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7. April 2017 - Anika Semmer

5 Easter Games for Kids That Make Easter the Most Beautiful Feast




Make the Easter egg hunt an exciting Easter egg scavenger hunt or surprise the kids with another exciting Easter game. These 5 Easter games for kids will make Easter a very special family celebration.

The most beautiful Easter games for kids demand imagination, are movement-intensive and bring fun for the whole family. For most of these 5 Easter games, you only have to prepare a little and you do something really original with the family at Easter.

5 Great Easter Games for Kids

1. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt – Easter Egg Hunt With a Difference!

  • Number of players: 1-99
  • Preparation time: 10-20 minutes
  • Duration: Approx. 30 min-1h
  • Scavenger hunt stations: 10
  • Accessories: Easter bunny picture to colour in*, chocolate Easter eggs, Easter nest, chalk / printouts of fox paws, fox gift or fox haribos

Early in the morning at the breakfast table, the child finds the big surprise on his plate. For there lies a picture of the Easter bunny with a speech bubble to colour in. The Easter Bunny asks the child: The cunning fox has stolen my Easter eggs. Please help me find my 10 favourite blue Easter eggs, follow his tracks and find the culprit! This is the beginning of a very special Easter egg scavenger hunt.

One parent lays the tracks in the morning (while the other prepares breakfast). If the weather is dry, you can simply draw arrows on the ground with chalk like a classic scavenger hunt and hide the blue Easter eggs at some of the more hidden arrows. If the ground is wet, simply print out lots of fox paw prints, cut out the paw prints and tie them to branches as markers, lay them on the ground and weigh them down with stones, etc. The direction in which a paw points indicates the direction where the next clue is hidden.

Make sure to hide the 10 blue Easter eggs at regular intervals as a little motivation for the child. At the very end, the child will find its Easter nest and a small present with the cunning fox on it.

An Easter egg scavenger hunt is ideal for children from 6 years. Younger children are usually dependent on the help of their parents so that the scavenger hunt does not become too difficult or boring.

2. Obstacle Course for Little Easter Bunnies

  • Number of players: at least 2
  • Preparation time: 20 minutes
  • Duration: 5-10 min
  • Accessories: spoons, hard-boiled coloured eggs, objects as obstacles

The obstacle course is most fun when several children play in teams. So it is ideal to play in two teams with at least two Easter bunnies per team.

This Easter game is ideal for the garden – but you can also play it indoors if it rains! Before the children are allowed into the garden, you set up an obstacle course that the little Easter bunnies can run through. Each child balances a hard-boiled, colourful Easter egg on a spoon.

If the children play in teams, then one child runs the parkour once there and back and puts its egg into an Easter nest provided. This is the starting signal for the second team runner. The winner is not the team that has run the obstacle course the fastest, but the team with the most eggs that have remained intact!

At the end, all the children get their hard-boiled egg and a reward – for example, a chocolate Easter bunny and the children decide which egg is the most whole and is the most skilled Easter bunny obstacle runner.

Hurdles and Challenges:

  • Watering can, buckets, flower pots
  • Zigzagging sticks as a slalom
  • Tensioned track to climb over / crawl through
  • Ladder to climb over
  • Chocolate Easter eggs to collect
  • Trees / bushes to go around

3. Easter Eggs Boccia for Outside and Inside

  • Number of players: at least 2
  • Preparation time: 2 minutes
  • Duration: Approx. 20 – 40 minutes
  • Accessories: Chocolate Easter eggs, hard-boiled coloured Easter eggs, Easter bunny ears

An adult puts on his bunny ears – he is the referee and the Easter bunny. Each round, he takes turns giving a child a gold-coloured, hard-boiled egg. The child rolls this egg in front of him – it is the target egg. All the other children and players now also get a hard-boiled egg in different colours and must now try to roll their egg as close as possible to the golden target egg.

The winner is the player whose egg is closest to the golden target egg. He gets a chocolate egg from the Easter bunny as a reward. After the last round of Easter Egg Boccia, each child gets their hard-boiled egg and gets to keep it.

Easter egg boccia is one of the Easter games for children where the whole family can join in. Because older children, teenagers and adults also have fun with it. This Easter game can be played both outdoors and indoors.

4. Easter Piñata – Fun Easter Game for Kids from Spain

  • Number of players: at least 1
  • Preparation time: 2 minutes
  • Duration: Approx. 10 minutes
  • Accessories: Easter sweets, piñata, stick, string, blindfold

A piñata is a papier-mâché figure with a hollow inside that you fill with sweets.  You can make this figure yourself, but you can also buy pretty figures on the Internet. Hang the piñata on a branch outside or on the lintel inside. Now blindfold the children and let them knock on the piñata one after the other until it reveals its sweet interior. If the piñata is hanging in the house, it is worth putting a bed sheet underneath so that cream-filled chocolate eggs do not patter unawares on the expensive Persian.

In Latin America and Spain, children usually get a piñata for their birthday – but in Spain this is also common at Easter.

5. Blowing Eggs – Indoor Easter Game for Kids

  • Number of players: From 2 players
  • Duration: Approx. 10 minutes
  • Accessories: 5 plastic eggs per child, Easter sweets in a sack

All the children sit around a table. Each child gets 5 plastic eggs to use for the game. All the children place an egg in front of them on the table and their forearms on the edge of the table. Each player now tries to blow their egg onto the forearms of one of the other players. If a player manages to do this and his egg touches a forearm, the player hit must give away one of his 5 plastic eggs.

So players are eliminated one by one until one player wins the last pust duel. With each elimination, the child may reach into the bag once and take an Easter egg. The winner gets 2 eggs. Then a new round starts.

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Image Source Cover Photo: Easter Egg Hunt at Government House by Maryland GovPics at CC BY 2.0

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