Fun, desirable and romantic bets for couples that everyone wants to win

10. February 2024 - Anika Semmer

60 Fun Bets for Couples Guaranteed to Spice up Your Relationship


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Betting in the relationship is a totally underestimated way to ignite crackle, tension and excitement. Nothing else but the bet determines whether a bet will be really good. For those looking for ideas, we have collected here the best, most romantic and fun bets for couples, guaranteed to ignite the ambition to win.

Let me tell you an unpleasant truth: relationships are work. The secret to long-lasting, happy and fulfilling relationships is to constantly work on the relationship and make sure that it doesn’t languish in a state of stale contentment. Anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time knows how to prevent this from happening: you have to take time for each other and always make sure that the relationship is spiced up: through surprises, attentions and especially through wonderful experiences. A great way to freshen up the relationship are games like a little bet here and there – with exciting, tingling, romantic and above all very attractive bets.

You can bet on just about anything and some of the best bets for couples don’t cost anything either. For a better overview we have divided the bets into romantic bets for couples, which are all about togetherness and feelings, funny bets and good bets and hot bets. Good bets are those that actually everyone is happy about and that provide relaxation, relief or in nice experience.

Bet these 50 betting ideas for couples will have your perfect bet?

How Does a Couple Bet Work?

Generally, you can make small or big bets around anything. Most bets between couples arise spontaneously from a situation. But of course there are situations that you can conjure up perfectly or that are just perfect for a bet anyway. These are, for example, all sporting events where you can bet on the winner and the result in the classic way. Or you can compete in a physical challenge, guess the outcome of a series or movie or situation, or predict what someone will do. Reality shows are absolutely great for small bets. You’ll have more fun watching it because it’s about something for you too, and on top of that, there’s an attractive bet to be won.

The way a couples bet works is that you bet your sweetheart that something will or will not happen, and before the bet takes place you agree on a stake. The one who wins gets to cash it in. Betting debts are debts of honor, that means there is no shirking. In general, you should always agree on a bet whose consequences are okay for both of you if you lose.

The three steps for a bet:

    1. Make a bet
    2. Lays down the rules for the bet: when is it won, when is it lost, and can it end in a draw?
    3. Agreed on a wager with a win or consequence for the loser

60 Bets for Couples That Bring Sizzle, Excitement and Unforgettable Experiences to the Relationship

Most of the time, a little bet comes out of nowhere and whether you’re newly in love or a long-time couple, you should definitely take advantage of it and come up with an exciting wager! Good bets for couples are chosen in such a way that they fuel both of your ambitions to win at all costs. This turns the bet into an exciting game, even if it’s just a small sports bet like “Bet FC Bayern wins the game!” Because when it’s not just about being right but about wanting to win at all costs, even small everyday betting games suddenly become fun events.

And the best comes at the end: the wager may be redeemed by the winner. This can be a special reward, like a one-hour massage, or tingling wishes for the next lovemaking session, or the anticipation and curiosity of a surprise that will take the relationship out of the daily grind on a day determined by the winner. Anything you enjoy is a good bet!

Romantic Bets for Lovers

  1. The loser read all the wishes from the winner’s eyes for one day and fulfills every wish
  2. The loser makes a romantic breakfast in bed for the winner on the weekend
  3. Who loses describes his treasure with three adjectives
  4. The loser writes to the winner a love letter of at least two pages (tips on how to best write a love letter can be found here)
  5. The loser gets a love lock with your names engraved on it and you hang it together in your favorite place
  6. The loser must take the winner out on a special date set by the winner
  7. Write and perform a love song for the winner
  8. A weekend trip to a romantic place
  9. The classic : A kiss
  10. A romantic boat trip with a surprise
  11. The loser chooses an item with special meaning to him that he has owned for at least 10 years and gives it to the winner
  12. You get really dressed up and the loser takes the winner out for a candlelight dinner – in a restaurant or set up yourself (for example with the help of friends)
  13. Surprise your sweetheart within the next 3 months with a romantic moonlight picnic
  14. The loser writes the winner every day for 1 month a reason why he / she loves his sweetheart (365 reasons why I love you can be found here :-))
  15. The loser must come up with an event for your anniversary and surprise the winner with it

Funny Bets for Couples

  1. The loser writes a funny poem about their relationship and recites it to the winner
  2. The winner chooses the outfit for their loved one to wear for a day
  3. Plays at a party: “If I were you” and tells no one. In the process, the loser slips into the role of the winner and behaves as he thinks his treasure would behave
  4. Whoever loses may draw a caricature of the winner
  5. Whoever wins will be praised by his sweetheart in the highest terms at the next meeting with the in-laws
  6. The loser buys concert tickets for a band that neither of you know
  7. Plays the game “Where does this relationship fail?” at IKEA. It goes like this: You go to the furniture store IKEA and guess at each wildly discussing couple, what the relationship breaks down one day.
  8. The loser cleans the apartment in his underwear
  9. Give the winner flowers / chocolates every day for a week and dress like Romeo or Juliet
  10. Whenever the winner says the word “you”, the loser has to answer “I love you” – at parties this is especially funny
  11. The winner has sole control of the remote for a day (or a week) and decides what is on TV
  12. The loser sends the winner a funny or ugly selfie every day for 1 month
  13. Whoever wins gets to pick out underwear of themselves that their sweetheart will wear for a day
  14. In the bikini / swimsuit or swim shorts wash the car from the winner
  15. The loser must make the winner laugh so hard that he cries

Desirable Bets for Couples

  1. A relaxing, extended one-hour massage
  2. A 30-minute foot massage
  3. The loser thinks about a special surprise for the winner on a day that the winner decides
  4. The loser takes the winner one day in a beautiful thermal bath with or without sauna
  5. The loser cooks the winner a three-course meal that the winner may wish
  6. Buy a gift and surprise your sweetheart with it sometime next month
  7. The winner chooses a film to which they are invited to the cinema
  8. Whoever wins gets a book of their choice read aloud in its entirety by the loser
  9. Do something new together: Who loses consider a hobby or activity you’ve never done
  10. The winner may wish a restaurant where the loser takes him out
  11. Whoever loses, book a cooking class of your choice for you together
  12. The winner gets to choose the next vacation destination
  13. Smartphone gone! The winner gets to collect the loser’s smartphone for a week outside working hours
  14. The winner gets to decide what you do on the weekend (for example, go shopping or watch soccer)
  15. Buy an outfit of his choice for the winner
  16. The loser must do all the housework for a week
  17. The loser does 3 tasks for the winner that the winner doesn’t feel like doing
  18. The loser picks up his sweetheart from work and takes him out to dinner
  19. Whoever loses must reveal the unlock code of his smartphone to the winner
  20. Every morning for a week make the coffee for the treasure

Hot Bets to Spice Up Your Relationship

  1. The winner gets to decide how the next love game will go
  2. The loser is the slave of the winner for one night
  3. A deep, secret desire of the winner is satisfied by the loser
  4. The winner gets to decide which roleplaying game you play
  5. Buy sexy sexy lingerie for the winner
  6. On the day of the winner’s election, the loser runs around naked at home from morning till night
  7. Prepare a bubble bath for your sweetheart and get into the tub as a surprise
  8. Massage the winner in a place of his choice
  9. The loser thinks about a hot surprise for the winner
  10. The loser does a striptease to the music of his choice

How do you make hearts beat faster? On our blog you’ll find even more tips for romantic experiences on Valentine’s Day, anniversary or just because. And there are fun ideas for numerous activities with friends, with your partner or even with kids.

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