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23. November 2019 - Anika Semmer

48 Advent Calendar Vouchers for Men - The Best Ideas




Genius ideas wanted – and 24 of them! Which Advent calendar vouchers for men should not be missing from your Advent calendar?

The most beautiful advent calendars come from the heart. Boyfriend, husband or father – they are all happy like little children about an individually filled and maybe even self-made advent calendar. Because for 24 days it says without words: You are very important to me!

All ideas that you can’t put in the bag as an object (experiences, activities, etc.) look great on a voucher. Many of them cost little or no money, but bring great joy and some provide romantic moments. And some of these voucher ideas should definitely not be missing from your Advent calendar!

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will also find ideas for DIY Advent calendars with instructions on how to make them. From the Advent calendar in a jar to the decorative Origami Advent calendar with boxes.

48 Ideas for Special Advent Calendar Vouchers

Snow flurries, candlelight, togetherness at home: the atmospheric pre-Christmas period is a great opportunity for romantic Advent calendar vouchers for your loved one. If you think romantic is too cheesy or are looking for Advent calendar vouchers for men who are not your partner, you will also find 24 ideas here.

Advent Calendar Vouchers for Your Loved One

  1. Winter breakfast in bed
  2. A walk in the snow
  3. Series night
  4. Your favourite dish
  5. Romantic dinner
  6. Theme cooking! You choose the theme and I will prepare something for you.
  7. Movie night with a film of your choice
  8. Relaxing back massage
  9. Relaxing in the thermal bath
  10. I drive your car through the car wash (and clean it inside and out)
  11. I will grant you a wish
  12. Ice skating
  13. For puzzle/crime fans: we solve an Escape Game together for home or go to a real Escape Game
  14. Excursion or a hike
  15. Visit to the cinema to see a surprise film
  16. TV joker! Today the remote control is all yours
  17. Sunday breakfast with fresh rolls and everything your heart desires
  18. Eating baked apples
  19. Visit to the sauna
  20. I’ll let you in on a secret
  21. Fondue – meat, cheese or chocolate for you to decide
  22. We go to a football match (of your favourite team XY)
  23. … or to an ice hockey game
  24. You get to decide what we do for one day

Advent Calendar Vouchers for Men (All)

  1. Mulled wine and fried sausage sandwiches at the Christmas market
  2. Games evening / gamers’ evening (with your favourite game) – you decide who comes
  3. Vacuum cleaning
  4. Washing up
  5. Go tobogganing
  6. Building a snowman
  7. You have the day off and can do whatever you like
  8. Go to the theatre
  9. Concert
  10. Surprise! Name a letter with which your surprise should begin
  11. We go to the Irish Pub together
  12. Christmas medley evening – you invite who comes
  13. I’ll go Christmas gift shopping with you and help you out
  14. Voucher for a favour
  15. Dusting at your place
  16. We’ll go laser tagging
  17. Go go-karting
  18. Invitation to a cocktail or drink in a special pub
  19. I’ll be your taxi one day when you go out partying / want to be picked up somewhere
  20. Go and play billiards
  21. Do your shopping for you
  22. We go out to celebrate together – you decide when and where!
  23. Voucher for the drinks and nibbles service at the TV evening
  24. Men’s day! Visit to a trade fair / event suitable for his hobby

What else goes into your advent calendar? Ideas for sayings for Advent calendars and lots more ideas for Advent calendars and Christmas gift ideas can be found here. On the ideas portal you’ll find tips for activities for two, with friends and family all year round and for all occasions. Check it out!

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