Like Jackpot at Illuminati Escape in Berlin, all Escape Rooms are thematically linked to each other

8. April 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Get the Jackpot at Illuminati Escape in Berlin: Adventure in Macau


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We dared to fight the omnipresent Illuminati in two adventures at Illuminati Escape. Here is our report from the adventure Jackpot at Illuminati Escape that takes place in Macau!

One mission, one team and an exciting race against time: James Bond atmosphere at its best! Anyone who has ever wanted to go on a secret mission, find and crack mysterious messages, will get their money’s worth with the Escape Game Jackpot. Because in this casino in Macau, the Illuminati have gone to great lengths to disguise clues, hide keys and keep the cogs in the heads of the uninitiated rattling at full speed.

We were allowed to test this atmospheric Escape Game for free – the sequel will follow next week with the second completely different mission which, however, belongs to Jackpot at Illuminati Escape in terms of content! A special feature of the Berlin Escape Game provider Illuminati Escape is that the individual Escape Rooms are connected by an overarching story!

As a friendly member of staff explained to us, they have commissioned a writer to write the backstories for 4 Escape Rooms, which correspond to 4 stages in the fight against the Illuminati. (However, each room can also be played completely independently of the others and has its own self-contained story).

Two of the rooms are still in development, but the stages “Jackpot” in Macau and “Cyber Attack” in Omsk can already be mastered by brave agents!

In Illuminati Escape, there are four missions that are linked to each other in terms of content.

2 of our agents are waiting for their next mission

The Illuminati are, of course, trying to achieve – what else – world domination, and unfortunately have acquired some pretty good equipment to do so: the world’s first quantum computer!

Jackpot at Illuminati Escape – The Story

Jackpot at Illuminati Escape - clues are hiding everywhere the eye is on the pyramid.

The Illuminati are everywhere!

Our first mission in the battle with the Illuminati took us to the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau, also known as the Monte Carlo of the East because of its casinos!

This is where the evil began: a gambling-addicted NASA scientist knew no other way out to pay his gambling debts than to hand over the super-secret blueprints of the first planned quantum computer to the casino.

Bad luck that the casino belongs to the Illuminati, who are not exactly known for their responsible handling of such toys. We had only 1 hour to break into the casino, steal the plans from the vault and make a hasty escape before a delegation of the nasty conspiracy squad would come for them!

The Jackpot Escape Room at Illuminati Escape

In Jackpot at Illuminati, you have to be resourceful and solve lots of puzzles.

Illuminati Escape – I wonder if luck is with us?

Even the entrance to the Exit Room impresses with authentic-looking Chinese wood carvings and lanterns. And the first impression does not promise too much! In the dim casino, a stylish poker table awaited us with fine playing cards that were indeed specially imported from China. The interior is lovingly designed and as soon as the door closed behind us, we were instantly transported to Macau. And then the searching, combining and puzzle-solving began.

The Escape Room Game Jackpot has everything you’ve always wanted to try out yourself if you love films like James Bond and Indiana Jones: finding hidden secret buttons and compartments, using mysterious clues to trigger tricky mechanisms to spring open hidden doors and, of course, combining and solving puzzles and tasks under time pressure.

Because in the agent’s headquarters they kept us informed about how fast the Illuminati were approaching the casino. And as a grand finale, you have to track down and get hold of an incredibly important object.

Jackpot consists of several rooms that only open up gradually in the course of the game. The elaborate décor ensured that we were able to fully engage with the game and really had the feeling that we had embarked on a short journey to China.

As usual in Live Escape Games, there were a lot of puzzles and tasks that we had to solve in order to finally get our hands on the supercomputer’s secret plans and escape! To assist us, we had a pad and pen for notes and a small electronic control panel through which the mission leader could send us hints from time to time if we got stuck.

Evaluation and Conclusion

In Escape Room Jackpot at Illuminati Escape, we ended up in a casino in Macau.

With our combined forces, we defeated the Illuminati!

We really enjoyed the Escape Room Jackpot! First of all, we think it’s a great idea of Illuminati Escape to link their Escape Rooms through an overarching overall story and we’re already looking forward to the 2 stations we haven’t been able to play yet.

The atmospheric decoration and furnishing of the Illuminati casino in Macau is super successful in the Jackpot mission. Obviously, no expense or effort was spared here. And this is also noticeable when playing, because in a sophisticated agent adventure, secret hiding places, well thought-out details and challenging codes and puzzles to crack are what make it so appealing.

The puzzles and tasks were definitely designed with a lot of variety. Above all, some of them are designed in such a way that you have to work together in a team or at least in pairs, which for us is definitely part of a really successful Escape Game! There was no bomb to defuse, but the Illuminati were breathing down our necks the whole time and the tension increased with the puzzles. Especially towards the end of the game, there is a very cool task related to the safe. That’s all that’s given away!

My only criticism is that sometimes there are items or information that you don’t actually need and which tend to confuse you, which is why you then have to rely more on the game master’s clues.

What’s really great about Illuminati Escape, however, is that you don’t get kicked out after exactly 60 minutes and promptly lose if you haven’t made it by then. The Illuminati Escape staff guide each team individually through the adventure and make sure that you enjoy it to the full and master all the stages. In this way, the provider does its utmost to ensure that every player gets their money’s worth, and for this we give it a clear thumbs-up!


One of 3 Escape Game missions that are connected with an overall story. Jackpot is a challenging Escape Game that will delight even experienced Escape Gamers with its original puzzles, codes and surprises as well as the great décor. Highly recommended – one of the best Escape Games in the capital!

Jackpot at Illuminati Escape – Facts

  • Website:
  • Adresse: ILLUMINATI ESCAPE, Abbestr. 17, 10587 Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  • Phone: 030 54810527
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 6
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Price: € 21.50 – 34.00 per person (depending on group size)

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