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21. March 2020 - Anika Semmer

Easter Celebration Ideas for Families – 15 Ideas for A Great Feast




Celebrating Christmas and Easter with children – the two festivals have a lot in common. For children, they are the most magical celebrations of the year, full of excitement and traditions. From crafting for Easter to an Easter egg scavenger hunt, these Easter celebration ideas will make Easter even better!

To Christmas belong Father Christmas, Christ Child and Rudolph the Reindeer – to Easter the Easter Bunny. He hops into gardens and houses packed with eggs, lovingly drapes Easter nests and hides Easter eggs. His place in children’s hearts is right next to Father Christmas.

Young children do not yet understand the Christian meaning of Easter – the resurrection of Christ. For them, Easter is exciting, mysterious, enchanted – logically, the egg hunt and the anticipation of the little surprises are definitely part of celebrating Easter with children!

Lots of beautiful games for indoors and outdoors, celebrating spring with bright colours and self-made Easter decorations and one or two traditions make Easter a wonderful festival. In fact, the joy of spring, saying goodbye to the grey winter with bright colours and a roaring party are part of the origin of Easter – the pagan spring festival Ostara. The most beautiful Easter celebration ideas for families includes celebrating spring and being enchanted by the magic that for children is a natural part of Easter. And this is how Easter with these Easter celebration ideas with the family are really fun!

Tip: Here you can find even more Easter ideas with complete tutorials to make and play with!

15 Great Easter Celebration Ideas for Families

This Easter Celebration ideas with kids gives you a whole week to spend quality time together

Celebrating Easter with kids means crafting, playing, being creative!

All these ideas have one thing in common: you do them together – at least in pairs! Spring is in the air (more or less depending on when Easter is this year). The Christian Easter does not last only one day. Easter begins with Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week. The actual Easter celebration then begins a few days later with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

The best thing is that, unlike Christmas with the family, no one expects a three-course meal and Easter as a small celebration is not very stressful, even if there are visitors from the family. Plenty of time to do handicrafts, decorate, bake, prepare, play and have fun!

1. Your Own Easter Tradition

Is there or was there an own Easter tradition in your family? For example, cook the same meal that your grandmother used to cook for the extended family on Easter Sunday, preferably using her original recipe. Plant the first herbs or a flower together each year as a harbinger of spring. Bring a tradition to life that your children can’t imagine Easter without! No matter how crazy (and these ideas for Easter with kids almost all have the makings of a new Easter tradition).

This is one of the Easter celebration ideas worth to start with this Easter!

2. Send Easter Greetings

Make Easter greeting cards with potato stamps and Easter designs. Young children can simply colour, stick and design an Easter egg template. Simply cut them out and stick them on a card. Schoolchildren can of course write the Easter greeting themselves: for example, a spring poem or a nice saying.

3. Crafting for Easter – Chicks, Bunnies, Eggs and Flowers

One of the Easter celebration ideas is to create decoration together

Easter bunny in the nest

Anticipation is the best joy! When you make Easter crafts together, you can look forward to Easter and brighten up your home. Make an Easter bunny bag to wear around your neck for the egg hunt or, if you have more time, Easter baskets made of yarn.
You can easily make cute Easter bunnies as egg cups from the cardboard inside toilet rolls. Alternatively, you can make Easter chicks out of loo rolls for children to play with.

A little more challenging is making a fluffy pompom Easter bunny and pompom sheep as a decoration or small Easter gift.

For all these craft ideas you can find the complete instructions to make on Abenteuer Freundschaft (click on the links) as well as some more craft instructions for Easter and spring!

4. Blow Out, Colour and Create Easter Eggs

Blowing out Easter eggs is a job for the grown-ups – it can be quite exhausting with lots of eggs! Here you can find out what to look out for when blowing out Easter eggs – keyword: salmonella. Let your imagination run wild when creating your Easter eggs! You can find tips on how to dye Easter eggs naturally here.

You can decorate the blown-out Easter eggs with napkin technology or Tape Easter eggs. You can create beautiful marbled Easter eggs with nail polish in no time.

Coloured blown-out Easter eggs can also be transformed into Easter egg chicks or the body of an Easter bunny.

5. Cut and Decorate Easter Bouquet

Cut branches with willow catkins from a willow or flowering shrub (e.g. forsythia) or tree. As Easter is a movable feast, it always takes place after the 1st full moon in spring, the period in which Easter takes place covers one month (22.3.-25.4.). Accordingly, the fruit trees do not always blossom on an early Easter. In any case, you can buy freshly cut willow branches or yellow flowering forsythia in flower shops.

