356 reasons why I love you for every day of the year.

6. February 2021 - Anika Semmer

365 Reasons Why I Love You - Funny, Honest and Romantic




I love you because…! Our Best Of with the most beautiful, funniest and romantic 365 reasons why I love you. 

Every day a compliment that expresses a facet of your love. Sometimes funny, sometimes very personal and of course romance must not be neglected. Is there anything better than being told every day by the person you love what he or she loves about you? Hand on heart, who isn’t happy about that?

There is a whole range of “I love you because…” calendars, books and gifts – but none of them can ever be as perfect as a homemade gift full of 365 individual “reasons why I love you“. After all, these reasons are different for everyone, and that’s what makes real, true love so precious.  For all those who want to try their hand at such a gift: all you need is a jar, sticky notes and a bit of creativity!

3 Ideas for DIY I Love You Because… Gifts

  1. Love for a year in a jar: Just fill a jar with rolled up, hand-picked 365 reasons why I love you, tie a bow around it with a wooden or paper heart with your initials and you have the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Christmas or as an advent calendar (then with 24 reasons why I love you)
  2. Love messages for every day: Every day write a sticky note with an “I love you because” and stick it on the fridge in the morning, put it next to your breakfast plate, write it on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, hide it in your jacket pocket as a surprise or smuggle it into the pocket of your work laptop.
  3. I love you because book: Create a book with photos, memories and 365 reasons why I love you or less symbolic reasons, like perhaps the number of months or years you’ve been a couple or your anniversary number?

Looking for more romantic gift inspiration? Here you’ll find the most beautiful happy Valentine’s Day quotes, a crash course on writing a love letter and lots of lovely ideas for romantic experiences!

365 Reasons Why I Love You

We’ve split our reasons why I love you into50 funny reasons,250 personal compliments and 65 romantic reasons for easy reference.

Compliments live from the fact that they are personal. And they can and should make you smile or laugh!

My tip: You can make many compliments even more beautiful and appropriate by using strong adjectives.

Tips for personal reasons:

  • Why did you fall in love with each other back then?
  • What do you particularly like about your sweetheart?
  • What makes you laugh about your sweetheart, what do you laugh about together?
  • What passions do you share?
  • What connects you in painful, profound, beautiful things?

