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Christmas Bingo Printable - Beautiful Templates + Extra Riddles



Christmas bingo is a super fun party game for the family Christmas or the Christmas party. Whether you are a child or an adult – with the two variants with which you can play this Christmas bingo, you have the option of playing this Christmas game in an easier variant or in a more challenging puzzle variant. You will find everything you need in this article and a free Christmas bingo printable.

Whether it’s Christmas with the family or a Christmas party – a game of Christmas bingo brings atmosphere and lots of fun. In the simpler version, Christmas bingo is super suitable for parties with children, as they can participate wonderfully and everyone has the same chance to win. For a more challenging variation, you can play with the same bingo cards – and you’ll need brains! Because it’s all about guessing riddles. You can also play this variation with children – just form teams of two players to guess together!

As is usual with bingo, Christmas bingo is about the competition to finish first and win. To spur on the ambition even more, you can get a small surprise prize or, for a larger group, prizes for 1st – 3rd place.

You can find everything you need to play for free in this article. Just use the set of free Christmas bingo printable cards and get started.

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Material List and Christmas Bingo Printable

How to Play Christmas Bingo? Variation 1

Christmas Bingo Cards with Motifs

Drops are great markers for the Christmas bingo card

Print out the Christmas bingo card set and cut out the bingo cards and the Calling card with the Christmas motifs. If possible, laminate the Christmas bingo cards and the squares so you can reuse them next year or play several rounds with the same cards without damaging them.

Shuffle the Christmas bingo cards and have each player take a card and give them a set of markers – either sweets like Smarties or M&Ms or coloured glass stones are great. Now shuffle the square cards and place them in a face down pile in your centre or put them in an opaque bag. The youngest player starts to draw and calls out the motif. Whoever discovers it on their bingo card places a marker on the spot. Now it is the next player’s turn in a clockwise direction to draw a card and so on.

The first person to mark 5 squares diagonally, horizontally or vertically with a marker shouts “Christmas bingo” and wins! Either the bingo game is now over or you continue playing until you have a 2nd and 3rd winner.  The winner gets a small prize – for example a chocolate Father Christmas.


  • Cards are drawn clockwise in turn and told out loud to everyone
  • Place markers only when the motif has been drawn
  • Whoever fills in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally first is the winner and calls out “Christmas Bingo”

Game Variation 2 – 25 Puzzles for Christmas Bingo

For this game variation, the puzzle cards are now needed instead of the picture cards. Cut them out before the game starts. As with game variant 1, you can put the puzzle cards in an opaque bag or place them upside down in a pile in the middle of your table. In turn, starting with the youngest player, you draw puzzle cards clockwise and the person who reveals the card reads the puzzle aloud. As soon as you know which picture on your Christmas bingo card is the solution to the riddle, place a marker on the picture.

As soon as a player has marked 5 squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally with a marker, he shouts “Christmas bingo” and has won. This game variant is particularly suitable for playing in a team with a child and puzzling together!

Together with the Christmas bingo card set and the call cards, you will also find the puzzles in the PDF template.

Riddles with answers

  1. He is afraid of the sun. (Snowman)
  2. It stands under the Christmas tree (Crib)
  3. It shines brightly in the sky (star)
  4. Edible building (gingerbread house)
  5. It wears festive ornaments (Christmas tree)
  6. Sometimes thay are joined by something to play with (carols)
  7. It is sent by a messenger (Christmas card)
  8. Wrapped ideas (presents)
  9. They smell like Christmas and come out of the oven (biscuits and gingerbread)
  10. They brought first the good message (Angels)
  11. Beautifies the Christmas tree (Christmas tree decorations)
  12. If you don’t know what it is (surprise)
  13. Rings not in the church (Bell)
  14. Trickles in the cold (snowflake)
  15. Rides on snow (sleigh)
  16. When you turn it there is a snow flurry (snow globe)
  17. What burns every Sunday in December? (candles)
  18. It decorates the door (Christmas wreath)
  19. You don’t know santa without it. (Santa hat)
  20. You have to crack it (Nut)
  21. You’ll find it a traditional Christmas nativity scene. (Donkey)
  22. It is often pinned at the fireplace (Sock)
  23. Whoever owns us doesn’t need a car with an engine. (Reindeer)
  24. He lives at the North Pole (Father Christmas)
  25. He has a fat old boss and makes toys. (Christmas elf)

Have fun playing Christmas bingo!

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