A wedding game for guests to fill in with the name Marriage Guide.

3. June 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Wedding Game for Guests – The Little Marriage Guide


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Heaven help us, we’re getting married!!! Hopefully our guests will also have a good time – let’s give them something to do right away: please each fill out the little wedding guide for us once, thank you very much! Ready is the wedding game for guests.

At the end of the day, every wedding is a big party at its core. It’s the most important, biggest, emotional and exciting party the bride and groom will ever throw, but…. please don’t get carried away, girls and guys, relax… the essentials that matter are the same as any other party: good food, good music, all kinds of drinks of all kinds and above all: great, good-humoured guests!

In order not to let the wedding guests, as well as the bridal couple, get bored for a second and to keep the mood on the ceiling, it’s good to have a few aces up your sleeve. It doesn’t matter if you are getting married yourself, are the best man or simply want to contribute something to the organisation as a good guest.

The salt in the colourful soup of the wedding programme are entertaining, funny wedding games such as heart leaf or the great marriage test. In most of these wedding games, it is primarily the bride and groom themselves who play with or against each other and the guests who watch and have fun.

However, it is worthwhile to organise a few wedding games in which the guests become active. Such wedding games (apart from the flowing champagne, of course) help to break the ice and also prevent any guests from having the cheek to fall asleep. 🙂

The Little Marriage Guide is just such a wedding game for guests – and the best thing is: the game also creates a funny and personal souvenir for the wedding couple!

The principle is simple: print out our PDF template The Little Wedding Guide for each guest, make a nice roll with a bow out of each one and put a little wedding guide on each place at the table, including a pen. Or you can pass around a basket with the filler sheets. Now each guest just has to write their own personal version of the Little Guide to Marriage….

During the wedding, all the sheets are collected and bound into a small booklet: The Little Marriage Guide!

The Wedding Game for Guests to Fill In: The Little Marriage Guide

Dear ________ and ________

I am so ________________ that you got married!

You two are so _______________ together and I ________________ to be here with you today.

Your life together will be full ____________ and _____________ as long as you always ____________ .

I should never ________________________________________________ though.
Always remember that the most important thing in a marriage is ____________________________ .

If you ever disagree, you should ____________________________________________and by no means ____________________________________________________ .

“For better or for worse”, that is: ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ !

Another very important piece of advice for the future: ___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________.

If you ever have children, I advise you to name them ________________ , ________________ and ________________ .

By the way, make sure you take a romantic trip together to ____________________ !

On your 50th wedding anniversary, don’t forget to visit _________________________ _________________ .

I wish you ________________________________________________________


All the best,


Did you like our little wedding guide?

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