last minute Christmas gifts for women

Wellness & beauty products are top last minute Christmas gifts for women

Women and their appearance. Yes, that’s important to us 😉

And we love to take care of ourselves, look good, smell seductive and also like to have a beauty day. It’s not just about looking good, but also about feeling good and beautiful.

At Christmas time, drugstores such as DM and Müller offer ready-made special beauty sets. You can add your own choice of nail polish, lip gloss, body butter, fragrant perfumes and creams and maybe even the new Baby Liss Curl for beautiful curls or a high-quality straightener – depending on what suits the recipient. A hit is definitely a gift set with her favourite perfume and matching lotion!

In big drugstores, there’s actually always a wrapping station with wrapping paper, ribbon and everything you need.

10. Accessories and Practical Things for Your Smartphone

A woman and her smartphone. Some women like to show their love for unicorns, rhinestones, glitter and great colours. Today, the smartphone is much more than a telephone or a small computer, dear men! – It is a friend, a daily companion, always belongs in your handbag like your wallet and can look great!

In technology shops like Saturn or Mediamarkt you will find a huge selection of pretty and practical smartphone accessories: from playful cases and nicely designed power banks to stylish headphones and high-end Bluetooth speakers. Many of them are not just pretty knick-knacks but also really practical!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

In the mood to browse? Discover our ideas for Christmas family ideas! On Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll also find year-round tips for activities with friends, as a couple or with the family.

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