50 wedding activities and wedding games for unique weddings

11. September 2018 - Anika Semmer

Top 50 Wedding Activities and Fun Wedding Games for an Unique Celebration


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Funny marriage fitness test, wedding tombola, father of the bride speech: Beautiful wedding activities provide unforgettable highlights at the wedding celebration. These are the most popular and most beautiful activities and wedding games for the bridal couple and guests.

Wedding games, special activities and the wedding speech of the father of the bride – these wedding activities should not be missing from any wedding celebration. The wedding day is the most important day in the life of the bride and groom and the wedding is usually the prelude to the subsequent lavish wedding celebration. An unforgettable wedding is characterised by many highlights: the emotional wedding ceremony and the beautiful actions and wedding games at the subsequent celebration.

Organisation and Programme of a Memorable Wedding Celebration

Above all, relatives and close friends are asked to get involved in the wedding and to help shape the programme with wedding activities and wedding games. The best man and the parents of the wedding couple are the contact persons for the organisation and implementation of the wedding activities and wedding games. The wedding day is planned thoroughly and it is essential to clarify with the best man beforehand when you would like to plan which wedding interlude. This way you can be sure that it will fit perfectly into the programme.

Which Wedding Activities Should Not Be Missing at a Wedding?

Wedding games, surprises and actions are incredibly important for a relaxed atmosphere and good entertainment during the wedding celebration. And they remain in the memory for a long time.

Wedding games are absolutely indispensable when it has been clarified whether the bride and groom would like to attend their wedding. The contact person for what the wedding couple wants is one of the witnesses, who also coordinates the entire programme. The programme interludes and wedding contributions should definitely suit the wedding couple and not be too numerous and should be planned into the programme.

If the wedding celebration extends over the whole day, it is worth organising a nice event at a certain time, if possible to bridge waiting times. Especially nice are activities that also provide great motifs for photos. An ideal time for this is, for example, after the wedding ceremony in front of the registry office or the church.

What Are the Different Wedding Activities?

Be creative! You know the wedding couple best and anything that fits the wedding couple wonderfully and is funny will go down best. It is important to make sure that there are no embarrassing or awkward moments.

  • Wedding activities for the ceremony
  • Surprises and actions for the bride and groom
  • Classic wedding games with tradition
  • Wedding games for the wedding party
  • Wedding games for the bridal couple
  • Dance games

Our ideas and tips for the 50 most popular wedding games and activities are also divided into these categories. Most of them are super quick to prepare.

The 50 Most Popular and Beautiful Wedding Activities and Wedding Games

"For some of the most photogenic wedding activities you hardly need any preparation"

Petals and confetti turn a kiss into amazing picture to remember

In this list you will find unique wedding activities and the most popular wedding games in each category as a crisp short list with a short description or link to detailed articles on the respective wedding game with lots of ideas and tips!

Wedding Activities for the Wedding Ceremony

The more emotional the wedding ceremony, the more beautiful it is. And there are wonderful possibilities for wedding activities. Whether it’s a church wedding, a free wedding or a wedding in the registry office: make sure you discuss in advance which personal elements you can include in the ceremony!

  1. Musical contribution: The wedding couple’s song, their favourite song or their own musical contributions always ensure an atmospheric difference away from the well-known ceremonial.
  2. Love and marriage: Reading by the witnesses or parents with a short (self-written) text on love and marriage
  3. Personal intercessions: Reading of personal intercessions from witnesses, siblings and parents
  4. Handfasting: Immediately after the wedding vows, the wedding couple shake hands according to ancient Celtic custom and are knotted (by you / the wedding speaker / best man) with a ribbon and tied together. A beautiful, simple knot is the infinity knot.
  5. Wish ribbon: Before the wedding ceremony, string a cord through all the guest rows. Starting silently in the last row, the guests pass the wedding rings strung on the string to the front. Each guest touches and warms them by giving them their good wishes or a blessing, either in thought or spoken aloud.
  6. Fire ritual: During the ceremony, each guest writes down a wish for the wedding couple on a piece of paper including the wedding couple. After the ceremony, everyone throws these notes into a fire bowl and the wish rises as smoke into the sky.

