100 things to do in winter to brighten up the season

12. January 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

100 Things to Do in Winter That Will Sweeten the Cold Season




With these 100 things to do in winter, you’ll enjoy the next 3 months to the fullest!

Winter is the most underrated season of all, yet it has so much to offer!

If you think there is a lack of fun, exciting, thrilling, enthusiastic, anticipatory and all-round great winter activities, you are sadly mistaken. Now begins a time of winter feel-good delights!

There is such an abundance of beautiful things to do in winter that we don’t even know how to do all the great winter activities: From the countless ways to get really cosy at home in winter, to sports, fun and action in the ice and snow, to the many opportunities you have now to finally learn, see, do what you put off doing in summer because of the good weather.

How many of these 100 things to do in winter can you tick off until the beginning of spring? Challenge’s on! 😉

100 Fun Things to Do in Winter You Should Try


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Finally time to fold some origami unicorns again…

  1. Cosily reading an exciting book on the couch while it is snowing, hailing, raining or storming outside
  2. Drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows and listening to a good radio play
  3. Starting a diary
  4. Compose handwritten letters to people you haven’t seen in a long time
  5. Bingewatch a series all day once
  6. Invite friends to the home cinema with your favourite film
  7. Cook a themed dinner with friends
  8. Have an extended game night with friends (with board games, card games, etc.)
  9. Organise a multiplayer gaming evening with friends, e.g. with Wii / Nintendo Switch
  10. Try out new types of tea
  11. Create your own tea blend
  12. Make your own mulled wine with friends
  13. … or call a mulled wine tasting for which everyone brings their own homemade
  14. Make Feuerzangenbowle and watch the film The Feuerzangenbowle* to go with it
  15. Try out new soup recipes
  16. Have a blind tasting soup contest with your friends
  17. Taking a hot bath by candlelight
  18. …. and repeat this again for two 😉
  19. Go into the steam sauna
  20. Eat hot chestnuts
  21. Knitting a hat or a scarf
  22. … or crochet
  23. Building a cushion castle with children
  24. … and then have a pillow fight
  25. Take a walk through the city in the freshly fallen snow
  26. Walk with your loved one through a snow-covered forest
  27. Take a winter night hike with grog or mulled wine in your luggage and a companion
  28. Build a snowman
  29. Be a kid again and have a snowball fight
  30. Build an igloo, maybe even join a real igloo workshop
  31. Ski or finally learn to ski
  32. Snowboard or finally learn to do that
  33. Skate or finally learn to do that 😀
  34. Go tobogganing at the nearest hill
  35. Go on a winter photo safari through your neighbourhood
  36. Looking for the biggest and most beautiful icicle
  37. Go to a tropical house and fill up on a bit of summer
  38. Browse through an atlas and travel the world in your mind
  39. Plan your next trip
  40. Looking at old photo albums or slides from your childhood with your family, partner or best friend
  41. Make origami animals
  42. Paint, draw or make a collage of a picture
  43. Learn something new you’ve always wanted to know how to do, e.g. a language, a craft, an instrument, etc.
  44. Sign up at the gym and get fit for spring
  45. Take a course there in a sport that is new to you
  46. Take a yoga or meditation class
  47. Think of a nice gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day
  48. Take part in a carnival parade
  49. Go spring shopping with your best friend
  50. Taking our museum rally with friends
  51. Get involved in a charitable cause, e.g. serving food to the homeless, visiting lonely people in old people’s homes
  52. Beautify and redecorate your home
  53. Finally clear out old stuff and enjoy the feeling of liberation
  54. Visit an indoor flea market
  55. Browse for good books at the public library
  56. Spend a weekend in another city (preferably where there is snow but the sun is shining)
  57. Gather friends for the next pub quiz near you and take the trophy (or at least a few rounds of great fun ;-))
  58. Meet up with a good mate(s) from the old days
  59. … and really let it rip at the club
  60. Take part in a tasting of your favourite drink (wine, beer, whiskey, gin, or even coffee) with your partner or friends
  61. Surprise someone spontaneously and without an occasion with cinema, theatre or concert tickets
  62. Just laze around for a whole day and do nothing, goar nix, as the Bavarians say
  63. Spend a day with your partner in a wellness oasis / thermal bath
  64. Treat yourself to an extensive couple’s massage together with your partner
  65. Go to a café with your partner or friends and try out the selection of cakes
  66. Bake a cake yourself again for once
  67. Work off your energy in the climbing hall
  68. Race with friends on the go-kart track
  69. Go black-light mini-golfing (also great with kids!)
  70. Solve tricky riddles with friends in a Live Escape Game
  71. … or battle it out at Laser Tag
  72. Forget about counting calories at the all-you-can-eat buffet (after all, you’re allowed to do that in winter)
  73. Go to an interesting trade fair
  74. As a special winter event, take your partner, family or friends on a husky sleigh ride or even a husky workshop
  75. Take a trip to the highest point in your neighbourhood (e.g. the Berlin TV tower, Cologne Cathedral, a mountain, etc.) and enjoy the view.
  76. Visit a zoo in winter and watch animals in the snow
  77. Keep a dream diary
  78. Learn lucid dreaming
  79. Visit an animal shelter and choose a pet
  80. Look after a friend’s dog or take it out for a walk
  81. Going to the indoor swimming pool with the whole family or friends
  82. Go to a play with the craziest title that is playing in your neighbourhood
  83. Throw a cool theme party for your friends
  84. Make hour-long phone calls to friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a while
  85. For the really tough: ice swimming – it keeps the circulation going!
  86. Or take a course in ice diving
  87. Get the garden ready for spring
  88. Get new houseplants to have even more greenery around you
  89. Listen to music with friends for hours, drink wine and philosophise about God and the world.
  90. Experience your sense of taste in a whole new way at a dark dinner
  91. Invite your friends to watch a crime scene and try to guess the murderer together
  92. Watch a football match in the stadium
  93. Go to a concert of your favourite band
  94. Go to the casino with friends
  95. Spend a romantic evening with your sweetheart
  96. Go to the opera or ballet
  97. Surprise your partner with an erotic massage
  98. Shoot a funny home video with your smartphone or a camera and edit it into a film.
  99. Zapping through the TV with friends and having a laugh
  100. Colouring in mandalas

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