Funny Reasons Why I Love You

  1. Because a card for Valentine’s Day is enough for you – Visa or Master doesn’t matter.
  2. because you make me laugh, sweat, lose my mind and then go home.
  3. because I can look like a sack of potatoes, but you look at me like I’m hot chips.
  4. because you are the only one among my great loves that has no calories.
  5. because you block the bathroom for a maximum of 10 minutes in the morning.
  6. because you solve most problems by brushing my hair out of my face, looking me in the eye and kissing me.
  7. because sometimes at yoga you can’t manage the candle and then you make a tea light.
  8. because your laugh is sometimes funnier than the joke.
  9. because you also watch cheesy RomComs with me.
  10. because you smile at me in the morning, even though I look like a raccoon on drugs.
  11. because you are a true prince, who does not slay dragons for me, but loves me when I am one.
  12. Because you are like toilet paper…. – if you are not there, then I miss you very much.
  13. because you leave me 3/4 of the wardrobe.
  14. because I measured: you are really great!
  15. because I only have one thing on my mind besides bullshit: YOU!
  16. because I quit my job to become an astronaut and get the stars from the sky for you!
  17. because no one sings “…Baby One More Time” (insert song here that matches your relationship) in the car like you do.
  18. because you wield the cleaning rag more expertly than Mr. Propper.
  19. because cleaning up with you so often ends up with us sitting on the bed playing with old things.
  20. because I would choose you every time, even if Ryan Gosling (insert appropriate star of your choice here) was standing topless on my doorstep.
  21. Because you are the only one who can put up with me for life.
  22. because love with you is like a disease: we always end up in bed.
  23. because it was the longest second of my life when I once tried not to think about you.
  24. because you are the salt in my soup: hot and delicious!
  25. Because you are not stubborn, but…. stable in opinion!
  26. because you don’t solve my problems, but you don’t become a problem yourself.
  27. because no one wears the trousers in our relationship – they only disturb.
  28. because you start clever sentences with the words: “my girlfriend said…” (or “my friend said”).
  29. Because in our relationship one of us is a great cook and the other one is always hungry.
  30. because you do and don’t do what I want! 😛
  31. because you waived the right to blanket without complaining the day you entered into a relationship with me.
  32. because you give me everything I need to live: Water, food and compliments.
  33. Because you are like a sibling when I fall. You help me up when you’re done laughing.
  34. because you tell me when I’m not socially acceptable and looking at society ALWAYS makes me feel better.
  35. because you like to do it like Volvic: you’re quiet.
  36. because your smile is so radiant that atomic nuclei melt.
  37. because you always carry the glue when you break my heart.
  38. because you are so sweet and I (hopefully) won’t get fat from you.
  39. because I googled love and found you.
  40. because your edges match my edges so well.
  41. because I kind of like you more than I originally planned.
  42. because everything you do you don’t think about beforehand if it might embarrass you later in the emergency room.
  43. Because it is fate that two people have found each other who were not looking for each other.
  44. because I deprive you of sleep and yet lie in your bed every night.
  45. because you adore my bumblebee hip as much as a wasp’s waist.
  46. because a bit loopy is damn near wonderful.
  47. because you make me laugh when I could explode with rage.
  48. because you see my love handles for what they are: external space for even more belly feeling! (or : “…for even more butterflies in my stomach!“)
  49. because you tell me I’m wearing the “dress of love” when I’m naked.
  50. because you follow your heart but still take your brain with you.

