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11. November 2023 - Anika Semmer

25 Christmas Riddles for Kids - Free Christmas Game Printable




Little riddles shorten the waiting time for Christmas – whether on the drive to the grandparents, as an activity at Christmas itself or during Advent. Our Best Of is a colourful compilation of our favourite 25 Christmas riddles for kids as a free Christmas game printable. It’s great as a Christmas game or to add to an individual Advent calendar!

Funny, tricky, simple – which Christmas riddles for kids are the best? Of course, it depends on the child or children, their age and also on what the Christmas puzzles are used for: as a Christmas game, Advent scavenger hunt or Advent calendar filling. I put them together as an entertaining Christmas game, so all the puzzles were solved one after the other and the adults only gave help when the kids had a problem. The children loved it!

You can also use the puzzles as tasks for a Christmas scavenger hunt for several children or the family. How can you do this without too much preparation? Here you will find many ingenious ideas and even more riddles for a Christmas scavenger hunt.

Christmas Riddles for Kids for a Special Advent Calendar

For an individual riddle Advent calendar for children, I recommend a colourful mix of different types of puzzles. That way, you won’t get bored. A large part of my Christmas riddles for kids are “What am I?” puzzChristmas Riddles for Kids for a Special Advent Calendarles. They are simple, small puzzles that can be solved very well by children aged 6 and older. For some of the other puzzles, adults should provide help, then these trickier puzzles will also work.

The riddles can be used wonderfully as a daily task of an Advent calendar scavenger hunt, which you have to find and solve in the house. All you have to do is cut out a puzzle every day and hide it somewhere in the house. In the morning at the weekend or in the afternoon after school, arrows on sticky notes will lead you to today’s riddle – or you can think up a little riddle about the place where it is hidden and send the child or children on a search. Once the Advent riddle has been found and solved correctly, the child or children receive a snack or a small toy as a reward.

Christmas Riddles for Kids as an Advent and Christmas Game Printable

I have designed a total of 24 riddles on 2 cards. For each puzzle, the child or children can write down their solution on a piece of paper. If you want to play a Christmas riddle game as a real program item at Christmas or Advent, you can use these puzzles or the high-quality version with 4 puzzle cards, which is available in our store. You can also play the puzzle game in small teams at a Christmas party.

By the way, here you can find even more beautiful Advent games and Christmas games for kids with scents and fantasy!

24 Colourful Christmas Riddles for Kids From 6 Years

Beautiful Christmas game with 24 Christmas riddles for kids and the whole family

The first two puzzle cards full of colorful Christmas riddles for kids – you can find the game in the store

If you don’t want to use my template with the Advent riddles for children, you can find all the puzzles again here. You can download the solutions as a PDF here!

1. What Am I? – Simple Christmas Riddles for Kids

In winter I keep you nice and warm,
in spring you take me for a ride.
You don’t want to know about me in the summer,
in autumn you will have to dress me.

What am I?

2. Logic Puzzles From the Elves

There is an Advent wreath in front of Father Christmas, but the candles are still missing. A clever little elf goes to the cellar to get 4 candles of the same colour. He knows that there are 10 red and 10 white candles on the chest. Oh dear, it’s pitch black there and the light doesn’t come on. So he can’t see the colours at all. How many candles does the elf have to take upstairs to make sure he has 4 of the same colour for the Advent wreath?

3. What Am I?

What greens in summer and winter,
Does it please grandma, grandpa, father, mother and the children at Christmas time?

4. Funny Christmas Riddles for Kids – Attention, Read Carefully!

Who has more legs? One reindeer, two snow bunnies, three spiders, four Christmas geese and five carps or 24 Santas?

5. What Am I?

Wears a white skirt,
is happy that it can fly.
Catch it with your hands,
it will soon be melted.

What is it?

6. Christmas Tree Decorating – Christmas Riddles for Kids

Matti and Luise decorate the Christmas tree together. Luise is over a hand’s width taller than Matti. To decorate the upper branches and the top, one of them has to stand on the other’s shoulders to reach as far up as possible. Who has to stand on whose shoulders to reach as far up as possible?

7. What Am I?

What hangs on the gutter and cries,
when the sun shines from the sky.

8. Secret Santa Christmas Riddles for Kids to Do Math

The three elves Elfo, Elfa and Elfine set out to climb Christmas Mountain. It is 800 metres high in total. Every day they manage 80 metres in altitude. At night, however, they roll back down the sloping mountain 40 metres. After how many days have the three elves reached the top of the Christmas mountain?

9. What Am I?

The Christmas tree was decorated today
and everyone is totally delighted.
But something is still missing at the top.
Can you tell me: What do you have to get?

10. Logic Christmas Riddles for Kids to Count

There is a bowl of 12 biscuits on the Christmas table. So that you don’t get a tummy ache, you must always wait at least 8 minutes before eating the next biscuit. How long will it take you to eat all the biscuits at the earliest?

11. Word Snake – Which Words Do You Find?


12. What Am I?

I come in many colours, I am so beautiful and bright. Through me, many houses are transformed into a beautiful sight. What am I?

13. What Am I?

Flowers and leaves are my garment, I am circular in all colours, very big and also very tiny. When I shine, I look especially beautiful.

What am I?

14. What Am I?

I am chopped, decorated and at one end you see a star at the top. What am I?

15. What Am I?

I am a ball and you can play great games with me in winter. Nevertheless, you don’t use me in any professional sport. What am I?

16. What Am I?

I hang in many houses. When people stand under me, they kiss someone they love. What am I?

17. What Am I?

What goes red into the sooty chimney and comes out black?

18. What Am I?

What led the 3 Wise Men from the East to Jesus?

19. Maths Christmas Riddles for Kids

Hermione and Adam were both born on Christmas Eve. When Adam was 6 years old, Hermione was half his age. On this Christmas Eve, Adam will be 100 years old. How old is Hermione then?

20. What Am I?

I make everything white and two of me are never the same. Everyone loves to play with me in winter. What am I?

21. What Am I?

There is a sweet surprise waiting behind each of my doors. I will accompany you during Advent until Christmas. What am I?

22. What Am I?

I am cute and belong to Christmas. I’m brown and have tiny feet, but I can’t walk. What am I?

23. What Am I? Christmas Riddles for Kids

I love the cold and I’m freezing myself from my head to the tips of my toes. My body is round and you can eat my nose. What am I?

24. What am I?

I have lots of needles, but I can’t sew. What am I?

25. Do You Know That?

How many reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh? What are their names?

Have fun with our Christmas riddles for kids and a Merry Christmas!

Looking for more Christmas family ideas? On Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find great ideas for Christmas crafts, for creating an extraordinary Christmas party and, of course, for ingenious games. Let yourself be inspired!

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