The wedding game Wedding Darts for the wedding couple and all guests

30. June 2017 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Darts - Hit the Bullseye with Cupid's Arrow


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


How many bull’s-eyes can the bride and groom manage together (not the children…)? All the guests can take part in the wedding darts and delight the wedding couple with a beautiful gift.

When Cupid’s Arrow Hits the Heart

Wedding darts is a wedding game in which both guests and the wedding couple take part. All you need are balloons, darts, paper and pens, as well as a cork board or a set box. Now give each wedding guest a piece of paper and ask them to write out a voucher for a gift for the wedding couple and sign their name. Whether it’s for brunch, a car wash, babysitting, a trip to the cinema or something completely out of the ordinary – it’s up to the guests’ imagination.
During the wedding ceremony, put a folded gift voucher in each balloon, blow it up and attach the balloons to the pinboard with drawing pins.

Now you host the wedding darts and invite the wedding couple to join you on stage. You hand them each a dart and ask the bride and groom to name their favourite number. You add up the two numbers and tell the bride and groom that although Cupid is unfortunately on holiday at the moment, he has appointed you as his deputy. In his place, you want to test their accuracy in love matters – and ask them to stand at a distance of 5-6 m from the balloon wall.

Their task now is to take turns hitting as many balloons as possible, cheered on by the wedding guests. To do this, they have as many attempts as the sum of their two favourite numbers (of course, you can also let them throw as many times as you like or until all the balloons have burst).

After each hit, you take the inscribed gift voucher out of the balloon that was hit and announce out loud what is written on it and who wrote it. Instead of the shredded balloon, you now pin the gift voucher where the balloon was hanging.

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Material List for Wedding Darts

  • 1 balloon per guest
  • Pin board, plywood board or set box
  • Tacks
  • Different coloured pieces of paper and pens
  • 2 darts

Wedding Gift as Wedding Darts Highlight

  • Wedding gift
  • Heart balloon

If you give the wedding couple a voucher as a big wedding gift – such as a romantic short trip – you can make this gift the highlight of the game. To do this, buy a large heart balloon in addition to the balloons. The heart balloon is placed in the middle – it looks especially nice if you pin all the other balloons in the shape of a heart around this balloon.

Wedding darts are particularly suitable as a frame for a wedding gift if the gift is romantic – or funny – on the theme of love / relationship.

The wedding couple can throw at least as many times as they want until the heart balloon is burst!

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Image source Cover photo: balloons by Dean Hochman under CC BY 2.0.

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