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10. December 2022 - Alexander Schmidt

Christmas Charades – A Fun Christmas Game With 101 Words to Guess




In every family there are special Christmas traditions – in our family playing games was a fixed part of the repertoire of Christmas activities. And one game could never be missing: the Christmas Charades. This proved not only in the circle of family, but also at Christmas parties with friends and colleagues as a mood maker.

Pantomime can (and should ;-)) of course be played at any time of the year, because it is definitely one of those games whose ability to excite enthusiasm is almost inexhaustible. By the way, on Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find a description of Pantomime with 7 game variants.

However, the popular guessing game, which is also known as charades, is also particularly suitable for Christmas parties, whether in the closest circle of the family or even in a larger group. Here are a few good reasons why:

  • Christmas Charades is independent of the size of the group and is fun for two as well as for fifteen.
  • It’s easy to organise and saves you both time and money in the hectic (pre-)Christmas season.
  • The game is completely freely adaptable and expandable. You can get creative and let your Christmas imagination run wild.
  • You can also have Christmas Charades with flexible timing, you can play it for as long as it’s fun, or as it fits into a schedule.
  • Not least, Christmas Charades is suitable for almost all ages!

I played Christmas Charades as a child with my parents and grandparents, later as a teenager with my mates and as an adult at various Christmas parties, including one time with colleagues where I suggested the game. It went down great!

But now to the point… 🙂

Christmas Charades – How to Play…

The basic rules of Christmas Charades are almost the same as generalcharades:

  1. In turn, one person represents a Christmas term only with gestures and facial expressions. Depending on the game variant, one, several or all other players must then guess the term.
  2. Talking is thereby expressly prohibited!
  3. Also, it is not allowed to make sounds that might give a clue (for example, whistling a tune, animal sounds, etc.).
  4. You may also not use any objects to represent and also not point to any. However, it is allowed to point to yourself or your own body parts.
  5. The mime or mimes may also not draw or show any letters with their fingers.
  6. But the guessers are allowed to give tips and ask questions at any time, which the mime is allowed to answer, i.e. by nodding, shaking his head, deliberately turning his hand at an answer that goes in the right direction, etc.
  7. There is a predetermined time limit in which the term must be guessed.

So much for the basics; in addition to these, there are other rules that you can design more freely and adapt to the requirements of the group.

Game Variants: In Teams or Everyone Against Everyone

This includes, for example, whether you play in teams or simply everyone collects points for themselves. The latter variant makes sense especially if the number of players is very small or if it is not possible to divide into teams of equal size. In the “everyone against everyone” variant, it is helpful to have a stock of terms in the form of cards from the outset, which are then simply drawn in turn.

If you play in two teams, it is also a popular way of playing that one team thinks up the terms for the other team. In each team, there is a rotation of who has to represent a term and who is allowed to write one down for the other team. All the other players on both teams are then allowed to guess, so that both teams have a chance to win a point for eachcharades representation.

However, in the team variant, you can of course still fall back on a supply of terms in the form of a pile of cards. In this case, only the person who prepared it is not allowed to play. This is also suitable if you are playing with more than 2 teams, e.g. with a larger number of players.

To add variety to the Christmas Charades, you can also assign a sub-theme in each round, e.g. “Christmas objects”, “Christmas traditions”, “Christmas food”, “Christmas carols” or “Christmas films”….

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101 Terms for Christmas Charades

No matter how you play, some inspiration for good Christmas terms can’t hurt, so below we’ve gathered a whopping 101 Christmas terms to enact and guess.

  1. Christmas tree
  2. Christmas tree decorating
  3. Fir branches
  4. Strump star
  5. Christmas tree ball
  6. Tinsel
  7. Chocolate curls
  8. Father Christmas
  9. Christmas hat
  10. Nicolas
  11. House of St. Nicholas
  12. Put boots on the door
  13. Knecht Ruprecht
  14. Christ Child
  15. Angel
  16. Christmas Eve
  17. Gift wrapping
  18. Unwrap gifts
  19. Baking cookies
  20. Open Advent Calendar
  21. Advent wreath
  22. Singing Christmas carols
  23. Bells
  24. Egg punch
  25. Mulled wine
  26. Festive dinner
  27. Crib
  28. Peel oranges
  29. Chocolate
  30. Snow
  31. Snowflake
  32. Build a snowman
  33. Snowball fight
  34. Skating
  35. Tobogganing / Sledding
  36. Skiing
  37. freeze
  38. Cap
  39. Scarf
  40. Wool blanket
  41. Knit socks
  42. Light the candle
  43. blow out candle
  44. Recite a poem
  45. Crack nuts
  46. Nutcracker (figure)
  47. Smoking man
  48. Christmas pyramid
  49. Fireplace
  50. Read
  51. Christmas Story / Gospel
  52. Maria and Joseph
  53. Search hostel
  54. Place baby Jesus in the manger
  55. Ox and Donkey
  56. Star of Bethlehem
  57. Holy Three Kings
  58. Incense
  59. Christmas service
  60. Carriage ride
  61. Craft a star
  62. Christmas wish
  63. Wish List
  64. Peace
  65. Santa Claus
  66. North Pole
  67. Rentenois
  68. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  69. Christmas sleigh
  70. Christmas elf
  71. Christmas gnome
  72. Santa Claus
  73. Light chain
  74. Oh You Merry
  75. Silent Night, Holy Night
  76. Little children come
  77. Silently trickles the snow
  78. Oh Christmas tree
  79. Every year again
  80. Kissing Under the Mistletoe
  81. White Christmas
  82. Christ’s birth
  83. Christmas Miracle
  84. Wonder candle
  85. Christian Stollen
  86. Gingerbread
  87. Christmas roast
  88. Christmas Goose
  89. Turkey
  90. Three Kings Singing
  91. Three Wishes for Cinderella
  92. Home Alone
  93. Little Lord Fauntleroy
  94. It’s a Wonderful Life
  95. The Last Unicorn
  96. Shooting star
  97. Christmas card
  98. Star singers
  99. Midnight Mass
  100. Carvings from the Erzgebirge
  101. Advent

Have fun performing and / or guessing these and other terms in the Christmas Charades!

While you’re here, stick around for a bit to browse our idea treasure trove. You’ll also find lots of other Christmas ideas, including for Christmas games for kids, Christmas games for adults, good Christmas games for Christmas parties and much more.

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