Alternatively, you can reuse branches with artificial flowers every year (there are some surprisingly beautiful ones).

Together you can decorate the Easter bouquet with your self-made Easter decorations and old treasures from previous years.

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6. Visit from the Easter Bunny – Fun Easter Celebrating Ideas with Kids

Before Easter Sunday, make an Easter nest together out of hay and twigs. Put a peeled carrot and a glass of water in the Easter nest for the Easter Bunny.  The child may prepare his or her nest for the Easter Bunny.

The night before Easter Sunday, scatter a little flour in the hallway and with the clenched fingers of one hand, press in bunny paw prints leading to the Easter nest.

In the morning, the child finds a filled Easter nest, an empty glass and a bitten carrot :-).

7. Easter Bakery – Easter Lamb and Co

The Easter lamb on the coffee table is, like the Easter egg hunt, a classic Easter tradition. All you need for this is a light sponge mixture, which is poured into the lamb mould. For dark sponge, there are of course also Easter bunny moulds!

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8. Easter Breakfast and Easter Brunch

The breakfast table is set and decorated in a spring-like or Easter-like manner. Of course, a classic breakfast includes the breakfast egg – otherwise you can conjure up many delicious things from Easter eggs: pancakes, scrambled eggs, omelettes with spring herbs.

This is actually much more about enjoying breakfast and spending time together, you don’t have to do much work.

9. Easter Secret Santa – Celebrating Easter with children of different ages

Creative games are a must when celebrating Easter with children. The Easter Secret Santa is announced in advance like the well-known Secret Santa at Christmas. The names of all those taking part are written on slips of paper.

Now everyone draws a piece of paper and finds out for whom they are creating an Easter egg. You can also create a blank cardboard egg and fill it with a little surprise. On Easter Sunday (or Easter Monday), everyone now hides their egg in the garden or in the house for the person whose name they drew.

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10. Awesome Games to Celebrate Easter With Children

Easter-Piñata, Easter obstacle course and Easter bowls, if you’re looking for creative games for Easter you’ll find especially original Easter games for kids with instructions.

There are also always great new games to discover from Ravensburger, Kosmos and Co. Have a browse through our game tips!

11. Playful Easter Walk

After the meal comes the Easter walk. Why not make it a spring discovery tour this year? How many daffodils, crocuses and spring messengers will you discover? Which flowers are already in bloom?

Collect a few flowers, put them between blotting paper at home, weigh them down with books and press them into a photo album as a souvenir or to stick in.

12. Hide and search for Easter eggs

We looked over the Easter bunny’s shoulder and learned what really matters when hiding Easter eggs: good hiding places! Here you’ll find tips on Hiding Easter eggs for the advanced.

13. Egg Swap – Because sharing is fun

Three children search for eggs with their egg baskets. Each finds different numbers and somehow the favourite eggs all end up in big brother’s basket. Never mind. After the egg hunt, all the Easter eggs are emptied out on the table. The children take it in turns to take one egg at a time until all the Easter eggs are fairly distributed.

If the children find a similar number of eggs, they can simply swap until everyone is happy.

14. Planting a Flower or Herbs

Easter is the start of something new – you can feel it everywhere. Plant some kitchen herbs together or put a sunflower seed in the ground and watch it grow and eventually blossom over the coming months.
You can fill a little potting soil into the scooped out larger egg shells of your breakfast eggs and sow cress. Simply place the egg shells in an empty egg carton and water regularly. You can harvest the first sprouts after only 8-10 days! Or you can sow the cress 10 days before Easter and harvest it at Easter.

15. Visit an Easter Bonfire

Easter bonfires are one of the best traditions to celebrate Easter with children. On the eve of Easter, Easter fires are lit all over Germany to drive away winter for good with the flames. A little superstition is also involved, as the glow is also said to have a cleansing effect and give the farmers a better harvest.

For Berliners, we recommend a visit to the Easter bonfire in the Britzer Garten! Or you can organise an Easter bonfire in your garden – but this is not possible in all regions of Germany without a permit.

We hope these Easter celebration ideas make your feast unforgettable!

Are you always looking for ideas for activities with children, friends or your partner? We look forward to hearing from you!

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