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18. June 2022 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Photo Game – 121 Best Photo Tasks and How to Play It


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


What is the most precious thing that remains from the wedding? Memories! A wonderful way to capture memories for eternity is the photo game at the wedding with the most creative, funny and beautiful photo tasks for the guests. How it works, what you should prepare for it to be a great success and of course the 121 most beautiful tasks we have collected for you here.

How many funny pictures with unusual motifs that capture exactly what’s special exist from your wedding? Ok, the answer is predictable – none, because the photographer was booked for professional pictures of the ceremony, the shoot with the bride and groom and an hour of photos of the guests, and that was the end of the time budget. Wait a minute! But there was still the photo booth with the funny props, where funnier and funnier pictures were taken as the hour went by. A photo booth is absolutely great and always worthwhile – the only way to get even more creative and funny souvenir photos for the guests is through the photo game at the wedding. We have let our heads smoke and come up with the funniest photo game tasks for you and collected them. Because they are the absolutely indispensable heart of this wonderful wedding game!

A photo game at the wedding is a real icebreaker and gets the guests talking to each other and mingling. It’s a great addition to the wedding photographer, who it definitely doesn’t replace. Because the photo game at the wedding creates funny, silly and crazy souvenir photos while the wedding photographer creates romantic photos and professional pictures that later hang on the wall with you and your family. Together, this makes for great pictures of the big day that will look great in a photo album or book that is very different from most couples’ wedding photographs and shows the individuality of your wedding and your guests.

How to Play the Wedding Photo Game?

Before the wedding, the wedding couple, best man or maid of honour, family member or close friend prepares cards with wedding photo game tasks and buys a book and organises a photo booth or Polaroid camera for the wedding.

At the beginning of the wedding reception, each wedding guest receives a card or is allowed to draw a lot from a lottery pot with a photo task and the organiser announces what the photo game is all about and asks the guests to actually complete their task on the evening and asks them to swap tasks if they would like to have a different task. Each wedding guest has to complete his or her task during the course of the evening. In addition, there is a photo book in which each guest has the opportunity to write something in accordance with his or her photo task and to make the souvenir photos even more personal. Finally, the organiser writes a dedication in the book and gives it to the wedding couple as a personal, individual memento of the wedding.

This way, the wedding couple has a wonderful, very special memento of the wedding in which every guest has immortalised themselves. At the same time, the guests get closer together and get to know each other better while completing their photo tasks through the wedding photo game – you can see how the game achieves this in the examples of photo tasks in a moment.

What Do You Need for the Wedding Photo Game?

You can make your own cards with photo tasks, but if you are short of time or in a wedding rush, you can of course also buy a wedding photo game card set! You can find tips on how to do this under the photo tasks.

You Need These Materials for the Wedding Photo Game

  • As many cards or tickets with photo tasks as there are wedding guests present
  • At least one instant camera or a photobooth – if you put out a normal camera, you have to glue in all the pictures yourself
  • empty photo album
  • Stick and photo glue corners
  • Pens, stamps, tape to design the photo book
  • If necessary, a transparent lottery pot
  • Table to display the photo book at the wedding

121 Ingenious Photo Tasks for the Wedding Photo Game

Wedding photo game tasks

Who has completed which photo task? A nice piece of information that should definitely be on the card

The better the organiser knows the wedding guests, the more he can cater to them and make the wedding photo game photo tasks suitable and personal. The wedding couple or the witnesses are therefore ideal organisers – in principle, however, anyone can think of photo tasks, it is only important to adapt them to the guests. For example, if many older wedding guests are invited, then only a few photo tasks should be sporty.

It is highly recommended to create photo tasks for the wedding photo game that focus on commonalities. This is a great way to get guests talking to each other and create unforeseeable memories. Commonalities can be studying in the same university, living in the same city, playing an instrument, etc.

If you don’t know most of the wedding guests well, be sure to ask the wedding couple for a guest list beforehand and ask around for some insiders to customise the photo assignments!

