We present you the 10 most beautiful Spreewald excursion destinations.

13. April 2024 - Alexander Schmidt

Top 10 Spreewald Excursion Destinations Where It Is Most Beautiful


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The Spreewald, a unique natural landscape in the heart of Germany, is a paradise for nature lovers, water enthusiasts and recreation seekers. With its winding rivers, green meadows and idyllic villages, the Spreewald offers countless opportunities for unforgettable excursions. In this blog article we present you the top 10 Spreewald excursion destinations. Let’s dive together into this fascinating region and discover its hidden treasures!

The Spreewald is an idyllic cultural and natural landscape with a variety of worthwhile destinations. From boat trips to historical sites to culinary experiences, the Spreewald offers something for everyone. Hidden in the middle of Germany, a magical destination awaits you here with winding waterways, lush forests and a rich cultural history.

The fascinating labyrinth of the Spreewald invites its visitors to explore its treasures. This can be done particularly well by paddling a canoe or barge through the branching network of canals. In doing so, one experiences the idyllic nature from a completely new perspective and can keep a lookout for the rare animal and plant species that have found their home here.

"There are many Spreewald destinations that offer idyll, recreation, nature and culture."

In many places you can rent canoes or boats in the Spreewald.

The picturesque villages of the region are also attractive Spreewald excursion destinations and invite you to stroll and linger. A visit to Lübbenau, known as the “gateway to the Spreewald”, is virtually a must in the Spreewald. Here you can be enchanted by charming alleys and cozy cafes. Another discovery is the picturesque village of Lehde, perched on stilts above the water and offering a unique insight into traditional Spreewald life.

Another highlight of the Spreewald are the traditional Sorbian customs and festivals. At these, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of the Sorbs, a Slavic minority that has lived here for centuries, and get to know their colorful traditional costumes, traditional dances and delicious culinary specialties.

If you are looking for adventure, the Spreewald also offers numerous outdoor activities. For example, explore the many biking and hiking trails that lead you through the breathtaking landscape, or take a boat tour to discover the hidden corners of the Spreewald.

The Spreewald is a place where time seems to stand still and nature can still be admired in its original beauty. Whether you are a nature lover, a culture enthusiast or an adventurer – the Spreewald has something to offer for everyone. So pack your bags and dive into this fascinating and magical spot!

The Top 10 Spreewald Excursion Destinations

Below, we present our top 10 Spreewald excursion destinations that will help you get the most out of your visit and enjoy the beauty of the Spreewald to the fullest. Our hot recommendation: plan your next trip to this enchanting region and let yourself be enchanted by its unique nature and culture.

"The open-air museum Lehde is one of the most beautiful Spreewald excursion destinations!"

In the open-air museum you can visit historical farmhouses.

1. The Open-Air Museum in Lehde

The open-air museum in the charming village of Lehde is one of the most charming Spreewald excursion destinations. Here visitors can gain a fascinating insight into the traditional life and culture of the region. The museum presents historic houses typical of the Spreewald, tells the history of the region and displays authentic equipment and tools of bygone times.

A walk through the winding alleys of the museum village takes visitors back to a bygone era. It is a wonderful way to experience the heritage and traditions of the Spreewald at first hand.

"The open-air museum Lehde is one of the most beautiful Spreewald excursion destinations!"

A look into the life of the Spreewald people about 150 years ago.

2. A Boat Trip Through the Spreewald

A barge trip through the Spreewald is an absolute highlight for every visitor. You can sit back comfortably and let an experienced bargeman guide you through the picturesque canals and rivers.

During the trip you can admire the untouched nature, characterized by dense greenery and a variety of plants and animals, listen to the ferryman’s stories and anecdotes about the region and learn more about its unique history and culture. A barge trip is a quiet and relaxing way to enjoy the Spreewald to the fullest and take home unforgettable impressions.

"Many Spreewald excursion destinations can also be visited during a boat trip."

A barge trip is especially good for families or older people.

3. The Municipality of Burg in the Spreewald

The charming village of Burg is undoubtedly a charming jewel in the heart of the Spreewald. As one of the most famous and most visited Spreewald excursion destinations, it attracts visitors from all over the world. Burg captivates with its picturesque alleys lined with lovingly maintained houses and exuding an idyllic flair. Cultural monuments worth seeing here include the early classicist parish church, the Bismarck Tower and the Old Railway Station, which has since been converted into a restaurant.

An absolute highlight is the multitude of barge trips that depart from here and take visitors on an unforgettable journey through the winding waterways of the Spreewald. Sorbian culture is kept alive here, and traditional festivals and customs offer guests a unique insight into the rich history of this region. With its impressive natural beauty, cultural attractions and warm hospitality, Burg im Spreewald is undoubtedly a place to visit.

