I spy wedding game is a lovely wedding game for guests to capture special moments at the wed

20. August 2022 - Anika Semmer

The Best I Spy Wedding Game Ever + Free Download


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Which moments at your wedding are made to last? With the I spy wedding game you kill two birds with one stone: you provide entertainment and fun at the wedding and at the same time take photos that no wedding photographer can capture. Simply download the free template for the wedding game and set it out at the wedding!

The I spy wedding game is a nice game that gets guests talking to each other and provides fun and entertainment. Anyone can take part, but no one has to – and younger guests in particular have a lot of fun. It’s easy and requires very little preparation time: scroll down to the materials list and download the free I spy wedding game template. It’s a list of 10 motifs for emotional and special moments to capture and tick off as photos. Guests can either do this alone or together – everything you need to know about how to do this is listed below.

Photos – they are memories that remain from the wedding. There are motifs that no wedding photographer, no matter how good or expensive, can capture, but that every wedding couple would like to have in their photo album, guest book or treasure chest full of memories of this special day. Because it is the special situations and moments for which you have to be in the right place at the right time and which arise spontaneously – without the pressure of a bulging list of motifs from the wedding couple breathing down your neck. If you want to get creative and design your own card for your I spy wedding game, you can find more ideas for motifs in this article.

What Do I Need for the I Spy Wedding Game?

Apart from the I spy wedding game cards, which you can download for free here, all you really need are pens and motivated wedding guests with their smartphones! If you’re having a mobile-free wedding, you can also set out instant or disposable cameras.

  • Download and print the I spy wedding game cards
  • Pens
  • If necessary, Polaroid cameras or instant cameras (1 x per table)
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How Does the Wedding Game Work?

Free I spy wedding game card to download and play at the wedding

Guests can play the I spy wedding game individually or as a team

Take a camera and look around,

look for pictures waiting to be found!

Shoot away and use this list,

find the moments we may have missed!

  1. The aim of the wedding game is for guests to capture events and objects with their smartphones or a camera, such as the bride playing with her wedding ring on her finger or the best dancer in action. To do this, place one of these I spy wedding game cards with subjects on each table together with a pen and ask the guests on the microphone for everyone who wants to and is sitting at the same table to join together to play the I spy wedding game. Alternatively, everyone can play the wedding game alone – but it is more fun to play together.
  2. The photos are then uploaded from the smartphone to a laptop on site in a folder labelled with the name of the group. If you forget, you can upload the photos for the wedding couple via Dropbox Download or send them to them via email. As soon as a few pictures are available, the photos can be used as a wonderful photo show at the wedding! Turn the wedding game into a real challenge and choose a winning team, e.g. by majority vote. The loudest applause decides which team has taken the best photo and receives a point. The team with the most points at the end wins. A nice winner’s prize is, for example, a brunch with the wedding couple.

Of course, you can also lay out the I spy wedding game cards with pens in a basket on a table and ask all the guests at the microphone to take part in the challenge (alone).

Alternatively, you can put out an instant camera (Polaroid) or a disposable camera. This costs a little more, but you don’t have to worry about not getting all the photos.

How Can I Create My Own DIY I Spy Wedding Game Cards?

If you want to play your own DIY I spy wedding game, you can create your own cards. You will need a list of events and items with boxes for guests to tick. Ideally, there should be 10-20 items to tick off, but if the list is longer, the guests won’t be able to focus as well, and less than 10 events is a bit low.

The cards are especially beautiful if you write them by hand, for example with handlettering – but you can also design them easily on the computer like I did. It’s worth getting them printed at a stationery shop or print shop if your budget allows it.

What Should Be On the I Spy Wedding Game Cards?

Kisses, funny moments, wedding classics, tasks – anything that creates memories for eternity is allowed. It is important that you do not list tasks that make you feel uncomfortable, such as “most embarrassing dancer” or “fattest guest”. We’ve put together a list of 20 suggestions for you – for even more ideas, check out our creative best of with another 100 events, items and tasks to tick off.

  1. The first dance
  2. The best cocktail of the evening
  3. The most beautiful smile
  4. The groom looking at his bride
  5. A detail of the wedding cake
  6. Something that sparkles
  7. A highly emotional moment
  8. The most delicious bite
  9. A kiss from the wedding couple
  10. A group photo of all the children
  11. A special moment of bride and groom
  12. Holding hands
  13. Bride and mother of the bride
  14. A laughing child
  15. Your favourite moment
  16. A group of laughing people
  17. A symbol of happiness in marriage
  18. Tears of joy
  19. A toast
  20. A selfie of you with your favourite guest!

It is important that someone (in case of doubt, you) asks the guests at the microphone to participate in the I spy wedding game in large numbers, if the wedding game is not an immediate success.

Which Camera Is Best Suited for the Wedding Game?

Nowadays, everyone has a super camera in their pocket – built into their smartphone, with which they can take as many pictures as they want until the shot is perfect. Of course, you don’t really want your guests to be holding their mobile phones in their hands all the time at your wedding, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages: it’s the cheapest way to implement the wedding game and the quality of the pictures is also great. It is important that you think about how you will get the photos afterwards – it is best to download them to your laptop on the spot at the wedding or to have them sent via Dropbox or e-mail afterwards.

The best instant camera choice for this wedding game are Polaroid cameras, as they spit out photos instantly and you don’t have to worry about getting all the photos via upload or email afterwards. However, renting several Polaroid cameras as well as the cost of the pictures is more expensive than going for cheap disposable cameras. Renting a Polaroid camera costs about 15-20 euros and a photo 75 cents. I would still recommend Polaroid cameras if it’s in your budget, because the quality of the pictures will be much better – with disposable cameras, the photographers don’t see the result and most of the pictures might not turn out as great as they would have with the Polaroid camera or the smartphone.

Have fun with the I spy wedding game and being creative! 😉

Have you ever been to a wedding without wedding games? Then you know how important they are for keeping guests entertained and having fun. On our blog you’ll find our wedding game favourites with explanations, material lists and everything you need to make them happen. Take a look around! And when the wedding bells aren’t ringing, there are plenty of ideas for brilliant leisure activities to do with family, friends and your partner.

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