Wedding Couple Photo Tasks

  1. Ask the groom to hold the bride in his arms and take a photo of it.
  2. Take a photo of the wedding couple’s first dance.
  3. Photograph the wedding couple from as high up as possible
  4. Make the wedding couple laugh and photograph them
  5. Cut a grimace together with the groom and take a photo of yourselves doing so.
  6. Take a photo of the bride and groom kissing
  7. Ask the groom to look enamoured and take his picture.
  8. Take a picture of the heated wedding couple after dancing.
  9. Crawl under the wedding table (or instruct a child to do so ;-)) and take a photo of the wedding couple’s legs under the table
  10. Toast with the bride and have it photographed.
  11. Photograph groom and best man together.
  12. Ask the bride and groom to stand back to back and strike a pose that clearly shows who is the boss in the house.
  13. Take a close-up of the bride’s eyes
  14. Photograph the bride together with the bride’s mother.
  15. Choose two guests and ask them to give the bride a kiss on the right and left cheek at the same time and take a photo of it.
  16. Photograph the bride and groom on the frog perspective upwards.
  17. Photograph the bride and maid of honour together
  18. Cut a grimace together with the bride and take a selfie of it.
  19. Photograph the wedding rings on the intertwined hands of the bride and groom
  20. Take a beautiful shot over the bride’s shoulder with the bride’s hairstyle in the foreground and the ceremony in the background.

Photo Tasks for the Guests

  1. Take a photo of the lucky girl catching the bridal bouquet and posing with it.
  2. Take photos of three men wearing colourful ties together
  3. Ask the DJ to do a funny move and take a photo of it.
  4. Find 5 different sized guests and sort them by size and take a photo of them.
  5.  Ask a female guest with beautifully manicured hands and a male guest to form a heart with their hands and take a photo of it.
  6. Find someone with the same hair colour and take a selfie together.
  7. Take a selfie of yourself with the youngest three guests under the table.
  8. Take a photo of all the bride’s family members.
  9. Gather at least 10 guests and photograph them toasting.
  10. Put the camera at the bottom in the middle, lean forward with at least 3 other guests, look down and laugh
  11. Take a picture with at least 10 guests who wear glasses and look all very intelligent.
  12. Ask the wedding photographer to look through the camera and photograph him photographing you.
  13. Find the guest with the most beautiful piece of clothing and take a photo of him or her
  14. Photograph a child throwing you a kissing hand.
  15. Take a generation photo
  16. Take a photo of the most beautiful hairstyle
  17. Photograph the best dressed man.
  18. Take a photo of all the groom’s family members.
  19. Take a selfie photo of all the people sitting at the table with you
  20. Ask a guest to wink at you as slyly as possible and take a photo of them doing so.
  21. Ask a guest to strike the pose of Angela Merkel and imitate her and take a photo of it.
  22. Snap the mother of the bride and the father of the groom together and the mother of the bride and the father of the bride as well.
  23. Take a selfie with the wedding cake expressing how delicious you think it is.
  24. Take a photo of the man with the longest beard.
  25. Take a cute picture of at least one of the children playing.
  26. Photograph a guest who makes a face as if they were just looping in the roller coaster.
  27. Photograph the bride and maid of honour
  28. Photograph groom and best man
  29. Ask a guest to draw the bride and groom as a nude and take a photo of it.
  30. Find as many married guests as possible and take a picture of their hands with the wedding rings
  31. Act out a love scene from a well-known film and photograph the scene. (e.g. Titanic)
  32. Ask the tallest guest to put the smallest guest on their shoulders and take their picture.
  33. Try to take a photo with as many wedding guests as possible.

Photo Tasks for Detectives

  1. Find a person who is the same height as you and take a photo with them back-to-back.
  2. Gather all the children together and take a group picture of all the girls
  3. Take a picture of a guest who wants to have children.
  4. Take a picture with all the teachers.
  5. Take a photo of all the groom’s work colleagues
  6. Gather all the children together and take a group picture of all the boys
  7. Find 3 guests who are together exactly 100 years.
  8. Take a photo of a guest who lives abroad and had the longest journey.
  9. Find the guest with the furthest journey and photograph him from a distance.
  10. Take a photo with everyone who studied with the bride.
  11. Find the youngest and the oldest guest and photograph them together!
  12. Find the person closest to you in age and take a photo together!
  13. Take a photo with the person who has the most children.
  14. Find a guest with a funny driving licence photo and take a picture of the licence and owner.
  15. Take a photo with everyone who has a pet.
  16. Take a photo with everyone who plays an instrument.
  17. Find a person with something in common and take a photo of yourselves together!
  18. Find a person who has studied something totally unusual and take a photo together.
  19. Find out which couple has been married the longest and take their picture!
  20. Find all the guests with the same shoe colour as yours and take a picture of your shoes.