Personal and Honest Compliments

  1. because loyal is your middle name.
  2. because I can always rely on you 100%.
  3. because you are beautiful – inside and out!
  4. because you are always there when I need you.
  5. because you smell so incredibly good.
  6. because you make me laugh.
  7. because you give me so much.
  8. because you are generous.
  9. because you love even my mistakes.
  10. because you are so passionate.
  11. because you’ve taken on some of my sayings.
  12. because you’re incredibly sexy to me even unshaven.
  13. because you let me sleep on long car rides.
  14. because you dry my tears.
  15. because you are so patient.
  16. because you can laugh your head off at stupid films and programmes.
  17. because you have a passion for… (football, food, cooking, breakfast, series xy, fantasy etc.) with me.
  18. because you love nature.
  19. because you are tender.
  20. because your enthusiasm for things is contagious.
  21. because you encourage me when I am at a loss.
  22. because you are sensitive.
  23. because you trust me more than I trust myself.
  24. because you love me as I am.
  25. because you make me grow beyond myself.
  26. because you help me to realise my dreams.
  27. because you are so reliable.
  28. because you are so determined and always achieve the goals you set for yourself.
  29. because I can be exactly who I am with you.
  30. because you build me up when I’m down.
  31. because you write me such sweet messages.
  32. because you never laugh at me.
  33. because you admit your mistakes and stand by them.
  34. because you are good with children and they love you.
  35. because you gave me great moments.
  36. because you don’t do things by halves.
  37. because you always keep your promises.
  38. because you always speak well of me.
  39. because your kisses make my stomach tingle.
  40. because you have a beautiful (dark, warm, melodic, smoky etc.) voice.
  41. because you are the first to tell me about your successes.
  42. because you always surprise me anew.
  43. because you have beautiful (azure, emerald, labrador brown… ) eyes.
  44. because you are honest with me and also tell me things that no one else would tell me.
  45. because you have beautiful (strong, gentle…) hands.
  46. because you are the most beautiful man/woman in the world for me.
  47. because you are always there for your friends.
  48. because we can laugh about the same things.
  49. because your laughter infects absolutely everyone.
  50. because you can laugh at yourself.
  51. because you know my secrets and would never tell anyone.
  52. because we can discuss the important things and make decisions together.
  53. because you make me a better person
  54. because you always make me feel beautiful.
  55. because you can be so silly.
  56. because you have made me much more positive.
  57. because you make me feel special.
  58. because you’re such a damn good kisser.
  59. because you share everything with me.
  60. because you always stand by me.
  61. because you always give me the biggest piece of the cake.
  62. because every holiday is better with you.
  63. because you look like a very happy Garfield when I cook your favourite meal.
  64. because you always try to put yourself in my place and show me understanding.
  65. because for you the glass is always half full instead of half empty.
  66. because at the right moments you talk about “us” and “we” instead of “I” and “me”.
  67. because you take care of me.because you would never let me down.
  68. because you still surprise me with little gifts.
  69. because you are such an excellent cook.
  70. because we can do totally crazy things together.
  71. because I don’t have to pretend with you.
  72. because you nurse me back to health when I’m sick.
  73. because you think I’m beautiful when I’ve just woken up and look like Struwwelpeter.
  74. because you do some things just for my love.
  75. because we know each other so well that sometimes we don’t have to talk to each other and yet we know exactly what the other is thinking.
  76. because you celebrate the little joys of life.
  77. because lazy Sundays on the couch wouldn’t be what they are with you.
  78. because you treat everyone the same.
  79. because you always share your food with me in the restaurant.
  80. because you don’t take me for granted.
  81. because you get such cute laugh lines when you laugh.
  82. because you never complain.
  83. because you are so creative.
  84. because I am never bored with you.
  85. because you love my creativity, encourage it and just go along with everything.
  86. because you never try to change me.
  87. because you laugh when I imitate you.
  88. because we are much stronger together than alone.
  89. because you are immediately there when I suggest something new.
  90. because you always show me how much I mean to you when I need it.
  91. because you are so incredibly hot when the beads of sweat bead from your astral body when you do sports.
  92. because you are the only one / the only one for me.
  93. because you are so happy for me.
  94. because silence with you is beautiful.
  95. because you sometimes surprise me with breakfast in bed.
  96. because you fix everything that breaks.
  97. because you can also be romantic.
  98. because you plan our future together.
  99. because you prepare a playlist with our favourite songs for a road trip.
  100. because you do things for me that I’m not so good at.
  101. because you are proud of me and show me that.
  102. because you don’t care what others think about you.
  103. because there is no place in the world you wouldn’t want to travel with me.
  104. because you make our friends laugh and can be so funny.
  105. because I learn a lot from you.
  106. because I am at home where you are.
  107. because you don’t hold grudges.
  108. because you would never force me to do anything.
  109. because you give me space for myself.
  110. because you support me 100%.
  111. because you always inspire me.
  112. because everything negative is just a new challenge for you to overcome.
  113. because you take me more important than you.
  114. because I can do everything with you that brings me joy.
  115. because you like playing games as much as I do.
  116. because you like to share.
  117. because for you “being childish” is something beautiful and scissors, rock, paper is the best way to decide who takes out the rubbish.
  118. because you beam so brightly when you discover music you like.
  119. because you give everyone a second chance.
  120. because you make me dream!
  121. because you wrap your presents in aluminium foil, plastic bags or towels.
  122. because you go shopping without me.
  123. because you no longer sleep in your pyjamas because of me.
