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11. August 2018 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Heart Piñata With Cardboard |Tutorial


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Special wedding gift, love gift, Bachelorette surprise or original birthday surprise for your sweetheart: a heart piñata is a beautiful gift for lovers! This is how to make a heart piñata with cardboard.

Making a pretty heart piñata yourself is child’s play and inexpensive – if you know how! You’ll find out everything you need in my simple step-by-step instructions.

You want to make the heart piñata as a wedding gift? On our site you will also find 3 original wedding game variations on how to make your heart piñata as a wedding piñata the highlight of the celebration. We had the bride and groom answer questions.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find inspiration on what to fill the heart piñata with, suitable for different occasions.

The Importance of the Piñata

No fiesta without a piñata! In Latin America, the piñata is the symbol of celebration and a wedding or a child’s birthday party without a colourful papier-mâché figure is unimaginable. A piñata is a hollow figure made of papier-mâché that is traditionally filled with money, sweets and confetti. When you make your own piñata, you have a huge advantage: you decide how big the papier-mâché figure will be and you can fill it with anything – there is no more original, playful packaging!

Especially for larger celebrations, such as weddings and birthdays, the heart piñata is also a highlight at the party that is visually impressive and symbolically perfect: the wedding couple / birthday boy or girl smashes the piñata with a stick, from which a surprise rain pours, symbolising happiness, wealth and love.

If you are planning the heart piñata as a wedding gift, be sure to briefly explain this custom! The act of smashing hearts together won’t be understood by everyone otherwise!

Material List* for the Heart Piñata

How to Make a Heart Piñata in 3 Steps

The instructions on how to make a heart Pinata

Make your own heart piñata

1. Measure & Cut Out the Heart Piece of the Piñata

First, draw the heart on a square piece of cardboard. I simply used 0.5 cm thick pieces of cardboard from old packaging for this – imprints don’t matter. Then I drew guide lines so that the heart gets its even, beautiful shape.

I drew a horizontal line 45 cm long and a vertical line crossing at right angles, so that the vertical line is 11 cm long at the top and 22 cm long at the bottom. Freehand I then drew the round curves of the heart – so at the widest point the heart is 45 cm wide.

How to make a heart pinata from cardboard

Trace the heart onto the cardboard and cut it out

Now simply cut out the heart with the cutter and place it as a template on the second cardboard. Trace around the heart template and cut it out to make an identical second heart.

For the heart sides, mark the centre of one of the long pieces of cardboard on both ends and measure 7cm from the mark on one side and 14cm from the mark on the other. On the 7 cm side, measure 20 cm from the edge, draw a horizontal line 14 cm long and connect the end points of the 7 cm mark with the 14 cm marks 20 cm apart.

Now connect the mark at the 14 cm wide end with the middle mark. Then cut out the first heart side, place it on the second cardboard, circle it and cut that out too.

Note: The two sides of the heart are longer than they need to be and you don’t cut them to the desired length until you glue them together.

2. The Heart Piece Becomes a Papier-Mâché Hollow Figure

For the heart pinata, roll up cardboard so it's curved

Roll up the long sides of the heart

Now roll up the two pieces of cardboard once until they are pre-bent and tape both to one half of the heart with gaffer tape.

How to make a heart pinata takes patience

Use gaffer tape to make the heart blank of the pinata

Start at the tip of the heart with the narrow end and cut off what sticks out at the top of the wider side. Use a generous amount of fabric tape and make sure there are as few gaps as possible.

Make your own heart pinata with a clever hanging system

The heart pinata should withstand a lot

Cut a small hole in the middle of the upper halves of the heart with the cutter and thread a twisted cord of 3 x 2m long red gift through it to hang it up. knot the end around another piece of cardboard, wrap it around a few times and tape it inside with gaffer tape to stabilise the hanging.

When making your own heart pinata, make sure the hanging is sturdy

The extra cardboard provides stability

Now put your pinata filling into the heart half, put the lid on top and close the heart piñata with gaffer tape.

When you make your own heart pinata, you can decide what you want to fill it with

Make your own heart pinata with individual filling

Then mix the paste, tear a newspaper into small pieces and cover the heart piñata with 4 layers of papier-mâché.

This i how to make a heart piñata from cardboard and papier-mâché

Make your own heart piñata from cardboard and papier-mâché

Finally, cut a roll of red crepe paper into pieces and stick them all around the heart piñata.

How to make a heart piñata with cardboard and red crepe paper

Add red crepe paper on top of the layer of papier-mâché

You need to wait about 24h for the papier-mâché to dry on the outside so you can finish making the heart piñata.

3. Decorate the Heart Piñata

Making your own heart piñata requires papier-mâché and crepe paper

Use the glue stick to stick the red fringes onto the heart piñata

To make your own heart piñata, you need about 1.5 rolls of red crepe paper. Cut fringes evenly into the second roll and stick the crepe paper ribbons onto the heart one by one. Start with the sides and work your way from the top down to the top on both sides. Then, working from the top of the heart upwards, glue the front and back of the heart piñata.

Making the heart piñata yourself takes about two days with drying time

Almost done – you can’t see any more of the papier-mâché

Then we drew the wedding couple’s initials on a white sheet of paper, outlined them with black permanent liner, cut them out and glued them to the front of the pinata with the hot glue gun (glue stick works too, of course).

Tutorial on how to make a heart pinata and decorate with white crepe roses

Turn white crepe ribbons into rose petals.

Finally, all you need are 9 spiral roses made of white crepe paper. Cut 50 cm long and 8 cm wide strips, fold them in the middle without creasing them (otherwise they would have unsightly creased edges) and roll up the crepe paper while pressing the paper together at the bottom.

When the paper is completely rolled up, carefully pluck the flower into shape and glue the end of the rose flower together and then onto the heart piñata. I used hot glue for this.

Heart piñata decorated with roses and initials

The heart piñata is ready

Our heart pinata lasted a nice long time at the wedding! Probably 3 layers of papier-mâché are enough for the piñata to last about 20 minutes. In any case, our gift was very well received by the wedding couple and the handicraft work was also worth it for the great photos for the wedding album.

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