10 anniversary ideas of things to do

13. January 2019 - Anika Semmer

10 Anniversary Ideas for Special Activities that Enlight Love




The anniversary is ideal to break away from everyday life and give wings to the relationship with a special surprise. 10 anniversary ideas for special experiences.

How often do you surprise your sweetheart with an outing – even if it’s just a romantic walk in the moonlight with piccolo under the stars? How much time do you take for love every week, every month? Probably most people are like me and admit to themselves: too little – more would be nice!

It is not a matter of course and not easy to find the time besides everyday life, job, family, children, friendships, dog, cat and goldfish to surprise your partner with a totally original, beautiful, personal and special undertaking just for two.

That’s why I decided to get down to business and simply use the anniversary plus Valentine’s Day as occasions to do something special.

By the way, at Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find ideas for romance at home, and romantic gift ideas.


Perfect for Unforgettable Memories and Expressions of Love

I admit: I love nostalgia and reminiscing. And that’s what these anniversary ideas are all about – because what better day to turn back the clock and take yourself back in time?

In my opinion, the best surprises are usually the ones for which you just have to listen and pay attention. Pay attention to what wishes, desires or remarks your sweetheart expresses in everyday life. And write them down so that you don’t forget them!

10 Outstanding Anniversary Ideas for Ventures

One of the sporty anniversary ideas for couples is a skydive

Anniversary ideas – Skydive for two

1. Fulfill a Wish as a Surprise

I would really like to try skydiving. And it would be really cool if we could cook some real Thai food and know what it takes!

Keep your ears open and pay attention to what your sweetheart would really like to try or learn something new. On your anniversary, you can then surprise him with a workshop on Thai cooking, skydiving together or whatever his heart’s desire is. You can easily book the right experience with experience providers like mydays, Jochen Schweizer or on the portal of the city you live in.

2. The Second 1st Date – One of the Most Romantic Anniversary Ideas

What did you do on your first date? Whether it’s a walk, a visit to the cinema or dinner together – surprise your sweetheart with exactly the same activity. Put on something nice as if it were your first date, maybe even do the same hairstyle and take you back to that fateful day together.

Although I would reconsider the same hairstyle if your first anniversary was in the 80’s for example…. 🙂

3. Visit to the Cinema and Take Care of Romantic Extras

Going to the movies together can be so romantic! Kissing in the dark, holding hands, cuddling, whispering sweet talk… Sounds like teenagers with a crush? Oh yeah! And on top of that, you arrange with the cinema staff beforehand that they bring you a bottle of champagne (or champagne for the decadent), snacks of your choice like nachos with dip to your seat as a surprise about 10-15 minutes after the movie starts. The awestruck envy of all the couples around you is guaranteed in any case…. 😀

4. Action in the Dark at a Love Competition

Anniversary ideas in the dark

Love battle at black light golf

Especially men are fans of sporting ventures – and these are really a special surprise: all are in the dark! And that really creates a special atmosphere and makes black light golfing, black light bowling or saving the world from zombies in a laser tag battle unique.

In Berlin, there are now many offers for this – but also throughout Germany, you can surprise your sweetheart with one of the most unusual ideas for the anniversary in larger cities.

For all couples a real tip, who like to playfully compete with each other in mini golf, poker or bowling!

5. The Absolutely Perfect Dinner as a Anniversary Idea

Everyone has favorite dishes and favorite drinks – and today that crosses the culinary diversity of the whole world. But I bet you’ve never had a 3- or 5-course meal of your 3 or 5 absolute favorite dishes at home or gotten them in a restaurant.

If your favorite dishes are not too far apart in culinary terms, it’s worth simply asking in restaurants if they can prepare your personal favorite menu for you. Order everything in advance and surprise your loved one at the restaurant visit with your very individual favorite menu, which the waiter presents in style.

6. Relax and Enjoy Wellness as a Couple

Take a spa day for two and unwind together in the spa, the thermal baths or while floating. Especially in large thermal landscapes and adventure pools such as Tropical Island in Berlin or Therme Erding, there is also the option of booking particularly comfortable, often secluded chill loungers for massages and hours of togetherness for an additional charge. There are also gift boxes with experience coupons to select freely for example with amazon*.

Tip: And it’s best not to do this in the adventure pool that you’ve already visited many times! Try a new spa landscape or maybe it’s the right moment to surprise your sweetheart with a wellness trip including an overnight stay?

7. Just Drive – Roaptrip Across the Country

Anniversary ideas can also be crazy - for example a road trip with Fortuna as helmsman

Crazy anniversary idea – road trip with Fortuna 

Do something completely crazy together! Just drive off without a destination and decide spontaneously when to leave the highway, at which intersection to turn and where your road trip will take you. If you like it playful, you can also simply toss a coin before each decision – for example at an exit or a crossroads – and drive in that direction. Or you can roll the dice and decide for each number what it means.

Sound completely stupid? It’s not at all! We are all so planned and accustomed to Internet and Navi, that we do not let ourselves drift at all and open the eyes around new to discover! And together, such a voyage of discovery with chance as helmsman is even more fun. So if you’re looking for anniversary ideas that are out of the ordinary, you should definitely give this a try!

8. Save the World Together in an Exciting Escape Game

For all adventurous couples who like to solve puzzles and enjoy playful undertakings, there is hardly any greater fun than Escape Games at the moment.

You are trapped in another world, the door closes and you have exactly 60 minutes to show what you can do as a team. Crack puzzles, combine, play Sherlock Holmes, find clues, pick locks, crawl through cupboards and find secret passages: in the space shuttle, at Sherlock Holmes’ home or in a bunker or prison. Here you find Berlin Escape Rooms we tested.

Escape games have been conquering Germany at a rapid pace for a short time now – and that’s really great! Because it’s a lot of fun and the selection of adventures is now also decent!

9. Evening Picnic Trip to a Special Place

Make a trip to a special place to picnic! I do not mean the meadow in the neighboring village or the city park. Drive or bike equipped with a picnic blanket, thermos (if it’s still cold think of thick seat cushions and a blanket to wrap together) and treats to a ruined castle, a lonely forest clearing, climb to the top of a tower or mountain. Perfect are all places where you have a good view and are alone!

There you can make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the togetherness together.

10. Just Start Hiking at Night as One of the Most Romantic Ideas

Take an extended walk through the illuminated city at night – or drive up a mountain and hike to the top and enjoy the view of the sea of lights from there. Use the time to talk, talk about your relationship, the future and reminisce about the past.

And when you arrive at your destination – whether it’s a brightly lit square, a mountain peak or a park bench – toast the two of you and enjoy the moment together.

Want more anniversary ideas? Then check out our tips for romantic things to do and couple activities. And if you like Abenteuer Freundschaft, we also appreciate a Like on our website on Facebook and Instagram!

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