UFO party for adults: a theme party for science fiction fans

21. January 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Alien Party for Adults – 6 Tips for an Extraterrestrial Theme Party




Flashing lights in the sky, a spotlight on you, and… “poof” you’re beamed up into the most party-happy flying saucer you can imagine, where aliens and humans peacefully let the cow fly together. Let this fantasy become reality and celebrate a galactically good alien party!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I fervently wish for an alien invasion.

Peace-loving aliens, of course, and with technology superior to ours, so that they just clean up our world politics, fix the climate along the way, and usher in a new age of peace and global unity. In other words: a chilly age!

Of course, this would be celebrated worldwide and as often as possible, together with the aliens, and in the futuristic atmosphere of a UFO, with extraterrestrial good drinks, toasting to the intergalactic harmony…

A beautiful performance? Well, then the motto of your next theme party is already set: UFOs, aliens, visitors from outer space! ??

6 Tips for Your Alien Party or UFO Party

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a birthday, Halloween or any other occasion, theme parties are always special and are usually remembered much longer than other celebrations.

The ingredients to any good theme party are:

  • a cool motto
  • Enthusiasm and imagination in implementing the motto
  • enthusiastic guests
  • original costumes
  • stylish deco
  • delicious treats and drinks
  • Music that puts you in a good mood

How to beam it all up, turn your living room into Area 51 or the inside of a UFO and make your visitors from all corners of the universe feel at home – we have 6 shooting star hot tips for you.

1. Preparation and Checklist

Good preparation is essential for a theme party. And a checklist can be a great help, according to experience. This way you won’t miss anything important during the planning and you’ll have a clear overview of what has already been done and what still needs to be done.

To create a suitable checklist for a alien party or alien party, it makes sense to ask yourself a few questions beforehand:

  1. Should the party be indoors or outdoors? Or partly?
  2. What location is available to you? Are there possibly several options? If so, which of them fits best to the theme UFOs and aliens?
  3. What should the location ideally look like and what do you need for decoration?
  4. Which food and drinks do you want to offer? Do you find something suitable for the motto “alien party”?
  5. What is your planning regarding music? Are you the DJ yourself, do you prepare a playlist or is there even live music?
  6. What all must be purchased? And what can you possibly borrow from others? (e.g. additional chairs, crockery and cutlery, decorative elements, music system etc.)?

In any case, take a look at our ultimate party checklist.

2. Invitation to the Alien Party

"Craft a UFO card with alien on the way to Earth is quite simple, here is a DIY tutorial."

DIY UFO card: the visitors from outer space can come...

You can already set the style of your theme party with the invitation. For an alien party or UFO party, it is therefore a good idea to buy cards with a matching motif or to make them yourself. In the invitation text, you should of course tell your guests what kind of theme party it is, and so on. Be as creative as possible, because this is the best way to inspire your guests to be creative as well. For example, you could write the following:

Dear friends from all corners of the universe,

You are hereby invited to my intergalactic alien party on [DATE]. Please don’t be afraid to show yourselves in all your alien glory, mimicry is not required for once. In other words, let your skin naturally shimmer green (yellow, blue, purple…?), let your tentacles hang relaxed, don’t hide your extra pairs of eyes – just be yourself: extraterrestrial, extravagant, extra-original! (Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that neither press paparazzi nor government agents can track you down with me.) I will provide a basic stock of exquisite food and drink from all arms of the Milky Way, heck, from all corners of all star clusters, but I would be happy if you could also bring something from your respective home planets that will taste delicious, fill the stomach and keep the throat moist.

I await you in my mothership, which you will find (disguised as an apartment) at [ADDRESS].

Sincerely yours [NAME]

I mean: Who would turn down an invitation like that?

3. How To Turn Your Living Room Into Area 51…

…or to the inside of a UFO …or to the surface of an alien planet… It all depends on how you want to decorate and design your living room or, more generally, the party location you have chosen.

Silver mirror foil, for example, is great for giving a location a futuristic look.

In addition, there are also several other decorative elements:

4. Alien Costumes

What does an alien look like? Countless science fiction writers and filmmakers have asked themselves this question and invented the strangest extraterrestrial life forms, from the bizarre (the living ocean in Solaris) to the terrifying (the classic Giger alien from the Alien series) to the hilarious and downright adorable (E.T., Yoda and many others).

The question is: what kind of alien do you want to embody at your alien party?

