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Halloween Ideas for Couples

Fang-tastic Games and Party Ideas
Halloween games for adults are the highlight of a Halloween party

10 Halloween Games for Adults That'll Rock Your Halloween Party

Turn Halloween into a spooky Festival of Games with competitive pumpkin carving, apple snapping and many more games.

Horror movie drinking games for fun on Halloween or anytime.

Horror Movie Drinking Game – 25 Gruesome Good Rules for Drinking Heroes

f you shriek, you have to drink, and if the psycho killer calls, everyone does anyway! These and more rules make for a fun horror movie drinking game night....

What are the best things to do in autumn? 100 answers to the question.

100 Things to Do in Autumn You Should Do Now

Celebrate a Halloween party, have fun at a forest rally or wine hike - what are you up to this fall?

10 Halloween party ideas for an unforgettably spooky theme party on Halloween.

10 Halloween Party Ideas That Ensure a Hell Of a Horror Party

Séance, fortune teller and horror cocktail - a collection with special ideas for an unforgettable Halloween party.

Contacting the deceased with a Ouija board

Ouija Board: With these Rules Your Seance Will Succeed

Goosebumps, suspense and paranormal signals: Who always wanted to ask ghosts themselves with the Ouija board?

What is the perfect gift under $10 or hostess gift?

30 Gifts Under $15 That Are More Creative Than a Bunch of Flowers

Humorous or practical - from fridge tetris to toilet paper, it also shows Trump can be useful.

10 creative templates for a Halloween invitation text exclusively at Abenteuer Freundschaft

Halloween Invitation Text - 5 Frightfully Good Creative Templates

Mix out of this magic potion of original words the perfect invitation text to your Halloween party!

Halloween customs exist all over the world

13 Most Beautiful and Bizarre Halloween Customs Around the World

Sugar skulls, turnip gremlins and the witches of Salem - Halloween has inspired its own customs around the world.

A Medieval party is epic, legendary and fabulous.

Medieval Party – 7 Ideas to Make It Epic and Legendary

How to make a medieval party so epic that troubadours will still be singing about it in 1000 years.

Craft Instructions for a Witch party Invitation Card

Magical Witch Party Invitation Card - Enchanted DIY | Tutorial

How to make a bewitched card for Halloween or a witch party. With this tutorial you can easily craft an enchanting invitation card.

The best Horror Films from all over the world

13 Best Horror Films That Shockingly Few Know About

Not for the faint-hearted! The insider tips of two absolute horror film lovers.

Six Halloween card ideas with free tutorials

6 Halloween Card Ideas - Easy DIY With Free Templates

Enchanted witches, grinning skulls, glowing ghosts - here you'll find our best of 6 free tutorials for Halloween Cards.

Spooktacular Couple Halloween Ideas

Halloween, the eerily beautiful festival of ghosts also has something deeply romantic. Especially with the right couple Halloween ideas. You don’t even have to be a Tim Burton fan to realize that. After all, a real goosebumps provides excitement and tingles, and some Halloween costume can look pretty sharp on him or her.

Who Halloween this year times to take as an occasion for a bit of black romance and want to spend the festival with his partner, which finds here at Abenteuer Freundschaft tips and spacial couple Halloween ideas.

Horror Movies That Make You Move Closer Together

It’s not surprising that scary and horror movies are especially popular for first dates, because the excitement also triggers a pleasant tingling sensation and can smoothly turn the delicate butterflies in your stomach into giant fluttering bats.

Besides, horror movies are a welcome excuse to snuggle up “in fear” very close to the other person. On our website you can find some lists with movie tips, including horror movies. Furthermore, there are articles with tips for a successful movie night and also for special Halloween drinking games with horror movies, which are also great fun for two as a couple and ensure a relaxed mood.

Two Player Games as Couple Halloween Ideas

Halloween games are not only fun for big parties, but also at a couple Halloween they can provide the right mood. In many countries, for example, it is traditional to ask an oracle on Halloween and in one of our articles we present the most beautiful Halloween oracles.

But also in some other Halloween games, such as mummy wrapping, many couples will have their thieving pleasure and also automatically come closer physically.

The Leisure Idea Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

The leisure idea finder integrated into Abenteuer Freundschaft since the beginning of 2019 is a multi-part search and not only allows you to search specifically for Halloween ideas for couples. In addition, Abenteuer Freundschaft is a large idea pool with ideas for gifts and activities for two, family and friends.

This allows you to find indoor and outdoor inspiration throughout the year to match occasions, the season, the weather or your own state of mind, on how to make the most of your free time together with your favorite people.

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