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Easter egg hiding in the moss

13. April 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Easter Egg Hiding for the Advanced – The 66 Best Hiding Places




For children it is the biggest thing at Easter: the search for the Easter eggs. On Easter Sunday, many parents are once again faced with the question: where should we hide the Easter eggs this year?

In most families it belongs to Easter like the Christmas tree to Christmas: Easter egg hiding. Every year, children take great pleasure in searching for the colourful eggs. In earlier times, colourful hard-boiled eggs were hidden, but today they are usually made of chocolate.

Why eggs at Easter? The exact origin of this tradition is somewhat lost in the darkness of history. But eggs have been a symbol of new beginnings and, above all, a new start in life since ancient times. And this fits in with many old spring customs as well as with the Christian idea of resurrection at Easter.

Be that as it may, the search for Easter eggs is the highlight of Easter for children, and many an adult has been spotted passionately searching for Easter eggs. (For example, if your partner has hidden some as a romantic Easter surprise).

The 66 Best Places for Easter Egg Hiding

Easter egg hiding - red Easter egg in a tree

Easter egg in a tree hiding place (image by ivabalk on Pixabay)

For all self-proclaimed Easter bunnies and hares, the question still arises as to the best place to hide Easter eggs. The answer to this depends on 3 aspects: the age of the searching children (or adults), the weather (indoors or outdoors) and most importantly: the terrain available.

For pre-school children, overly complicated hiding places are unsuitable and can lead to frustration for the child.

We have divided our tips for hiding Easter eggs according to the location and sorted them by level of difficulty. Each list starts with the easiest hiding places and the more difficult ones come towards the end.

Ideas for Easter Egg Hiding in the Garden

Easter egg hiding in nature

Easter egg in a tulip bed (image by Tpedersen on Pixabay)

Of course, the possibilities always depend on the garden available.

  1. in the lawn
  2. in a flower bed
  3. in a flower pot
  4. hang on a bush or tree with a string
  5. on a window sill (outside)
  6. on a garden wall or fence
  7. on the rung of a ladder leaning against a wall
  8. on garden chairs/loungers
  9. in the hollow of a trellis
  10. on the door/handle of the garden shed or summer house
  11. between the bristles of a broom or the tines of a rake
  12. in a half-open bag of potting soil
  13. tied to a washing line with string
  14. in a bird house
  15. in a watering can
  16. in a bucket
  17. under the garden hose
  18. in a knothole in a tree
  19. under a protruding root
  20. in a hedge
  21. in rubber boots
  22. in gardening gloves
  23. under a stone
  24. in or near a garden statue
  25. on the barbecue
  26. in the gutter
  27. on or in the dog’s kennel
  28. sticking to the dog’s collar or lead
  29. in buckets and moulds in the sandpit
  30. buried in the sandbox (possibly mark the spot with a small branch or a mini sandcastle)
  31. in a waterproof sealed plastic bag in the bowl of a fountain
  32. packed watertight in a float on the garden pond, the float is tied to the shore with a string
  33. or sink it waterproof packed in the rain barrel and a string hangs out of the side

Ideas for Hiding Easter Eggs in the Flat / House

Easter egg hiding - eggs in a cup as Easter bunnies

These Easter eggs have disguised themselves particularly well – as Easter bunnies

Of course, not all tips are possible everywhere.

  1. On a window sill (inside)
  2. On a bookshelf or CD rack
  3. In the crevices of sofas or armchairs
  4. On the pillow
  5. In the wardrobe between clothes
  6. Between cuddly animals or toys
  7. On the top edge of a picture frame
  8. Tied to the curtain rail with string
  9. Under the table in the living or dining room
  10. Tied to the leg of a chair
  11. In a toothbrush tumbler
  12. In the shoes
  13. On the phone charger
  14. Behind the television
  15. On a candlestick
  16. In the pot of a houseplant
  17. Between flowers in a vase
  18. On the neck of an empty bottle
  19. Between towels in the bathroom
  20. On the soap dish
  21. Between spices in the kitchen
  22. In the wastepaper basket
  23. On the desk between writing utensils
  24. In a fruit bowl
  25. In a lamp (at a reachable height for the seekers)
  26. In the oven
  27. In the fireplace
  28. Under the bristles of the hand brush (only for well-wrapped Easter eggs)
  29. Taped under the sink
  30. Packed watertight in the shower tied to the shower head
  31. In the fridge in the egg tray
  32. In the school bag (heavy! What child looks there when it’s holiday time?)
  33. In the Easter decorations (it gets quite hard when the hidden Easter eggs are hidden between deco Easter eggs)

For older children, the Easter egg hunt can also be designed as an exciting Easter scavenger hunt. You can find ideas for this in our article on Easter games for children.

Abenteuer Freundschaft also has more Easter ideas to discover. On our website, you can browse for activities with friends, activities with kids or with your partner in general.

And if you like our page – thumbs up on Facebook and foolow us on Instagram! 😉


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