With this how to make a pompom sheep you can make a super Easter decoration yourself

11. March 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

How to Make a Pompom Sheep - DIY Cute Lamb| Tutorial




Pom poms are fluffy balls of wool that you can use to make pretty cuddly toys and decorations yourself. For this Easter, we made a pompom sheep as a cute Easter lamb. This is how to make a Pom pom sheep.

Special Easter decorations that are homemade. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find detailed DIY instructions on how to make toilet roll Easter bunnies out of toilet paper rolls and make toilet roll chicks and from pompoms an Easter bunny. Plus tips on how to dye Easter eggs naturally and make beautiful patterns on them.

With so many Easter bunnies filling the shop windows at the moment, it’s easy to forget the second symbolic animal of Easter, the Easter lamb! How to make a pom pom sheep yourself is not easy at all! We think this Easter lamb made of pompoms is at least as cuddly as most Easter bunnies! 🙂

Material* For Your Pompom Sheep

How to Make a Pompom Sheep

1. Make Pompoms

This is how to make a pompom sheep following these instructions

Pompoms in different sizes

First you need to make 2 pompoms of different sizes. I would recommend buying a pompom maker set with different sized rings. You choose a large size for the body of the lamb and a much smaller size for the head.

If you want to work without a pompom maker set and prefer to cut the rings out of cardboard yourself.

In principle, making pompoms is very easy. You only have to wind up wool. The more evenly you do it, the nicer and fluffier your pompom will be in the end. When the hole in the middle is almost closed, fold the pompom maker into a ring and hook it.

Now you need to cut through the wool once around the outside along the edge. You need a good pair of sharp scissors for this, because the bigger the pompom, the thicker the wound wool and the harder it is to cut.

2. Tying and Gluing

When it comes to how to make a pompom sheep you need wool and pipe cleaners

Now fix the legs of the Pompom sheep

Next, you just have to tie a piece of wool thread (about 14 cm long) between the two rings around the pompom and knot it tightly. To be on the safe side, do this twice – once from one side and once from the opposite side. The knotting threads can be a little longer, as you will need them in a moment.

Remove the templates from the two pompoms and trim them with scissors. Use the scissors to give the large pompom, which will become the body of your Easter lamb, an elongated shape and trim it. We tied off about 1/3 of the head and shaved the front part short towards the muzzle to create a cute sheep’s face.

To attach the head to the body, tie it on with the overhanging wool threads that you used to tie the knot. Then you can cut off the threads.

For the legs, cut 2 pipe cleaners in the middle, bend them 4 times and twist them into one leg each. Cut the half pipe cleaner only once, twist it and cut the tail to the desired length. Glue the legs and tail to the body with a hot glue gun.

3. Face and Ears of the Pompom Sheep

This how to make a pompom sheep shows you that it is not difficult at all

The cuddly Easter lamb is ready

First sketch the ears on cardboard and make templates for the fur and inside of the ears, which you then trace onto the white and pink felt. Then cut out the ears and glue them to the lamb’s head. The easiest way to do this is with a hot glue gun.

For the eyes, use black beads or small plastic eyes, which you can often find in craft shops. For the nose, cut a small triangle out of the pink felt. Glue the nose and eyes on as well.

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