3d poinsettia and 3d christmas tree as modelling clay christmas decoration made with step by step instructions

20. November 2021 - Anika Semmer

Modelling Clay Christmas Decoration: Precious 3d Christmas Tree & Star | Tutorial




Simple and noble: With a few tricks, you can easily make noble 3D Christmas stars and 3D Christmas trees as modelling clay Christmas decoration. They are ideal as table decorations or for the Advent wreath!

Illuminated by candlelight, the branches of a festively decorated fir tree grove cast their shadows. I made the 3D Christmas trees for the first time as a DIY modelling clay Christmas decoration and I’m quite taken with the result. Make sure that you don’t roll out the modelling clay too thinly, otherwise the delicate fir trees could break! Following the same principle as the fir trees, you can also find the instructions for making 3D Christmas stars to stand on your desk here. The inspiration for this DIY idea came, as so often, from the vastness of the internet. 🙂

You can find out more about what you need to know to make this pretty, simple DIY Christmas decoration in the article below. You’ll also find a clear list of all the materials I used in the material list. You can get everything, for example, at amazon*.

Do you still have crown caps, corks, toilet rolls or old wooden clothes pegs around the house? Give them a new life as cute crown cork snowman, cork Christmas ornaments or noble wine cork coasters, sparkling toilet roll stars or clothes peg stars.

Material list*

How to Make 3d Stars and Christmas Tress From Modelling Clay Christmas Decoration

DIY modelling clay Christmas decoration to make 3D poinsettias and 3D Christmas trees

Acrylic varnish or paint holds best on the DIY Christmas decoration from modelling clay

The trick is simple: To make the Christmas trees and poinsettias stand upright, insert two of them into each other. The 3D poinsettias are easier to make than the 3D Christmas trees because they stand on a narrow trunk that has to be completely straight so that the tree doesn’t stand crooked or unstable and tip over.

You should allow at least one day for drying (depending on the modelling clay). Impatient people can speed up the drying process by using the oven at a low temperature.

Tip: Use cookie cutters in two different sizes to arrange the stars and trees nicely. The bigger the stars and trees are, the less you have to be careful not to break anything when cutting them.

How to Make 3D Poinsettias as DIY Modeling Clay Christmas Decoration

Cut out 3D poinsettias as modelling clay Christmas decorations and use stamps to emboss a classy pattern

Place a star between two stamps for a beautiful embossing on both sides

From 250g modelling clay you get 4 big 3D poinsettias consisting of two stars each out and two small 3D poinsettias.

  1. Roll out the modelling clay to a thickness of approx. 5 mm on baking paper so that they stand up well later. The best way to do this is with a narrow fondant rolling pin, but you can also use an empty bottle or a rolling pin.
  2. Cut out the Christmas trees and carefully detach them from the baking paper with the modelling tool or knife. You will need 2 stars for each 3D star.
  3. Stamp a pattern on both sides of the stars with stamps.
  4. Cut a 5 mm thick straight slit in the centre of each star. It’s best to use a ruler or set square to help you do this. The slit should extend minimally beyond the centre point.
  5. Place the stars on a flat surface to dry so that they do not curl and be sure to remove the baking paper. The stars will take 1-2 days to dry, depending on the modelling clay.
  6. When the stars are dry, sand the edges and the slot with fine grit sandpaper until two stars fit perfectly into each other.
  7. Paint the stars with gold or silver permanent marker if you like and fix the colour with a layer of clear lacquer.
  8. Now you just have to put two stars into each other – your DIY Christmas decoration made of modelling clay is ready to be placed on the table.

How to Make 3D Christmas Trees as Modelling Clay Christmas Decoration

Make your own 3D Christmas stars as modelling clay Christmas decorations

Decorate your Christmas tree with a straw and tiny fondant cutters

Use 250g of modelling clay to make 4 large 3D Christmas trees, each consisting of two fir trees. Make sure that your cookie cutter has a wide trunk so that the Christmas tree stands well.

  1. Roll out the modelling clay evenly on baking paper with a thickness of 5 mm.
  2. Now cut out 2 Christmas trees per 3D Christmas tree and detach them from the baking paper.
  3. Cut circles with the straw and Christmas decorations on both sides of the Christmas trees with a small star stamp or fondant cutter.
  4. Make sure that the triangle or ruler is exactly centred vertically and cut a slit about 5 mm thick in one tree from the top of the fir to just above the middle. In the second tree, cut a straight slit vertically from the trunk to at least above the centre.
  5. The Christmas trees should dry for 1-2 days on a flat surface, depending on the modelling clay.
  6. Now sand the slot and the Christmas tree with fine-grit sandpaper until two trees fit perfectly into each other and stand straight. Correct the trunk with the sandpaper if necessary.
  7. Circle the circles and stars or colour them in with gold and silver permanent marker. Then fix the colour with a layer of clear lacquer.
  8. Now put two trees into each other and you will have a small forest of festively decorated 3D Christmas trees.

Have fun making your own modelling clay Christmas decorations!

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