  124. because you were there for me in the difficult phases of my life.
  125. because you are a good loser.
  126. because you bring me back to earth when I start to fly.
  127. because with you no day is like the other.
  128. because you are curious.
  129. because you help me where you can.
  130. because you can also let things go.
  131. because you don’t turn down the radio in the car when the right songs are playing.
  132. because you are faithful to me.
  133. because you are full of ideas that you want to bring to life.
  134. because you don’t let little kids win at Mario Kart.
  135. because you always want my happiness.
  136. because you are enthusiastic about everything.
  137. because you bring out the best in me.
  138. because nothing embarrasses you.
  139. because we complement each other.
  140. because you never yell at me.
  141. because for you, rules are meant to be broken.
  142. because you always take me on nice outings.
  143. because even stupid things are bearable with you.
  144. because you always put up with my moods.
  145. because you always impress me anew.
  146. because for you problems without solutions don’t exist.
  147. because I don’t need to be strong in front of you.
  148. because you can be very romantic.
  149. because you always make me soup and tea when I’m sick.
  150. because you find the right words to encourage me.
  151. because you always take me seriously.
  152. because you always tell me what you dream.
  153. because you enjoy the finer things in life to the fullest.
  154. because you are my haven of peace.
  155. because you have just as great a need for cuddling as I do.
  156. because you stand up for other people.
  157. because you still do stupid things.
  158. because you find me sexy even without make-up.
  159. because you never make fun of others.
  160. because you take away my fears when you look at me.
  161. because you dry my back.
  162. because you rejoice with me.
  163. because you give me new strength every day.
  164. because you have a good heart.
  165. because you think about yourself.
  166. because you always give me your jumper when I’m cold.
  167. because you can kick my ass when I need it.
  168. because you also take me to IKEA on Saturdays.
  169. because you always let me see the world from a different angle.
  170. because you warm my ice-cold feet every night.
  171. because I can have profound conversations with you.
  172. because you make every party better, and not just for me.
  173. because you are wonderful.
  174. because you put up with me even when I’m in a bad mood.
  175. because you are so tall and I can lean on your shoulder.
  176. because you do everything you enjoy with me and share it with me.
  177. because you are a really good listener.
  178. because you look at me with shining eyes.
  179. because our relationship gives my life a deeper meaning.
  180. because you believe in me and have my back.
  181. because without you something is missing.
  182. because you know exactly what you want.
  183. because I love the way you touch me.
  184. because you can say thank you.
  185. because you never leave my side in hospital and hold my hand.
  186. because you subscribe to a good mood.
  187. because you give me flowers.
  188. because you cook for us when I don’t feel like it.
  189. because you love me as I am and not as you would like me to be.
  190. because I was already fascinated by you when we first met.
  191. because you awaken my tender sides.
  192. because you always have crazy ideas.
  193. because you already knew that I was the right one when we first met.
  194. because you like to give and take gently.
  195. because you understand my (sometimes quite black) humour and laugh about it.
  196. because you show feelings and stand by them.
  197. because you are so unselfish.
  198. because you trust me more than I trust myself.
  199. because you go through thick and thin with me.
  200. because you share the last piece of chocolate with me.
  201. because you also show me your vulnerable side.
  202. because you don’t let anything make you insecure.
  203. because no one else can make me as happy as you.
  204. because I can conquer the world with you.
  205. because my opinion is important to you.
  206. because you fetch bread on Sunday mornings and let me sleep in.
  207. because honesty is important to you.
  208. because you always take me on sporting excursions that I would never have done on my own.
  209. because you would never abandon a friend who needs you.
  210. because you put your money where your mouth is and get involved instead of standing by and watching.
  211. because with you one can steal horses.
  212. because with you one day is like the next.
  213. because you always go to so much trouble to make me a special birthday present.
  214. because you love animals so much.
  215. because life is nicer with you.
  216. because you can be happy with me.
  217. because you love old cartoons.
  218. because you have a fertile imagination.
  219. because you have such beautiful cheekbones.
  220. because you would take me anywhere if I asked you to.
  221. because you make me feel like a winner.
  222. because you were always there for me when I was feeling down.
  223. because you never get abusive and insulting.
  224. because even the little things in life count for you.
  225. because good friends are so important to you and you take such good care of your friendships.
  226. because you like my cold feet (not only in summer).
  227. because you don’t expect anything in return for what you do.
  228. because you are so loving.
  229. because you take me everywhere with you.
  230. because you are so talented with your hands.
  231. because you let me decide for myself how far I want to go.
  232. because we have a common goal.
  233. because with you I can forget everything around me.
  234. because you never patronise me.
  235. because you leave me alone when I want to be alone.
  236. because you give me the feeling that I can pull up trees.
  237. because you can sometimes leave things alone.
  238. because you make me more balanced.
  239. because I do things for you that I have never done for anyone else.
  240. because you love dancing through the warm summer rain on the balcony as much as I do.
  241. because you help me where you can.
  242. because you always start laughing with me when I have a laughing fit.
  243. because you are happy about the first snow like a little child.
  244. because the world is a huge playground for you, full of adventures and discoveries.
  245. because you are an epicure, and no one enjoys homemade lasagne as much as you do.
  246. because we are strong together.
  247. because you have character.
  248. because you never say no to anything.
  249. because you stand by your word.

