Things to Do in Brandenburg: Cool and Unusual Activities

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Best Things to Do in Brandenburg Indoor and Outdoor

Brandenburg is considered one of the most beautiful natural stages in Germany. So it’s no surprise that some of the real insider tips for things to do in Brandenburg are excursions into the countryside. In addition, the state capital of Potsdam offers impressive buildings such as the famous Sanssouci Palace and numerous picturesque palaces and parks.

Even for many Berliners, the state is full of exciting experiences and surprises and there are numerous things to do in Brandenburg worth exploring.

Brandenburg offers great hiking routes and bike paths for group outings and relaxing wellness temples and unusual leisure activities for adventurers, families and sports enthusiasts.

The Most Beautiful Excursion Destinations in Nature

The sparsely populated state offers a unique water landscape with over 3000 lakes and idyllic rivers and canals. The Spreewald is one of the most important cultural landscapes in Germany and attracts not only Berliners with its idyllic canals in punt, kayak or on an adventure raft.

Among the most rewarding things to do in Brandenburg are half-day and day trips from Berlin to extraordinary natural sites. From hiking in the fairy-tale enchanted Briesetal valley or around the idyllic Hellsee lake to adrenaline-filled excursions to the Potsdam Adventure Park or the treetop trail in Beelitz.

Cultural Activities in Brandenburg: The Prussian Cultural Heritage

The cultural landscape of Brandenburg, steeped in history, gathers castles, magnificent buildings, gigantic parks and fascinating industrial monuments. In addition to well-known highlights such as Sanssouci, the Babelsberg Park right on the border with Berlin, there are also many worthwhile insider tips: The Lauchhammer bio-towers and the eventful Mildenberg brickworks park.

Experience Tests and Recommendations for Excursion Tips in Brandenburg

High-quality information and genuine recommendations can only be given if you have tried the things to do in Brandenburg yourself. To give our readers good first-hand tips, we regularly test new experiences and present worthwhile excursion destinations.

Amazing Things to Do in Brandenburg for Families, Couples and Friends

Unforgettable experiences are created together with your favorite people. This idea was the starting point of founding and building up Abenteuer Freundschaft, the blog for leisure time ideas. We publish on our blog regional as well as location-independent leisure tips, which you can try out together with your friends, your family and your partner.

Our vision? No matter where, use every day that is given to you and fill it with memories that stay.

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