Photo Tasks on the Location of the Celebration

  1. Photograph the most beautiful piece of the wedding decoration
  2. Take a bird’s eye view of the wedding party – at least from one chair!
  3. Photograph something totally typical of the wedding venue indoors or outdoors
  4. Take a photo of the filled gift table.
  5. Take a before and an after picture of the dance floor
  6. Photograph the wedding cake
  7. Take a selfie of the entrance to the location
  8. Take a photo of your hand with the wedding memento on your seat.
  9. Find the bridal bouquet and photograph it.
  10. Find the wedding couple’s car and take a photo of it

Sporty Wedding Photo Game

"Your photo tasks at the wedding photo game necessarily should include capturing classic moments as well"

In which perspective can you best capture this special moment in a photo?

  1. Gather at least 8 wedding guests and have them act out the wedding couple’s initials and photograph it.
  2. Find someone doing a handstand or a cartwheel and photograph them doing it
  3. Take a photo of yourself doing your favourite yoga pose
  4. Find as many men as you can who will take another guest in their arms and photograph the group.
  5. Call for a polonaise, which you lead, and have a guest photograph this.
  6. Gather 3 men to lift the bride high into the air over their shoulders and levitate her
  7. Make a non-laughing content with a guest and have him photographed at the crucial moment.
  8. Wish for a song from the DJ and motivate 3 people to go crazy with you and take a selfie together
  9. Photograph the wildest dancer
  10. Find someone to piggyback you or piggyback someone and take a photo of it

Crazy Wedding Photo Game Tasks

  1. Pin the groom to nibble on the bride’s neck and photograph her reaction.
  2. Find a male guest to put on (your) heels and do a catwalk in them
  3. Get someone to serenade the wedding couple and take a photo of it
  4. Just before you start chowing down on your wedding food, snap yourself in front of the plate and look as gluttonous as you can
  5. Picture the evolution of the ape to man with other guests and have your picture taken.
  6. Hold the glass in front of a guest’s face so that it is completely distorted and take a photo of it through the bottom of the glass.
  7. You’ve won the lottery – show your best cheer!
  8. Find someone you don’t know who makes brilliant faces and take a picture of you making the same face together.
  9. Take a close-up of a delicious bite of dessert just before it disappears into the bride’s mouth.
  10. Instruct the bride to take off her shoes and shove them into the groom’s hand while he is talking and take a photo of his stunned face.
  11. Take a photo of yourself with the table decoration as a headdress.
  12. Find as many guests as possible who stick out their tongues at the same time for a photo.
  13. Find a guest with funny socks, ask them to take off their shoes and take a picture of the socks.
  14.  Do a karate kick and photograph it.
  15. Take a prop from the wedding decorations and make a silly picture with it.
  16. Take a picture of as many guests as possible with their hands clasped in their laps like the wall at football and photograph them without heads. Then photograph only the heads.

Romantic Wedding Photo Game Tasks

  1. Photograph the hand of the oldest wedding guest with wedding ring.
  2. Photograph an intimate moment between the bride and groom
  3. Photograph a very much in love guest couple.
  4. Draw the bride and groom in love on the napkin and take a photo of the drawing.
  5. Compliment the groom and photograph his reaction
  6. Photograph two guests holding hands.
  7. Photograph the bridal couple dancing in a close embrace.
  8. Let your partner form a heart with their hands, through which you photograph the wedding couple framed.
  9. Find your favourite person and take a nice selfie.
  10. Ask the bride what was the most romantic thing her husband has ever done for her and photograph his reaction to her answer.
  11. Compliment the bride and photograph her reaction.
  12. Paint a drawing that stands for “all eternity” for the wedding couple and photograph it.

Important Tips for the Wedding Photo Game: Camera, Photo Book and the Task Cards

Be creative! With a colourful mix of photo tasks and motifs, the photo game at the wedding will be a complete success.

Which Camera Is the Best for the Photo Game?

A nice, but not entirely inexpensive option is to hire a photobooth. You register this with the wedding couple so that space is reserved for it. The photobooth spits out instant pictures that you can look at digitally and take again until you are satisfied with the result before it is printed out and can be stuck into the photo book straight away.

