The winter bucket list with 36 super tips

5. January 2017 - Anika Semmer

Winter Bucket List – 36 Ingenious Activities That You Should Try




This is how you make this winter simply great!  Snow, rain or shine – with this winter bucket list you’ll experience the cold season 36 x from its most beautiful side..

What is on your  winter bucket list? Have fun in the snow, really enjoy wellness in dirty weather or get really cosy at home – these are the first 3 tips for a brilliant winter.

To help you find what you’re looking for at a glance, the list is divided into 3 categories: indoor, outdoor and at home.

The Ultimate Winter Bucket List

This is our Winter bucket list

A walk in the snow belongs on every winter bucket list

Fun Indoor

  1. Go ice skating in a skating rink
  2. Going to a special tea room
  3. Go shopping for spring
  4. Relaxing in the sauna and hammam
  5. Have fun in the thermal baths and adventure pools
  6. Score points at the pub quiz in the Irish pub
  7. Visit a gallery or an exhibition
  8. Go to the cinema again
  9. Go karting with family or friends
  10. Feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger at laser tag
  11. Get in shape for spring at the gym, indoor pool or sports classes
  12. Feast with someone special in an adventure or dark restaurant

Enjoy the Winter Outdoor

  1. Take a trip to the snow – for example, go snowshoeing in Germany’s beautiful mountains
  2. Surprise your partner or family with a spontaneous ski weekend
  3. Tobogganing in the park
  4. Snow at last! High time to build a snowman and an igloo
  5. Take a walk through the beautiful winter landscape
  6. Wrap up warm for a fun snowball fight
  7. Play curling and ice hockey on a frozen lake
  8. Go on an unforgettable mountain bike tour on snow and ice with sports-mad friends
  9. Take the family on an Alaskan-style dog sledding trip
  10. Make an impression at the carnival parade in a cool costume
  11. Barbecue marshmallows and sip mulled wine at a winter campfire
  12. Bowling with frozen water balloons in the park or your own backyard

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Make Your Home Cosy

  1. Invite friends over for fondue or raclette
  2. Read or read aloud a good book, for example one about friendship
  3. Bring some action into your living room with a darts evening
  4. Relax in a bubble bath with classical music
  5. Try out the exciting game of the year 2016 Codenames at a game night with family or friends
  6. Invite people over for a series or film evening
  7. Be creative: decorate your home and paint, sew, do handicrafts and handicrafts
  8. Write a real handwritten letter again – e.g. to your loved one for Valentine’s Day.
  9. Playing Playstation, Wii U or PC games alone or with others.
  10. Talking about the best experiences of the past year
  11. Listening to music from the past with friends and celebrating the old times
  12. Photo evening with photos from the last holiday… family celebration… or from childhood days


With this to do list for winter, our tips for winter activities are far from exhausted! or browse our tips for activities with kids, partner or friends. And if you like our page – thumbs up on Facebook and Instagram! 😉

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