The wedding balloon game after the wedding ceremony makes for great photo motifs

18. June 2017 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Balloon Game - Beautiful Surprise for Bride and Groom


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Let wedding wishes and messages fly to the sky! The wedding balloon game is for the couple a visual highlight – also for the photo book afterwards!

What wedding action is every wedding couple particularly happy about? About a beautiful, personal surprise that fills them with joy. And especially women (and all couples who have hired a good wedding photographer) are always happy about an action that enriches the most beautiful day in their lives with a visual highlight and also makes a real visual impact on the photos.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find even more beautiful wedding reception ideas on this page!

Flying Heart Balloons – The Wedding Balloon Game Jazzed Up

An absolute classic is to provide all the guests with helium-filled balloons after the wedding ceremony and let them rise to the sky together while the bride and groom kiss. And that just looks great – and that’s why it’s done at many weddings. And here’s the great thing: with a little extra work, you can make this beautiful action really personal and special and give the wedding couple an additional reason to look forward to it 🙂

The Wedding balloon game is fun and makes for beautiful photo motifs

Wedding balloon game – Love Balloons by Rainer at CC BY-SA 2.0

How you do it? Have each balloon carry a postcard with a wish, message or voucher into the sky. Every postcard that lands in the wedding couple’s mailbox is something they’ll be happy about for weeks after the wedding!

Just like the classic balloon release, you can let the whole wedding party take part – and give the wedding couple special wishes and small gifts in a special way!

Wedding Balloon Game With Messages, Wishes and Vouchers

What You Need

  • 2-4 helpers
  • A balloon for each wedding guest
  • Helium pump to borrow
  • Helium bottles to fill all balloons
  • Gift ribbon
  • A prepaid postcard for each balloon
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Punch


  • 1 giant heart balloon with circumference approx. 300 cm
  • 1 beautifully designed clay paper card

How the Wedding Balloon Game Works


Before the wedding, get everything you need and punch a hole in the middle of each postcard so it’s easy to attach the postcard to the balloon string. Now stamp all the postcards and label them with the bride and groom’s address and the note outlined in red:

Dear finder, this is wedding mail! Please drop it in the nearest mailbox and make two newlyweds happy! 🙂

The Wedding Balloon Game

Immediately after the wedding ceremony, while all the guests are congratulating the bride and groom, the 2 helpers fill colourful balloons or red and white balloons with helium, tie them shut and attach about 1 m of ribbon to each balloon.  It doesn’t matter if the wedding couple notices – the special surprise is yet to come!
You go to all the guests with a helper, the postcards and a box of pens and invite them to write a wish for the wedding couple, a message, their impression of the ceremony or a voucher for a special joint action. Everyone should tie the postcard to their balloon, holding it by the string until you give the signal to release all the balloons.

The Wedding balloon game is a beautiful surprise for the wedding couple

The Balloon part 3 by George Grinsted at CC BY-SA 2.0

Now step up to the wedding couple, hand them the giant heart balloon on the string and ask the bride and groom to each write a love vow on one side of the card. You ask the wedding guests to gather in a wide circle with the balloons around the bride and groom and tell the bride and groom that with each balloon a message or a voucher will go up into the sky. And that they may redeem any voucher they find in the letterbox.

The couple now read their vow of love aloud to each other, and as they do so, the guests let the balloons rise into the sky. And then the wedding couple also release their big heart balloon.

Voucher Ideas

  • Voucher for a brunch
  • Voucher for a visit to the cinema
  • Voucher for babysitting
  • Voucher for shopping
  • Voucher for a barbecue
  • Voucher for an outing

Do you already know the wedding game Dating Game? At Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find lots of ideas for wedding games for the bride and groom and wedding games for guests and much more. On the ideas portal there are many original ideas for gifts and for leisure activities around the year with activities with friends, with your partner and with your family!

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Image source Cover photo: By Leon Brocard under CC BY 2.0

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