This is how to make a DIY Easter basket from yarn and cornflour

17. March 2018 - Anika Semmer

DIY Easter Basket - How to Make It With Yarn and a Balloon | Tutorial




Looks pretty, is environmentally friendly and easy to make yourself: We reveal how you can make a beautiful DIY Easter basket from yarn, fabric ribbons and a balloon!

Yarn and wool are great materials for handicrafts – we discovered once again how versatile you can make beautiful Easter decorations with them.

It was surprisingly varied, because together with cute, cuddly pompom Easter bunnies and Easter lambs we also made sturdy DIY Easter baskets out of yarn and wool that don’t look like they are made of wool at all.

We were so enthusiastic about the result that we tried out two natural methods to make the Easter baskets stable: the first one was made stiff with sugar, the second one with cornflour.

We also designed the two DIY Easter baskets differently. Here you can find the tutotial for making an DIY Easter basket with fabric ribbons and wooden decorations.

Crafting an DIY Easter Basket With Yarn and Ribbons

The pure crafting time to make the DIY Easter basket only takes 1-3 hours – depending on how elaborate you make your basket. But since you have to soak the yarn with starch solution several times and add the time for drying, you should allow 2 days for drying!

Only after the yarn or wool is completely dry should you start to make the Easter basket so that it keeps its shape.

List of Materials for Making Easter Baskets

How to Make a DIY Easter Basket from Yarn

To make a DIY Easter basket, you need to wrap yarn around a balloon

Wrap yarn tightly around balloon

1. Wrap Balloon With Yarn

The Easter basket gets its egg shape from an inflated balloon. Choose a balloon that is the size you want when blown up and tie the yarn to the balloon knot.
Then wrap the entire ball tightly around the balloon in a criss-cross pattern until you have a beautiful openwork pattern and the thread is completely used up. You also tie the thread to the balloon knot.

2. Soak Balloon in Starch Solution

DIY Easter basket craft using wool and starch

Starch stabilises the yarn

Mix 1 cup of cold water with 1 cup of cornflour and whisk well until the starch is mixed. The starch solution should not be too thick. Roll the wrapped balloon in it until the yarn is well soaked all over with the starch solution.

Tie a string to the end of the balloon and hang it up to dry in the bathroom – in the shower or bathtub.

After about 6 hours, you can repeat the procedure 1-2 more times.

Tip: We bathed the wrapped balloon 3 times in the starch solution, let it dry for a good day after the last bath and got a good result!

3. Cut the DIY Easter basket into shape

To make a DIY Easter basket you have to paint the cut-outs on the yarn egg

Measure and paint the cut-outs

First, poke the balloon with a pointed object and pop it. Then place the yarn egg vertically with the wider side at the bottom and press gently until the egg has a good stand of its own.

To make a DIY Easter basket from yarn, you need to cut out the outline

Carefully cut out the notches

Then put a tape measure horizontally around the yarn egg and draw a line with a pencil at the desired height.

We left the handle 6 cm wide and placed the measuring tape vertically around the yarn egg and fastened it with paper clips to be able to draw nice lines. Cut out the two openings along the lines.

Tip: The handle should be at least 2.5 cm wide, otherwise the basket loses stability and the handle can fall apart when you cut it out!

4. Make Fabric Borders for the DIY Easter Basket

When making an DIY Easter basket, glue fabric borders onto the edges

Making an DIY Easter basket with light blue fabric borders

First, use the hot glue gun to glue the light blue fabric border to the inside and outside of the handle on both sides. In the middle you should still see 1 cm of the yellow openwork handle. Glue the thinner yellow border to the outside of the handle to finish it off.
Then glue the 2.5 cm wide light blue fabric ribbon around the inside and outside of the basket. Glue the yellow ribbon all around the edge.

Glue a thin strip of white satin ribbon in the middle of the light blue border of the handle and let the beginning and end disappear under the border that goes around the basket. Now tie two small loops of white satin ribbon, each about 28 cm long and 0.3 cm in diameter, and glue them to the bottom of the strip of fabric on both sides.

5. Apply the Decorative Flowers

DIY Easter basket craft with blue fabric border and white flowers

Glue on decorative elements at the end

We used a self-adhesive filigree flower border made of washi tape for decorating. You can buy it in craft shops or on amazon* with beautiful patterns.

We glued this border to the second light blue fabric ribbon on the handle and three little flowers to each of the fabric borders around the DIY Easter basket.

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