Why is friendship so important? 10 answers that get to the point

21. May 2021 - Anika Semmer

Why Is Friendship So Important? – 10 Personal Answers


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Friendship is undoubtedly one of the most important things in life, I’m sure no one will disagree with me on that, will they? But why is friendship so important? 10 answers – and my plea for friendship.

Imagine you meet someone you like straight away – and he tells you he has no friends. Maybe acquaintances, buddies, people to hang out with, but no real friends. Unimaginable, isn’t it? For me, there is hardly a worse idea than not knowing true friendship and doing without one of the greatest things that makes life beautiful.

But why is that? Why is friendship so important to us? I would even say that today friendship is more important to us than ever – because it has become rare and precious, in a world in the fast lane. Between work stress, school stress, leisure stress, family, love and the breathers in between, time has become precious. And time is the most important thing to build, develop and nurture a friendship. Whether ally, soulmate or confidant – true friends are what every person needs to be happy. And these are my 10 steep theses why this is so.

1. The Longing for Love and Acceptance

First things first. We all long for love, for someone who is always there for us and who loves us – yes – unconditionally. What is she talking about love? I think this is about friendship! you might think. But love and friendship are closely linked for me. Because a true friend knows you inside out and never lets you down. He accepts you as you are, with him you can fully be yourself and trust him. And that is not only a wonderful feeling, but also gives you security – because with a true friend by your side, you are never alone again.

2. Little Angels & Little Devils – We Want to Be Loved the Way We Are

A true friend knows our dark sides, weak moments, bad habits and failings – and stands by one. Because in each of us there is not only a little angel but also a little devil. We make mistakes, that is quite normal. And here we are again with love. While we usually want to be loved by our partner as an idealised version of ourselves and hide our black thoughts, all the things we don’t find particularly exhilarating about ourselves from him, with a true friend we can be who we are. Without having to fear that he will see you differently the next day. A true friend loves you as you are. (Which doesn’t mean that friends aren’t allowed to give each other a good going over, see point 5…).

3. Why Is Friendship So Important? – We Need Allies

Job, money, relationship, the daily worries and fears – they are daily companions and make up a large part of our lives. And all this can break away from one day to the next or become a problem that weighs us down. In life, almost nothing is certain – and that is what makes allies who stand by us, are there for us and catch us so important. In a good friendship, you are always there for each other. A true friend is the ally we trust unconditionally, who never leaves us alone and who never lets you down.

4. Always an Open Ear for Our Happiness… And Our Needs

Shared happiness is double happiness and shared sorrow is half sorrow. When you are newly in love, you immediately share this happiness with the friend who is most important to you – or who understands you best. And somehow, when you tell them, it becomes even better when the other person is happy with you.

A true friend has an open ear when it comes to sorrow and hardship, listens to us and ensures that the world no longer looks quite so bleak and grey. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. And listening and sharing great emotions with each other connects in a way that hardly anything else can. Emotions make us vulnerable – and the trust that reigns in a friendship, the certainty of being able to let it all out, is at the heart of a true friendship.

5. We Need Someone to Give Us an Honest Opinion

Something is going completely wrong right now. You notice it very clearly – and ask a lot of people what is going on. You get many different answers and are at your wit’s end. What from this bouquet of honest, diplomatic, frank, simple, comfortable answers will help you?
Giving someone an honest opinion – especially if it is uncomfortable and hits a raw nerve – is courageous and requires a lot of trust, respect and love. A friend tells you their opinion honestly and because we trust them we are most likely to accept criticism and unloved truths from them and can deal with and resolve conflicts.

6. Every Friend Brings a New Perspective

How often do you ask a friend, And, how do you see it? I often do. It’s not because I don’t have a clear opinion myself or don’t know exactly how I see things. It’s often that his point of view opens up a new perspective for me – and sometimes even a new horizon.

You become interested in a friend’s opinion and interests, and the more open you are to new ideas and thoughts, the more you develop. For me, my friends are the people who always give me new ideas, make me question myself and grow personally and spiritually. This is especially true for conversations about difficult topics! Who else is the best person to talk about them with, if not with your best friends? Besides, there are no better topics to really get to know than sensitive topics!

7. Escape From Everyday Life Together

With your partner or family you are happy. You live and share everyday life with them. But sometimes you long to break out, relive old times and be really unreasonable again. To let everything out, to have something for yourself and to break up everyday life. You can’t do that with anyone as well as with good friends who have known you for a long time.

Experiencing something exciting or crazy together, doing something that connects you very specifically with this friend – and forever – that is simply the ideal way to leave the usual behind and forget all your everyday worries. Because no matter how happy you are with your family and partner – experiences with a good friend bring another form of happiness. Whether it’s watching football with the old gang, a short trip to Milan with your best friend (and only her) or the thrill of bungee jumping for the first time…

8. Shared Joy Is Twice the Joy

There is nothing better than sharing the great moments of our lives with the people who matter most: Family and friends. Graduation from school, end of education or studies, wedding, birth of the first child etc.. – These are all milestones in life and moments of special joy. And this actually becomes much greater when you can also share them with friends!

There is hardly anything better than witnessing a friend’s joy – it is contagious in the best sense of the word. Incidentally, this is how even seemingly unspectacular moments become great experiences that we will never forget.

9. Memories Make Life Beautiful

Friends are companions in life. With them you experience and live through good and hard times, and this bonds you closer than material goods or even common interests. Shared memories bond for a lifetime and become precious treasures over time. Together you can dive into times long past, reminisce nostalgically and laugh about past foolishness. No matter how much you change or how your life changes – these moments are unique and enduring and therefore precious and make life more beautiful.

10. Good Friends – The Elective Family in the 21st Century

We are born into family – we cannot choose it. But we can choose our friends! We need people who like us and stand by us to be happy. In the 21st century, real friends are something like a family of choice. We have the luxury of surrounding ourselves and spending time with the people who enrich our lives. Today, friends are just as important as family.

These are my 10 personal answers to the question why is friendship so important.

Our website has even more reading material on friendship, e.g. with the best ventures with your best friend – and many more exciting ideas for activities with friends!

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