Unusual and original first date ideas

5. February 2022 - Anika Semmer

50 First Date Ideas for a Successful Extraordinary Date


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Gleaming eyes, joy, excited surprise and you know immediately – you have set the course for a phenomenal first date. These first date ideas are unusual and original and should encourage you to try something new on a first date. Because that’s how you win hearts!

What were your last first dates? Going out for dinner, brunch, going to the cinema? Boring! Most of the time it’s the men who invite you on a first date and I’m sorry to say: guys, please show us on the first date that you put in the work, think out-of-the-box, make an effort! Impress us! Surprise us! And don’t you feel the same way about us and a girl who surprises you with an adventurous tour on a quad bike or a visit to a laser tag makes you want more?

The magic formula is so simple: an unusual, original first date is a successful first date!

At least as important are two other dating facts that an incredible number of people get wrong: The first date must not take your date (and you too, of course) out of his comfort zone, feeling good all round is important! It should also offer enough to talk about and ideally trigger positive emotions. It’s about having the best time possible together and learning more about each other and getting to know each other better. Passion, laughter, adrenaline, nostalgia, mystery, surprise – if at least one of these big emotionally charged words is associated with your first date idea, jackpot!

These 50 first date ideas all have the potential to be the first date of your life – even though they are totally different. They all offer plenty to talk about because they involve moving around or doing something unusual together. The important thing is to use your cumulative knowledge of your date and think about what he or she is passionate about. If you trigger a passion, you’re already halfway there.

50 Irresistible First Date Ideas That Have What It Takes to Make a Date Unforgettable

The best first date ideas are different from any date you've been on and make you feel better about getting to know each other

A surprise sunset tour is one of the most romantic first date ideas

A surprise sunset cruise is one of the most romantic first date ideas

  1. Swap hobbies – Each of you think of something you really like to do and you do both together and surprise each other
  2. Walk through a park with a snack in a café there, preferably in the evening when it is dusk
  3. Picnic by the lake
  4. Picnic at a photogenic, special place (castle ruins, on the mountain etc.)
  5. Geocaching – go on a treasure hunt together
  6. Take a sushi cooking class together
  7. Crime dinner – is your first date a murderer???
  8. Take your date to your favourite place – it’s important that it has a special meaning and gives you something to talk about
  9. Escape Room Game – test right away if you can work together and if you harmonise while saving the world…
  10. Variety Theatre – experience an unusual performance together and have enough to talk about afterwards
  11. Unusual museum visit to an unusual, crazy and interesting exhibition – preferably in a subject area you know they are interested in
  12. Visit Vernisage – if you feel comfortable in fancy clothes and at least one of you is interested in art
  13. Get to know your neighbourhood-tour the part of town you live in – as entertaining as possible with anecdotes, a drink at your local pub etc.
  14. Get-to-know-your-neighbourhood-really-tour the part of town she lives in – let her tell, listen and rediscover her neighbourhood
  15. Explore a part of your city that neither of you know
  16. Hike with a stop at the hut – for this, you should know that you both feel like sporty action and you should choose a tour that you know is particularly beautiful. Tip: Nothing beats the view from the mountain top or summit cross…
  17. Observatory – looking at the stars is a great conversation starter and the ideal setting for romantic feelings to arise
  18. Carriage ride – okay, admittedly, you’re pulling out a lot of cheesy stops with this one, and right from the first date. You should only plan a romantic carriage ride if you’ve already hit it off and you know he/she is a romantic and into grand gestures
  19. Pub quiz / pub quiz – there’s guaranteed to be plenty to talk about and you’ll learn a lot about each other
  20. Fairground – a real playground for the real date
  21. Flea market visit where you can buy a fun and guaranteed unique souvenir of your first date
  22. Shopping trip – go in search of a gift or shop for clothes together
  23. Rent e-scooters or Segways and go on a spontaneous fun discovery tour
  24. Amusement park – surprise her with a trip to the amusement park (but you should already be sizzling for this)
  25. Wine tasting, whiskey tasting, beer tasting or a cocktail mixing course together
  26. Go karting
  27. Go mini golfing
  28. Go black light mini golf
  29. Take an adventurous tour on a quad
  30. High ropes course in the forest – go climbing together, help each other and rise above – an ideal setting as a first date idea
  31. Go out glamorously and get really dressed up for it – where to go is a surprise (theatre, casino etc.)
  32. Go play darts
  33. Visit a dark restaurant – a real blind date with culinary surprises as a super topic of conversation
  34. Photoshoot – Instagram is full of great pictures of him/her? Get stuck in and have an original photoshoot
  35. Take a night walk around town and whip up hot or cold drinks with snacks at a romantic spot
  36. Attend a stand up comedy event
  37. Visit the fortune teller together: what’s written in the stars about your future?
  38. Visit a nice market – especially nice is a medieval market, craft market or of course a Christmas market
  39. Rent a Vespa and go for a spin
  40. Visit an antique shop full of quirky items
  41. Tourist your own city – take an unusual city tour together, for example a boat trip
  42. Bar-hopping – move around the houses and never stay longer than 30 minutes maximum in one pub. The more different the better
  43. Flying kites – and bringing up old childhood memories
  44. Retro brunch in an unusual café – for example 50s café, roller skate café – the main thing is original and delicious
  45. Watch a film together with snacks and drinks at a drive-in cinema – preferably American
  46. Go to a department store and buy each other something small for a maximum amount that you agree on and surprise each other with it
  47. Attend a street fair or music festival together
  48. Look into the future – have your palms read
  49. Dessert hunt – Each think of a treat that is incomparably good and and you both head for it and let it surprise you
  50. Surprise your date with a visit to a themed bar – (ice cream bar, Alice in Wonderland bar etc.)

Remember: from these first date ideas, don’t choose the date you would like the most, but the one you think your date would like the most!

And what about the 2nd, 3rd and 100th date or if my date likes it more conventional!!? Then take a look at these date ideas for all the other dates to come! 🙂

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