How to make your own toilet roll star with rhinestones

10. December 2017 - Anika Semmer

Toilet Roll Stars – How to Make Your Own Festive Stars | Tutorial




Crafting filigree poinsettias in different sizes from toilet rolls or kitchen rolls is quick and looks great. With these instructions, you can easily make toilet roll stars.

Every year I decorate the flat with the same Christmas decorations: a good mix of home-made and bought decorations. But this year I really want to make something new and that is special poinsettias that I can hang on the door or my high windows as eye-catchers.

I always think it’s great to recycle everyday objects that you normally throw away. And so now the cardboard roll inside a kitchen roll gets a new life as a poinsettia. But you can just as easily use loo rolls for this – they have the same diameter!

Tip: If you want to make simple Christmas decorations yourself, then simply do without the golden spray paint and the rhinestones, which also look great in combination with fir greenery!

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How to Make Toilet Roll Stars as Festive Christmas Decorations

You can make this toilet roll star as a Christmas decoration yourself

Christmas star from 3 loo rolls or a kitchen roll

What You Need

The toilet roll star has a diameter of 29.5cm and makes a wonderful door decoration!

Step 1 – Gluing a Poinsettia From a Loo Roll

To craft this toilet roll star is fun with children, too

A toilet roll star is a cheap and beautiful decoration

First, mark the kitchen or toilet paper rolls with a pencil at 1 cm intervals. Cut the cardboard roll with these markers until you get cardboard circles with edges about 1 cm thick.

You will need 25 cardboard circles for the whole poinsettia.

The inside of the poinsettia consists of 5 cardboard circles that you press together once and then press into a nice lancet shape (leaf shape).

Take 2 more cardboard circles, press them together in the middle, cut them in half at the ends and cut them in half again until you have 4 pieces of the same size. Fold 5 in the middle, press it into a lancet shape and glue the two loose ends together with the hot glue gun. Glue a small leaf in the middle of each large leaf.

You can also make your own Christmas decorations from everyday objects like this toilet roll star

Glue the individual parts of the toilet roll star together

Now take 15 cardboard circles, press them into a lancet shape and glue two together at the bottom. Then glue the third one in the middle.

For the 3 small lancets at the edge of each star point, cut 3 cardboard circles into 4 equal parts and form small lancets, which you glue together in the middle. Glue three to the end of each of the three centre pieces.

Now glue the 5 points of the star to one lancet of the middle piece.

Step 2 – Spray the Toilet Roll Stars Gold

This toilet roll star is a great Christmas craft

Toilet roll star made from a kitchen roll

Lay out newspaper on the floor outside, put on your disposable gloves and spray the star with gold paint from both sides.

Step 3 – Make the Poinsettia Sparkle With Gemstones

Glue rhinestones to the toilet roll star

Glue rhinestones to decorate the toilet roll star

Once the star is dry, you can glue rhinestones on it. I stuck 1 light blue round rhinestone with a diameter of 1.5 cm in the middle, 5 crystal 2 cm long leaf-shaped transparent ones on the star prongs and 5 round light blue ones with a diameter of 0.5 cm in the middle of the three lancets at the end of the prongs.


Step 4 – Making the Hangings of the Toilet Roll Stars

Now all you need to do is cut the satin to the right length and knot it to one end of the star. Done!

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