Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin - The hunt for the cube-shaped quantum computer

15. April 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin: Fight the Illuminati!




Thrills in the Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin: how we successfully thwarted the Illuminati’s plans and saved the freedom of the Internet!

Imagine the Illuminati are about to seize power over the internet. World domination is within their grasp! For the Maker of Possibility is in the Illuminati’s possession somewhere in Omsk: it is the most powerful computer in the world and the only quantum computer! The mission: trick the Illuminati and steal the quantum computer! And it’s anything but easy – with the Illuminati and time on your tail and challenging puzzles, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

At the Berlin Escape Game provider Illuminati Escape, you become a team of agents right from the start and are sent on a mission. The special thing about the Illuminati Escape concept is that all the missions and rooms are interrelated and linked by a story. The two previous missions are completely different and take you on completely different adventures with puzzles, tasks and challenges that fit the story. We were allowed to test the Escape Game for free.

You can read here how we successfully rescued the plans for a supercomputer from a casino in Macau, where they had fallen into the clutches of the Illuminati.

Unfortunately, the power-hungry secret society had also stolen the prototype quantum computer developed by NASA, and its computing power alone would be enough to finally allow the Illuminati to achieve their goal of world domination.

Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin - one of four adventures at Illuminati Escape

The authors shortly before their secret mission

No question that we felt called to prevent this in any case!

Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin – The Story

Our sources were at least able to find out where the Illuminati’s hacker squad was: in Russia, of course (where else are diabolical hacker gangs based?), the Siberian metropolis of Omsk to be precise.

In the Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin we had to solve some logical puzzles

Where did the Illuminati leave their traces?

One thing was clear to us: a high-tech laboratory was needed to run the hypermodern quantum computer, but there was no such thing anywhere in Omsk. That is: not officially…

Fortunately, an informant gave us the tip to take a look around an inconspicuous and rather dusty-looking old computer shop in a side alley. And who would have thought what we discovered there!
Between discarded electronic scrap and junk goods from the Soviet era, we found hidden clues and uncovered the hidden access to the Illuminati’s secret laboratory!

Race Against Time

The Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin is about the Illuminati trying to hack the entire internet

The world is not enough…

The Illuminati hacker gang had indeed fled when they smelled the coming of four secret agents as dangerous as us. But unfortunately, before that, they had programmed the quantum computer to carry out constant hacking attacks – for another 60 minutes!

Hack attack on what? The entire internet! The Illuminati don’t do it below that. Their diabolical plan: to get their hands on everyone’s dirty secrets and then use them to blackmail and control them.

With fear sweating on our foreheads, it flashed through our minds what they could find out about us. We had to prevent that at all costs!

In the Escape Room Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin, it is also about working as a team to stop the hacker attacks again and again. At the same time, the agents have to feverishly find hidden clues and objects and solve tasks under time pressure. And for the ingenious puzzles of the Illuminati, brains are needed!

At the last moment, we managed to stop the programmed hack once and for all and secure the cubic prototype of the quantum computer. A victory for the free world and the preservation of net anonymity!

Our Conclusion

The Escape Roome Cyber Attack at Illuminati Berlin transported us to Omsk, Russia

We were also able to master the Escape Room Cyber Attack

In Illuminati Escape, we went on two missions as agents – one directly after the other. After all, the stories are connected and time flies when playing Escape Games. After Jackpot, our bar was high and we feared that similar puzzles and tasks awaited us in Cyber Attack. Wrong! The story keeps both missions together, but the Escape Games are completely independent missions, which differ completely in the type of tasks and puzzles and the rooms. And Cyber Attack is in no way inferior to Jackpot in terms of ambition, fun factor and design of the rooms.

The puzzles in the Cyber Attack Escape Room definitely require a bit more logical thinking, but you don’t have to be a computer scientist to find the solution. Dexterity also helps, because some of the Illuminati’s tasks don’t just depend on thinking power. Where Jackpot has a James Bond atmosphere with its great secret hiding places and locks to pick, Cyber Attack has great technical gadgets, flashing buttons and levers and a Lost-like big red button that has to be pressed again and again.

We really liked the fact that this mission had a lot of action elements and kept all four of us constantly on our toes. On more than one task, we also all had to work together in a coordinated way, which strengthened the team feeling. For us, team tasks that challenge us but don’t overtax us are part and parcel of a really good Escape Game. And let me tell you this: the team tasks at Cyber Attack are really something special, especially because of the technical gadgets.

In comparison, I would personally recommend the “Jackpot” mission first to Escape Game newcomers, which is in a way the more classic Escape Game. “Cyber Attack” is just as much fun, but I found it more difficult and it’s not just computer nerds who will enjoy it anyway! ?

In any case, we are already looking forward to the two Escape Rooms still in the making at Illuminati Escape.

Cyber Attack at Illuminati Escape – Facts

  • Website:
  • Adress: ILLUMINATI ESCAPE, Abbestr. 17, 10587 Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  • Phone: 030 54810527
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 10
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Price: € 21,50 – 34,00 per person (depending on group size)

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