Valentine's Day games provide romance and fun for couples in an original way.

4. February 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

5 Valentine’s Day Games for Even More Romance on the Day of Love




Flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinners – all well and good, but why not try something new for a change on Valentine’s Day: these Valentine’s Day games provide romance and fun for couples in an original way.

With Valentine’s Day it is such a thing: for some couples it is a day like any other, for some a mandatory date for which you have to “get something” year after year, for others it is associated with a beautiful ritual, such as joint cinema or restaurant visit. But as so often in life is also true here:
“It all depends on what you make of it!”.

Look at it this way: Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show the person you love how much they mean to you. And the rule is: originality is the key! There’s nothing wrong with classic
Valentine’s Day gifts or tried-and-true program items like going out to eat or going on an outing. But you can add some spice and romance to the day by preparing one or more Valentine’s Day games as a surprise.

5 Romantic Valentines Day Games

Some of the Valentine’s Day games presented here are wonderful as a playful framework for giftgiving, others are a fun way to get to know (and love) each other even better. What they all have in common is that your partner is certainly not expecting it, so you already have a Valentine’s Day surprise up your sleeve!

1. Coupon Memory

Vouchers and gifts can also be well incorporated into Valentine's Day games.

Whether it’s on Valentine’s Day itself or any other date, a special event or activity together is one of the most popular types of Valentine’s Day gift. This can be something like going out to dinner, to the movies, to the theater, to a bike tour, or something out of the ordinary like a gourmet meal or an Escape Game. This experience gift is then often presented in the form of a voucher.

Often enough, you have several ideas to choose from. You can easily make a little game out of it. For example, think of 8 ideas for vouchers and write each voucher twice, so that you get 16 vouchers. The pieces of paper you use for this should not be too big and should be square rather than long, because now you can make a voucher memory out of them. You can paint hearts on the back or use printed paper.

On Valentine’s Day, lay out the coupons with the backs facing up in a 4 x 4 pattern and lead your partner into the room. He/she may now turn over two coupons at a time, just like in memory. If both show the same, the coupon of choice is found!

Inspiration for Valentine’s Day gifts for women and for men can also be found at Abenteuer Freundschaft-

2. Fold-Over Writing Game for Pairs

Do you know the children’s game where everyone writes a sentence on an A4 sheet of paper, then folds the sheet over and passes it on, the next person writes another sentence, and so on, until one or more funny stories have been created? It works especially well if you always start another sentence (except for the last sentence) that is still visible to the next person, i.e. not covered up when you fold it over.

You can also play this game as a couple. It’s best to decide on a theme beforehand, e.g. “The future of our relationship”, “Our next vacation” or “Secret wishes”. Either way, it will be enormously exciting what comes out of it and can provide a crackling atmosphere…

3. Do You Know All My Secrets?

Valentine's Day games can bring couples even closer together

This game is about finding out how well you know each other. And believe me, even in long-term relationships you don’t know everything about your “better half”…

Take turns telling each other 3 things the other doesn’t know about you yet. Only one of them is a lie! Can you guess which one?

It doesn’t have to be about any “dark” secrets, it can be childhood experiences, funny coincidences or even something as simple as food preferences. Depending on how long you’ve known each other, you can learn a lot about each other in this game!


4. Truth or Dare – Romance Edition

However, this is even more true for “Truth or Dare for Two”. Of course, you don’t have to spin the bottle; instead, you simply take turns asking each other questions or giving each other tasks.

Romantic questions can be, for example:

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  2. What was for you our most beautiful moment together so far?
  3. If you could wish us both to a place of your choice right now, what would it be?

Ideas for dares:

  1. Massage my neck.
  2. Fall on your knees before me and ask for my hand.
  3. Kiss me – where you want…

But there you will surely think of one or the other. 🙂

5. Romantic Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Heart shaped cards are perfect for clues on a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt.

If you have a creative streak and enough preparation time, you can also prepare a scavenger hunt for your treasure. First, think about where the scavenger hunt could take place. Since it can still be quite cold in February, in most cases either your apartment or your home is a good choice.

Think about a few hiding places and suitable clues. At each hiding place you place another clue to the next one and so on until the last hiding place, where your Valentine’s Day gift is waiting to be found by your favorite person.

In antoher post of our’s you can find detailed tips for a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.

With or without Valentine’s Day games  we wish a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day!

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