4. Paddling on the Spree and the “Flows”

A paddle through the Spreewald is an active and exciting way to explore this beautiful region. Rent a canoe or a kayak and head out on the waterways that wind through the lush forests and past idyllic villages. Paddling allows you to experience the unspoiled nature and abundant wildlife of the Spreewald up close.

The quiet and peaceful atmosphere on the water makes you completely forget about everyday life and offers a relaxing time out in the middle of nature. A paddle tour through the Spreewald promises unforgettable impressions and allows you to enjoy the beauty of this unique landscape from a completely new perspective.

"Spreewald excursion destinations: You should definitely take a paddle tour of the Spreewald!"

Canoeing is a particularly beautiful way to get to know the Spreewald!

5. The Castle Lübbenau

The imposing Lübbenau Castle is an impressive cultural jewel in the heart of the Spreewald. With its magnificent architecture and surrounding manicured gardens, it invites visitors to travel back in time to bygone eras and is one of the most beautiful Spreewald excursion destinations.

Here you can explore the magnificent rooms of the castle and be enchanted by the historical atmosphere. A walk through the castle park gives you the opportunity to enjoy the peace and beauty of the surrounding nature.

"Lübbenau Castle with its castle park is one of the Spreewald excursion destinations that should not be missed."

The castle park in Lübbenau is wonderful to stroll around.

6. The Raddusch Nature Park House

The Raddusch Nature Park House is a fascinating center for nature lovers in the Spreewald. Here visitors can obtain valuable information about the unique flora and fauna of this region. The Nature Park House offers interactive exhibitions and informative displays that illustrate the ecological balance and diversity of the Spreewald.

Here, for example, you can take part in guided hikes to discover the beauty of the surroundings or explore the various nature trails on your own. The Raddusch Nature Park House is an ideal starting point to explore the unspoiled nature of the Spreewald and learn more about its ecological importance.

7. The Lehde Gherkin Museum

The Spreewald is famous for its sour gherkins, and in the Gherkin Museum in Lehde you can learn all about the tradition of gherkin production. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the famous Spreewald gherkins. The museum tells the story of cucumber production and shows the traditional methods and tools.

Visitors can get to know the different varieties of cucumbers and learn more about their importance for the region. Last but not least, one should definitely also taste these local specialties and be surprised by the diverse flavors. The Gherkin Museum in Lehde is a must for gherkin lovers and offers a unique insight into the culinary culture of the Spreewald.

8. The Slavic castle Raddusch

The Slavic castle Raddusch is a faithful reconstruction of a Slavic castle complex in the Spreewald. It gives visitors an insight into the history and culture of the Slavic ancestors of this region. During the tour you can go on a journey through time and explore the faithfully reconstructed buildings and facilities.

"The Slavic Castle Raddusch is one of the most impressive Spreewald excursion destinations!"

The Slavic Castle Raddusch is one of the most impressive Spreewald excursion destinations!

From the castle tower you have a breathtaking view over the surrounding landscape. The information center also offers exciting insights into the way of life and customs of the Slavic population. The Slavic castle Raddusch is an outstanding cultural experience and a place where history comes alive.

9. The Kräutermanufaktur (Herb Manufactory) Lübbenau

The herb manufactory of Lübbenau is an enchanting place in the Spreewald, which takes visitors into the fascinating world of herbs. Here you can discover the diversity of aromatic plants and learn more about their uses and healing properties. The herb manufactory offers informative tours and workshops where you can learn how herbs are grown, harvested and processed.

A visit to the herb manufactory is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the scent and taste of herbs. You should really take the time here to taste local specialties and herbal teas. The Kräutermanufaktur Lübbenau is a real treat for all the senses and one of the Spreewald excursion destinations where you can really expand your knowledge, in this case the knowledge of herbs.

10. The Spreewald Biosphere Reserve

"The biosphere reserve is one of the most beautiful Spreewald excursion destinations!"

In autumn the Spreewald shows itself in especially beautiful colors.

The Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is the heart of this unique region and a true natural paradise. With its unspoiled beauty and diversity, it offers a rich fauna and flora as well as an impressive landscape. The best way to discover the reserve is to explore the numerous nature trails and hiking paths. In doing so, you can observe rare species of animals and be enchanted by the tranquility and harmony of nature.

The Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is an idyllic retreat where you can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and experience unspoiled nature in all its glory. Here you can enjoy the silence of the forests, the vastness of the river landscapes and the endless variety of plant life. A visit to the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and an opportunity to discover the treasures of nature.

Enjoy exploring these Spreewald excursion destinations!


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