Alternatively, you can rent a Polaroid camera from a supplier or buy one yourself if you love this kind of photo anyway.

You can also simply set up a photo printer and let the wedding guests take the photos with their own mobile phones. They can then print them out themselves at the wedding using the photo printer and stick them in the photo book. After the wedding, be sure to ask all guests to upload their photos digitally to a platform and make them available to the wedding couple.

I advise against disposable cameras. Most of the time, the results are not that great and you can’t see whether a photo is successful or not. After all, this wedding photo game is all about great results…

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What Should I Consider for the Wedding Photo Game Task Cards?

Choose a beautiful design and write on the cards on the computer or by hand. If you have a smaller wedding party, you can handwrite the photo tasks on the cards – it’s quite time-consuming, but looks great. If you have a large group of guests, you can write on the cards by hand or on the computer (depending on how beautiful your handwriting is ;-).

It is important that you do not design the cards with the photo tasks too large – they will be stuck into the photo book with the photos and should not take up too much space. If you design the photo challenge cards yourself, choose a nice design and bear in mind that you will have to write on and design many cards – plan enough time for this.

Photo Book or Photo Box – Which Is Better?

Creating memories of the wedding is one of the most important tasks in wedding planning. Whether you choose a guest book, a photo book, a wedding photo game, a photo booth or a wedding photographer is a matter of taste (and sometimes also depends on your budget). The ideal is a combination – for the wedding photo game it doesn’t matter which combination you choose – be creative and choose what suits the wedding couple and the desired result best! It is important that the photo book is thick enough and that each guest has at least one page in the photo book to be immortalised.

You and the wedding guests have put so much time, creativity and wit into the wedding photo game, it needs to be acknowledged accordingly! Set out a nice photo album on a table with utensils to glue in their wedding photo challenge with the photos and give it the opportunity to be creative with text, different pens, stamps etc. You’ll find lots of tips for a DIY wedding guest book here.

A nice alternative is a photo box! If you are only interested in the photos and want to encourage the wedding guests to put in as much effort as possible, then set up a nice box or chest with a display “Photos for the wedding couple”. You lock it with a key and give it to the wedding couple after the wedding. If you particularly like this idea, then you should definitely take a look at whether a wedding time capsule is not exactly what you are actually looking for.

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Wedding Guest Photo Book
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Does a Selfie Wall Pay Off?

Absolutely: yes! A selfie wall is super easy to implement and makes for more great memory photos with clean backgrounds! A selfie wall is nothing more than setting up a neutral background for the selfies at the wedding location. This can be, for example, a white or black background or a motif that fits particularly well, for example, if it is a theme wedding. This way, there are no guests running around in the background and the photos look more professional!

What Does the Wedding Photo Game Cost?

This photo game is one of the more expensive wedding games, but in my opinion it is worth every euro. It kills two birds with one stone – it’s a nice wedding game that mixes up the guests and provides good entertainment, and at the same time it creates a lasting memory for the wedding couple as a keepsake.

A photo booth is quite expensive – the rental costs 150-250 euros for an evening, depending on the provider. Often the photo booth is a gift for the wedding couple, which you discuss with them beforehand.

Renting a Polaroid camera usually costs 15-20 euros. If you decide to rent a Polaroid camera, you should know that one photo costs about 75 cents and that it is best to tell the wedding guests during the introductory speech that 2-3 photos are available for everyone to take. This way everyone will be considerate and not unknowingly snap 50 photos. Nevertheless, be sure to plan a buffer of pictures – for example, I went out late at night with my Polaroid camera and took the last really memorable pictures :-D.

If you choose a photo printer, you save the rental costs for a Polaroid camera. One picture costs about 30 cents. However, if you don’t have your own printer or know someone who can lend you one, you still have to calculate the cost of buying one.

Then there are the costs for the guest book or photo book and the utensils for designing it. You should calculate about 30-40 euros for this.

Have fun with your photo game at the wedding!

Looking for the best wedding games and ingenious wedding ideas for the celebration? Whether you’re a wedding guest or a bride and groom-to-be, we’ve collected lots of lovely ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft that we’ve particularly enjoyed when attending weddings or our own! Have a look here :-). And if you don’t have a wedding coming up, you can also find great ideas for activities with friends, couples and families for every day!

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