Surprises and Wedding Activities for the Bridal Couple

"Wedding activities as a surprise for the wedding couple"

A wedding trellis is one of the most popular wedding activities right after the wedding ceremony

  1. Rain of happiness: After the wedding ceremony, guests, acquaintances and friends welcome the bride and groom with a shower of flowers, confetti, soap bubbles as a rain of happiness.
  2. Wedding Trellis: Wedding guests, the club or colleagues stand in a trellis directly from the entrance to the registry office or church and welcome it into their new life as a married couple. This wedding interlude becomes especially beautiful with accessories (with a personal reference to the wedding couple). For example: Helium-filled balloons, holding up long-stemmed roses and handing them to the bride afterwards, taut ribbons through which the bride and groom walk, trellis made of hands, soap bubbles.
  3. Personalised wedding garland: Decorate the wedding car as a surprise with a personalised garland consisting of children’s photos and photos taken together as well as the names of the bride and groom.
  4. Organise champagne reception: You take care of the entire champagne reception so that the wedding couple can fully concentrate on the guests and their congratulations in the emotional moment after the wedding ceremony. A great wedding gift!
  5. Wedding balloon game: Launch helium balloons into the sky with the wedding wishes, messages or vouchers of the guests. Here are lovely ideas and tips for this beautiful wedding balloon game.
  6. Personalised helium balloons: Tie helium balloons together to make a bouquet or surprise the wedding couple with personalised balloons (initials, pet names, insiders) that they can use for the photo shoot.
  7. Luck tins: Thread tins labelled with “Just Married” or lucky messages, knot them together and attach them to the back of the wedding couple’s car. By the way, the rattling is supposed to drive away evil spirits!
  8. Dress up your pet: If the wedding couple has a pet (dog, cat, horse), it’s a great surprise to dress up the animal and have them join in. Bet this animal wedding interlude will make it into the most photos?
  9. Wedding time capsule: During the wedding, together with the wedding couple and guests, fill a beautiful, lockable treasure chest with creative and personal memories of the wedding day. When it is filled, you give the key to the bride and the treasure chest to the groom as a surprise. Here you can find good tips, templates with questions for personal letters for the wedding time capsule.
  10. Short film Once Upon a Time: Film popular locations linked to stories of the couple, the places of their childhood, interview friends and family and ask for little anecdotes and play the film at their wedding.
  11. Photo box and disposable cameras: Set up a photo box with fun props that encourage wedding guests to take photos. This surprise is also a wedding gift, photo boxes can be rented. Alternatively, you can distribute disposable cameras on the tables and ask the wedding guests to use them to capture beautiful memories.
  12. Frozen treasure: Beforehand, freeze your gift of money in the form of as many coins as possible as a block of ice. A freezer is ideal for this! You can fill as large a container as possible with a little water, put coins in, wait until it is frozen, put water and coins in again and so on. You can also colour each layer of water with food colouring to make a rainbow-coloured money block. At the wedding, the bride and groom get a hammer and pickaxe, their arms are tied together and they get to work together to knock the treasure free from the ice.

Classic Wedding Customs With Strong Symbolism

Classic wedding games and customs are part of the wedding interludes after the wedding ceremony

Cutting out the wedding heart together is the first couple test

After the wedding ceremony is the best time for wedding customs as traditional wedding activities. They symbolise the wedding couple’s joint step into married life and are always a great surprise with a strong photo motif.

  1. Cut the banner: After the wedding ceremony, stretch a banner in front of the door with a saying such as “our happiness for all eternity begins now” and hand the wedding couple a pair of scissors to cut through it together.
  2. Bed sheet as wedding heart: Two guests stretch a white bed sheet on which a large heart is painted. The bride and groom cut it out and walk through the heart together. Here you can find tips and ideas for the wedding custom of cutting out a wedding heart.
  3. Sawing a tree trunk: A tree trunk lies on a saw block, which the wedding couple is supposed to cut up together with a hacksaw. It is important here that they pull together and saw in unison and virtues are demonstrated that are very important for a good marriage: Perseverance, teamwork, patience.
  4. Bobby car race: Bride and groom enter a race through an obstacle course with two decorated bobby cars after the wedding ceremony.
  5. Breaking the wedding piñata: The bride and groom are blindfolded and smash a free-floating papier-mâché figure together – the piñata. This custom originated in Mexico and represents the couple’s shared struggle against evil and the triumphant victory through smashing, which renders love, happiness and wealth. Here you can find craft instructions for a heart piñata and tips and ideas for the wedding piñata as a great wedding insert.

