Postcard Wedding Game for Bride and Groom and Wedding Guests

6. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

Postcard Wedding Game - The Weddig Gift That Brings Joy for 1 Year


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Wedding game and beautiful reminder of the wedding: and every week in the first year of marriage. The postcard wedding game is quick to prepare, an eye-catcher at the wedding reception and the bride and groom can enjoy it for the whole year.

The postcard wedding game reminds the bride and groom of the most beautiful day in their lives every week for a whole year after the wedding! Because every week, the newlyweds receive a postcard with wishes, vouchers, invitations, thoughts and greetings. A wedding game where neither the wedding couple nor the guests have to stand in front of everyone at the wedding and can still participate.

If you are close friends with the bride and groom, you can label and send all 52 postcards yourself – it’s time-consuming, but the wedding couple’s joy makes up for the effort. Or you can do as I do and string a string during the wedding ceremony. Attach the 52 postcards to the string with clothes pegs and ask the wedding guests to join in and write on the postcards.

In addition to motif postcards, there are great postcard sets with 52 postcards to draw or paint on, to fill in like a wedding guest book or a guidebook in the form of postcards, voucher cards, original recipe cards with space for favourite recipes and many more. So you kill 2 birds with one stone by using the postcard wedding game as an original guest book or recipe book of all wedding guests.

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The Postcard Wedding Game

Motif postcards on all kinds of themes can be used in the postcard wedding game

Motif postcard on the theme of travel for the postcard wedding game

What You Need

  • 52 postcards
  • 52 stamps
  • 6-10 m decorative ribbon
  • 52 clothes pegs
  • Pens, stickers, craft supplies in a box


How to Play the Postcard Wedding Game

Preparation Before the Wedding

Before the wedding party, buy 52 stamps, a nice satin ribbon (a clothesline or string will do, of course, but it won’t look as nice), clothes pegs and postcards that match the theme of the wedding and love or the motto of the wedding couple. You can buy them online as a set – it’s possible to buy them all individually, but you’ll need to plan some time for that. There are great postcard sets to paint creatively, fill in with funny tips, love recipes for the marriage, etc.

Creative Postcards to Paint and Fill In

Advice for marriage

Compliments and wishes for the wedding couple

Creative Drawing Postcards

Greetings from around the world

Vouchers to fill in yourself

Favourite Recipes for the Wedding Couple

Theme Postcards with 52 Matching Motifs

Theme postcards that match the wedding couple are also a great alternative. For example, if the wedding couple travels a lot, you can use country postcards. If the wedding couple loves to cook, there will be lots of great postcards with recipes on the theme of food, etc.

Theme postcards on the theme of wedding & love

Theme Postcards with Sayings & Quotes

Stick stamps on all 52 postcards and write the bride and groom’s address on them. Then number all the postcards with calendar week 1-52 in pencil. This way, each wedding guest knows which calendar week of the year to send their postcard.

During the Wedding Reception

At the wedding reception, string the satin ribbon along a wall or across the room at the desired time. Use the clothes pegs to attach the postcards to the ribbon, evenly spaced, either so that the sides of the picture are all facing in one direction or alternately if you are stretching the postcards across the room.

Then stand on the stage and ask all the wedding guests to join in the postcard wedding game and take as many postcards as they want. Now the wedding guests can be as creative as they like and label and design the postcards. You invite them to write their thoughts, wise sayings, impressions and wishes about the wedding and for the couple’s marriage on the postcards.

Alternatively, you can start writing a sentence on each postcard, which the wedding guest then completes.

Each guest should take their postcard home and send it off in the calendar week that you have written on the postcard. Don’t forget to take at least one postcard yourself and write on it!

Variant 1: The Postcard Wedding Game as a Surprise

If you want to really surprise the wedding couple with the 52 postcards, then you can of course simply distribute the 52 postcards secretly during the wedding without the wedding couple noticing anything.

If you want to do this, the wedding guests should not write on the postcards at the wedding, because the wedding couple will notice sooner or later. Just hand out the postcards, tell the guests what the postcard wedding game is all about and ask them to label the postcards at home after the wedding.

Variation 2: Create Your Own Nostalgic Photo Postcards for the Wedding Game

If you have the time you can also design and print postcards yourself! Especially nice are nostalgic old photos from the life of the wedding couple, e.g. funny baby pictures, children’s pictures, school enrolment, with school friends, camping, legendary party pictures – you can also colour them with sepia in a graphics programme, for example, so that they look old.

In addition to being nice wedding action, the photos are also real eye-catchers and make great photo walls!

Discover even more beautiful ideas for wedding games for the bride and groom and wedding games for guests. On the ideas portal you will find special ideas for wedding decorations and other occasions. There are also tips for gifts and creative leisure time activities all year round with many suggestions for activities with children, your partner and friends!

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