Romantic Reasons Why I Love You

  1. because you bring the stars down from the sky for me.
  2. because you look straight into my heart.
  3. because I can’t breathe without you.
  4. because every day you whisk me away to the land of dreams.
  5. because with you miracles come true and fairy tales become possible.
  6. because you give me rich gifts of love every day.
  7. because a day without you is a lost day.
  8. because I can no longer live without you!
  9. because I melt when you look me in the eye.
  10. because I am floating on cloud nine with you.
  11. because you touch my innermost being.
  12. because you are so infinitely valuable to me.
  13. because a smile from you is more beautiful than a field full of sunflowers.
  14. because you make my heart melt.
  15. because you are the fulfilment of my dreams.
  16. because I don’t want to fall asleep because I won’t hear your voice anymore.
  17. because you carry me off into the land of dreams every day.
  18. because you are an angel on earth.
  19. because every minute without you seems like an hour.
  20. because you are the first and last person I think of every day.
  21. because my heart flies higher when you smile.
  22. because every day with you is much more beautiful.
  23. because you are everything I have ever wished for.
  24. because you write me little romantic messages when we can’t see each other.
  25. because you finish my thoughts.
  26. because on a rainy day with you, the sun still shines for me.
  27. because the most beautiful memories are all with you.
  28. because at your side even the rain tastes good.
  29. because you are my best friend, my lover and my greatest treasure.
  30. because I feel safe and secure in your arms.
  31. because the thousandth kiss from you feels like the first.
  32. because I forget everything around me when you kiss me.
  33. because you are warm-hearted.
  34. because you make me hear the butterflies laugh.
  35. because I want to grow old with you.
  36. because I am only complete with you.
  37. because you have opened the door to my heart.
  38. because you are (almost) never in a bad mood.
  39. because you hold me like you never want to let me go.
  40. because I feel invincible when you hold my hand.
  41. because you would follow me to the ends of the earth.
  42. because you make my heart melt.
  43. because you give me everything I need.
  44. because you give me wings.
  45. because you make me feel like life is a giant carton of my favourite ice cream.
  46. because my life with you is like Dirty Dancing on endless loop.
  47. because waking up next to you and falling asleep next to you is the most beautiful thing.
  48. because I still want to hold hands with you when I’m 99 years old.
  49. because you are the most beautiful gift for me.
  50. Because I’m so happy when you hold me tightly in your arms.
  51. because you are the laughter in my heart.
  52. because I fall in love with you anew every day.
  53. Because you are the flame of my life-light.
  54. because I think of you as long as my heart beats.
  55. because you are the key to my happiness.
  56. because my feelings for you are beyond my emotional barometer.
  57. because without you there would be an empty place in my heart.
  58. because you never ask where I have been, but are happy that I am there.
  59. because the sum of a happy life for me are the hours we were together.
  60. because our love began in the heart and will end in the grave.
  61. because my heart gets cracks when I miss you.
  62. because you have touched a part of my soul that I thought I had lost long ago.
  63. because I would give up anything in life, but never you.
  64. because you changed my life without even trying.
  65. because there is always room for me in your world when my world is falling apart.

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Does it get any more romantic than this? Oh yes! If you want to take it up a notch, you’ll find lots of ideas for romantic hours and surprises that will knock your sweetheart’s socks off. And lots more inspiration for special activities for two 😉

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