Wedding Games for Guests

"Wedding games where guests shoot photos provide super entertainment and memories"

Photo Challenge! Some of the most beautiful wedding games come out great photos

There are countless wedding games for the wedding party. The best ones ensure a hilarious atmosphere, good entertainment and create a lasting memory.

  1. Wedding bingo:Wedding bingo is all about finding out what colleagues, relatives and friends have in common and getting the guests talking to each other. Each wedding guest gets a bingo card and tries to fill it as quickly as possible and win – crazy fun and a great icebreaker game. Here you’ll find everything you need to play wedding bingo including free wedding bingo templates to download and print out.
  2. Wedding raffle: Funny ideas for prizes and a good moderator make the wedding raffle one of the best wedding games ever. Who doesn’t like winning sinfully expensive dream prizes? Tips on how to run it and genius ideas for prizes for the wedding raffle can be found here.
  3. Wedding clothepin game: Each guest is given a numbered clothes peg, which they pin on themselves or discreetly pass on to another guest. At the ceremony, a host draws 12 numbers and reads out tasks and favours associated with the numbers that the respective guest must perform for the wedding couple. Tips and tasks for the wedding clothpin game can be found here.
  4. Postcard wedding game: Every week during the first year of marriage, a beautiful reminder of the wedding flutters into the wedding couple’s letterbox. In addition, this wedding game is a real eye-catcher at the wedding party, because the 52 postcards are hung up in the room. Everything you need to make the postcard wedding game can be found here.
  5. Photo game with tasks: This wedding game is all about capturing beautiful memories for eternity. Packed with fun, creative and beautiful photo tasks, it’s great fun for all guests. Tips for implementation and 121 ingenious tasks for the wedding photo game can be found here.
  6. Dating Box wedding game: During the champagne reception or at the beginning of the wedding party, the wedding guests write down their most beautiful, craziest and funniest date ideas on slips of paper. All the slips of paper are collected, put into a beautifully designed jar and presented to the couple. After the wedding, the couple can draw a date idea from the jar every week or whenever they want and experience it together.
  7. Creating a marriage bed sheet: At the wedding, the wedding guests create a beautiful wedding memory together and design the marriage bed sheet. Here you can find tips, a list of materials and how to make the wedding game Creating a marriage bed sheet.
  8. Wedding puzzle to colour in: As a joint project of the wedding guests, everyone colours in a personalised puzzle picture together during the wedding celebration and presents it to the wedding couple as a memento. Here you can buy a wedding puzzle at amazon*.
  9. I spy wedding game: In the I spy Wedding game, the guests get to talk to each other and photos are taken that no wedding photographer can take. In return, each guest receives a card with moments that need to be captured. Here you will find everything you need for the I spy wedding game as well as a free template to download.
  10. The little wedding guide: Each wedding guest will find a scroll with the template for the little wedding guide on their seat. The task now is to fill it out in a very personal version in the course of the wedding celebration. Afterwards they will all be bound as a book and presented to the couple. Here you will find a template for the text of the wedding guide.

Wedding Games for Bride and Groom

"Wedding shoe game - the matching game for bride and groom"

Wedding show game - by Will Fisher (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The wedding couple is usually fully occupied during the celebration and does not have much time for wedding games. That is why it is especially important that you discuss with the best man exactly what you are going to do, when is the best time for it and how long your wedding interlude will last.