Sure a peaceful one, but of course that can look scary and still have a heart of gold. 😀

Here are some suggestions for alien costumes:

PartyHop Kühler Grüner Alien Latex Maske
PartyHop Kühler Grüner Alien Latex Maske
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PartyHop Alien Maske Gruselige Latex Realistische Kopfmasken Kostüm für Halloween Party Carnival Karneval Parade
PartyHop Alien Maske Gruselige Latex Realistische Kopfmasken Kostüm für Halloween Party Carnival Karneval Parade
【Größe】Freie Größe. (Eine Größe passt für die meisten Kinder und Erwachsenen.)
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LLH E.T. Die Extra-Terrestrische Kostümmaske Anime Film Halloween Cosplay Party Kostüm Zubehör Requisiten
LLH E.T. Die Extra-Terrestrische Kostümmaske Anime Film Halloween Cosplay Party Kostüm Zubehör Requisiten
Produktmaterial: Hergestellt aus 100 % Naturlatex, umweltfreundlich und ungiftig.
36,99 EUR Amazon Prime

If you don’t want to wear a full-body costume or a mask at the alien party, you can also dress up in a glittering space suit and complete the alien look with one or two accessories – from a headband with eyes to LED gloves:

And there’s a way out even for costume muffins: just put on a cool alien t-shirt:

NASA UFO Alien Just Here For The Pizza Graphic T-Shirt
NASA UFO Alien Just Here For The Pizza Graphic T-Shirt
Officially Licensed NASA T-Shirt; 16NASA10006A-001; Klassisch geschnitten, doppelt genähter Saum.
13,99 EUR Amazon Prime
Disney Pixar Wall-E Boot Plant Portrait T-Shirt
Disney Pixar Wall-E Boot Plant Portrait T-Shirt
Officially Licensed Disney Pixar Wall-E Apparel; 17PXWE00004A-001; Klassisch geschnitten, doppelt genähter Saum.
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I Want To Believe T-Shirt I Aliens UFO Area 51 Roswell T-Shirt
I Want To Believe T-Shirt I Aliens UFO Area 51 Roswell T-Shirt
Klassisch geschnitten, doppelt genähter Saum.
19,99 EUR Amazon Prime
Alien Xenomorph Illustrated Poster T-Shirt
Alien Xenomorph Illustrated Poster T-Shirt
Official Alien Merchandise; Klassisch geschnitten, doppelt genähter Saum.
20,00 EUR Amazon Prime

5. Intergalactic Snacks and Drinks

What do aliens actually eat? What drinks are served in the Sirius system? And which party snacks are the truly universal hit in all corners of space?

The motto “UFO” or “Aliens” offers an excellent projection surface for culinary creations in the kitchen: from baked UFOs to green shimmering drinks from Mars to aliens on a stick, there are no limits to your imagination.

Here are 10 tips for inspiration:

    1. Alientoast
    2. Alien Cake Pops
    3. UFO cookies
    4. Brause UFOs
    5. UFO meatballs
    6. Alient cake with green goo
    7. Alien Cupcakes
    8. One-Eyed Alien Cupcakes
    9. Stuffed Pumpkin Mini UFOs
    10. Xenomorph eggs, as described in our 3 Halloween recipes

If you’re both a fan of the Alien film series and proficient in English, you might as well consult ChrisRachael Oseland’s Alien Cookbook:

Alien: The Official Cookbook
Alien: The Official Cookbook
Oseland, Chris-Rachael (Author)
18,99 EUR Amazon Prime

6. Alien Groove – Sounds from a Distant Galaxy

Klicken Sie auf den unteren Button, um den Inhalt von www.youtube- nocookie.com zu laden.

Inhalt laden

At any good party, the music is one of the most important factors in setting the mood, so it is essential to provide good music that suits the tastes of as many guests as possible.

If it fits into your music mix, you can include some songs that are thematically related to UFOs, aliens, and space travel as a special gag. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Credence Clearwater Revival: “It Came Out Of the Sky”
  2. Sting: “Englishman in New York”
  3. The Byrds: “Mr. Spaceman”
  4. Judas Priest: “Invader”
  5. David Bowie: “Space Oddity”
  6. David Bowie: “Starman”
  7. Nina Hagen: “Flying Saucers”
  8. Nina Hagen: “UFO”
  9. Nas: “We’re Not Alone”
  10. Hawkwind: “Alien (I Am)”
  11. The Ramones. “Zero Zero UFO”
  12. Bush: “Alien”
  13. Dennis Lloyd: “Alien”
  14. Blink 182: “Aliens Exits”
  15. Ace Frehley: “Outer Space”
  16. Mark Snow: “The X Files”

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Have fun hosting your alien party!

If you like theme parties in general, take a look at our theme party list with no less than 111 suggestions for theme parties. Plus, on Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll not only find plenty of other party ideas, but also all sorts of other leisure tips for friends, couples and families, its it trips, games or event-related tips like for Easter, Christmas or Halloween.

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*This article contains so-called affiliate links. This means that if you order products through them, we may receive a small commission without it costing you a single cent more. This way you can support our work at the same time – a real win-win situation. 🙂


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