The perfect carnival costume is the one that fits you perfectly.

25. January 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

How Do I Find the Perfect Carnival Costume? - 5 Steps to the Decision




The perfect carnival costume is different for everyone. Here you can find out what you should always look out for in a costume and what is better to avoid.

In a few days it will be that time again: the 5th season begins and no matter whether you celebrate it under the name of Carnival, Fasching or Fasnacht: it will be colourful, loud and exuberant! In addition to unrestrained good humour, boozy jingling and tons of confetti, the carnival season is characterised by one thing above all: everyone is dressed up!

At least that’s what you should be when you join in the carnival hustle and bustle, and in certain areas like Cologne, Mainz or Düsseldorf you’d better not even go out on the streets before Ash Wednesday, otherwise you run the risk of being seen as a stuffy killjoy.

But hey, who wants to miss the opportunity to slip into a different role and really let off steam? After all, everyday life returns soon enough. All that remains is the crucial question: what is the perfect carnival costume for me and how do I find it?

First of all, it should be clear that there is no perfect carnival costume for everyone, just like there is no perfect song or perfect dinner, even if others claim otherwise. But there is one that makes you completely happy, i.e. the personal perfect carnival costume for you.

The following 5 questions will help you find out what that is.

How to Find the Perfect Carnival Costume – 5 Crucial Questions

1. Stand Out or Rather Not?

For true carnival revellers, there can of course only be one answer: the perfect carnival costume is of course as eye-catching and special as possible. More colourful, crazier, more original – yes please! See point 2.

But maybe you’re the shy type and you don’t like the idea of attracting too many glances. No problem, so you can still dress up. In this case, just put some make-up on your face or choose a classic carnival costume. Then you’ll be recognisable, but you won’t stand out from the crowd.

2. Classic or Innovative?

This brings us to the second question: are you more of a classic costume type like pirate, ghost, cowboy etc.? Or would you rather wear a totally unique costume, preferably one that has never been seen before?

Although it is also possible to stand out and shine with classic costumes, your chances of standing out from the crowd are definitely much higher if you use your imagination and wear a costume that is as original as possible.

Since almost all fictional and historical characters, celebrities, mythical figures, animals and mythical creatures have served as models for carnival costumes, my tip for truly original costumes is to represent something that is not a person!

This can be objects, buildings, geographical locations or even completely abstract concepts! For example: a smartphone, the Eiffel Tower, a glass of beer, the number Pi, climate change, the beginning of spring, the planet Saturn, etc.

By the way, friends of mine once dressed up as German rivers: Rhine, Danube, Elbe, Saar etc.

3. Costume Alone, in Pairs or in a Group?

The perfect carnival costume can be a group costume, for example.

Smurfettes by Tim Bartel at CC BY-SA 2.0

Of course, these costumes looked much better because the girls were travelling as a group.

If you are also travelling with friends or family, a group costume is a good idea in many respects, because firstly it strengthens your group feeling, secondly you are immediately recognisable to others as a group and thirdly many group costumes are a real eye-catcher. By the way, here at Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find a selection of the best group costumes for carnival.

Of course, the same applies when you join in the fun with your sweetheart: with a couple costume, you show everyone that you belong together. Mario and Luigi, spaghetti and tomato sauce or pot and lid. In pairs, there are many more creative possibilities than playing the front and back of a horse… 😉

Check also our best partner costume ideas.

4. Sexy or Warm? Or Both?

If you’re single, the carnival season is also a great time to…. well, maybe not to find a partner for life, although that’s certainly happened before, but at least to flirt.

If you’re up for it, you can of course score points with a sexy costume. But be careful: in February it’s usually still freezing cold and the alcohol only seems to warm you up. So if you’re planning to wear your costume to a Shrove Monday parade or stay outside for a long time, don’t leave too much skin uncovered or you could catch a nasty cold.

The compromise between sexy and warm enough can be something skin-tight but warm. Some superhero costumes certainly come in handy. If you’re partying indoors all the time anyway, you can of course be more daring and show a lot of naked skin, just like in Brazilian carnival.

5. Homemade or Bought?

There is only one important question left to answer for the perfect (for you) carnival costume: do you want to make it yourself or buy it?

The advantages and disadvantages are obvious: bought costumes usually look more professional, but are by nature standardised. So if you want to put on a truly original one-of-a-kind costume, as described above, you have to do it yourself either way.
Real carnivalists supposedly start planning the following year’s carnival shortly after Ash Wednesday, including elaborate self-sewn costumes! But don’t worry: even in a short time and with simple materials, you can make your own creative costumes or put them together from clothes, make-up and accessories.

Of course, it is also possible to buy part of the costume, e.g. a mask, and freely design the rest yourself.

We hope you find the perfect carnival costume for you! However you dress up, we wish you a lot of fun at carnival! Helau and Alaaf! 😀

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