  1. Wedding show game: The wedding shoe game is an absolute hit at weddings. The aim is to test whether the bride and groom give the same answers to questions about their relationship. The fun of this wedding game depends on the questions: here you will find 101 ingenious questions for the wedding shoe game.
  2. Wedding darts: In wedding darts, all the guests take part, but the focus is on the bride and groom. All wedding guests write a note with a voucher or gift for the bride and groom, put it in a balloon and pin it to a pin board. Now the bride and groom have a certain number of throws to drop vouchers. Tips for the implementation and material list for the wedding game Wedding darts can be found here.
  3. Kiss on signal: This wedding game runs through the entire wedding celebration. At the beginning, the moderator tells the wedding couple that they should kiss each other whenever a certain signal is heard. The signal can be that some guests bang their glasses with spoons or a reception bell is set up in a place in the room and whenever it sounds it means: Kiss!
  4. Dating game: In this funny wedding game, the bride and groom prove their love for each other. Without seeing him or hearing his voice, the bride has to find her sweetheart among 3 candidates by answering 3 questions. Everything you need to implement the Dating game and 20 ingenious Dating game questions can be found here.
  5. Plaster cast for eternity: With a handprint set for couples, the wedding couple makes a plaster cast of their intertwined hands on their wedding day as a lasting memento. Here, for example, you can buy a handprint set from amazon*.
  6. The secret treasure chest: For this wedding game, the wedding couple goes on a treasure hunt and has to answer questions to find the key that opens the chest. This wedding game is a great way to add a touch of originality to a larger monetary gift. Everything you need for the Wedding game the secret treasure chest including questions for the treasure hunt can be found here
  7. Wedding game Money Blessing: Every married couple can use start-up capital! But in this fun wedding game, they have to earn the money first. Each wedding guest gets a balloon into which they put a coin or an amount of their choice and blow it up. all balloons come onto the dance floor. The bride may now exchange her shoes for flippers and the groom may put on boxing gloves. She crushes balloons with the flippers and her groom has to pick it up with the boxing gloves.
  8. Wedding quiz: The wedding quiz is the personal version of the matching game marriage test. Do she and he really know each other inside out? Unlike the shoe game, it’s not about who does what in the relationship, but it’s a fun, personal knowledge test. Here you will find everything about the procedure and questions for the wedding quiz.
  9. Wedding oracle: The wedding oracle is one of the wedding activities that must be planned for longer. Because at the bachelor party, the bride and groom naturally answer a few questions about the wedding without each other’s knowledge. How long will the party go on? What disasters are there? What will the weather be like? What won’t work at all? What will be the best moment? Conjure up two funny oracles and read them out – ideally dressed up as a fortune teller at the wedding!
  10. Don’t Forget Me: For this fun wedding game for the bride and groom, you need 15 items from the newlyweds’ household. It’s best to make them disappear on the day of the wedding! At the wedding, you distribute the items to 15 guests, who present them in turn to the couple and announce out loud what they are. The couple has to repeat the order of the items correctly together afterwards. All items that are forgotten or incorrectly classified are collected and the couple must redeem them by performing small funny tasks after the wedding.
  11. Guessing commonalities: The couple sits on two chairs in front of the guests. The game leader stands behind them and holds up signs one after the other with criteria on them in this wedding game. For example: everyone who has ever seen the groom naked. All the guests who have seen the groom naked stand up. The couple now has to guess together which criterion is written on the sign. Of course with funny tips from the game leader and the guests!

Dance Games

"Dance games help to get the wedding guests on the dance floor and are one of the classic wedding games"

Dance games to attract wedding guests to the dance floor who otherwise do not dance

Dance games are among the wedding activities designed to break the ice, lighten the mood and get the guests dancing. Your part as the organiser is usually to moderate the event.

  1. An umbrella dance: The wedding couple dances to music under an umbrella covered with double-sided tape. The guests stand all around and throw streamers over the umbrella. Looks great and symbolically the wedding guests form a protective umbrella over the bridal couple.
  2. Orange Dance: Several couples, including the wedding couple, compete against each other and clamp an orange between their foreheads. Now the hands may no longer be used to help. A couple is eliminated if their orange falls on the floor. The couple that remains at the end wins.
  3. Marriage secret recipe: All married couples are asked to come onto the dance floor. Then the host announces that all couples who have been married for less than 12 hours should leave the dance floor, then couples who have been married for less than 2 years, then 5 years and so on until the couple who has been married the longest is still dancing last. They are given a cocktail or champagne and asked to reveal what the secret recipe is for a long, happy marriage.
  4. Cinderella dance: Each woman takes off one shoe and puts it on a pile on the dance floor. The men now choose a shoe from the pile of shoes, find the woman who belongs to it and dance with her. The Cinderella dance is one of the wedding interludes that are well suited for weddings with many singles.
  5. Celebrity Couple Dance: For the wedding dance game, you write famous couples such as Romeo and Juliet or Bonny and Clyde on slips of paper before the wedding – one name per slip. All the slips of paper with female celebrities go into a box or a jar, all the male celebrities into a second jar, which are passed around at the wedding and anyone who wants to can draw. Now the matching couples are supposed to find each other and dance together.
  6. Key hunt: Distribute keys to the guests in a colourful mix. These keys go into a treasure chest that is locked with many locks and chains, which you place in a visible place for everyone to see. Inside the chest is your wedding gift (or your community gift). Now the wedding couple must ask guests to dance and only ask them after the dance if they have a key and grab it. Once all the keys have been collected, the treasure chest is unlocked with a flourish and the wedding couple present their earned wedding gift.
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