In the Escape Room Liquor Store at Escape Berlin, you can have a lot of fun playing the Escape Game.

6. January 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Party Escape Room Liquor Store – Break-in in a Berlin Exit Room Full of Booze


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We went to Escape Berlin for the second time and this time we tried out the wacky Party Escape Room Liquor store!

Escape Games are definitely one of the coolest adventures you can do with friends! If you’ve never been to an escape room, it’s high time you did. Get a team of friends together and enter another world where excitement, puzzles and fun tasks await you!

There are many different types of Escape Games, from prison escapes to journeys into another time lovingly decorated with historical props. In the case of the Escape Game Schnapsladen at Escape Berlin that we tested, there was also a lot of alcohol waiting for us…

For the second time, we were allowed to test a scenario for free at Escape Berlin. Our first adventure there was in the Sherlock Holmes Escape Room.

But now read for yourself how we fared: whether we managed to steal the secret recipe of the notorious cocktail “Berlin Schnaps” and how many of us could still stand up straight afterwards… 😀

Escape Room Liquor Store – The Party Escape Game at Escape Berlin

The Escape Room Liquor Store by the live Escape Game provider Escape Berlin is ideal for party events like bachelor parties.

Huge glass containers in the Escape Room Liquor store

  • Game time: 1 hour
  • Number of participants: 2 to 9
  • Difficulty level: Medium to difficult

Escape Berlin’s Escape Rooms offer a wide variety of scenarios, from nostalgic detective stories about Sherlock Holmes to superheroes to horror games that get your adrenaline pumping. This time, however, we chose theEscape Room liquor store, an Escape Game where something completely different shoots quickly into the blood: alcohol…

This means, of course, that this game is only for adults! People under 18 may theoretically participate as team members, but logically they are not allowed to drink, which is part and parcel of the Escape Room Schnapsladen. Therefore our advice: book this game only with adults. And of course drink responsibly!

But if you follow these rules, you will get your money’s worth and have a lot of fun! The team size for this Escape Game is set at 2 to a maximum of 9 people – there were seven of us and what can I say? We were certainly not underchallenged 😉

The Mission

You are a gang of professional burglars, at least on the level of the Panzerknacker or the Dalton brothers! You’re also not averse to a good drink at the right time, so it’s just perfect that your next burglary is aimed at something that’s doubly valuable to you: the legendary secret recipe of Berlin’s most popular drink, the “Berliner Tropfen”.

The recipe is kept in the most famous liquor shop in town under the highest security measures. Can you disarm the alarm system, solve tricky puzzles and discover the recipe? And how much of the liquor shop’s stock will you destroy on your way to the finish?

The Escape Room Liquor Store

For the Escape Room liquor store in the Escape room Escape Berlin, you should have brains, as well as a trained liver.

Vodka dispenser in the Escape Room liquor store

In terms of furnishings, the Escape Room Schnapslden doesn’t knock your socks off in comparison to others. But the furnishings are quite appropriate for the story, for example, there is a whole shelf full of huge glass bottles with colourful liquids. But the ones in the first room are not meant for drinking yet! To get to the first shot, you first have to disarm the alarm system in room 1, which turned out to be more tricky than expected.

It’s pretty nasty – every time you set off the alarm, the time runs out twice as fast. Finally, with a little help from the game master, we succeeded and were able to enter the second room. Speaking of which: in all Escape Games at Escape Berlin, a Game Master watches the team and it is also possible to ask for tips when you get stuck on your own. We admit it: we called on his help more than once. From our point of view, the puzzles are anything but easy, but then the Escape Room wouldn’t be a challenge, would it?

In the second room, the first alcohol was waiting for us, but still the cheap kind, as the game master had warned us in advance during the short briefing! From 3 large glass containers with taps, we could alternate between vodka, rum or water in order to solve the next puzzles. We are not allowed to spoil anything – but we can tell you that various skills and senses are required: mathematical and musical, but also the right toast and celebration have to be learned 😉

Finally, with combined forces and further help “from above”, we managed to break through into the third room of the liquor shop, where the good alcohol is also hiding! Psst, from now on I can’t reveal anything more. Except for the following: this is where the party really got started!!!!

Winning photo at the Escape Room liquor shop

We did it!


The Escape Room Liquor Store at Escape Berlin was fun and reliably put us in a celebratory mood. Compared to other Escape Games, however, the puzzles here are less sophisticated, which is clear, because as we know, as the level rises, one is no longer capable of great intellectual feats. The bottom line is that this Escape Room is ideally suited as an initial spark for bachelor parties, small company celebrations and all occasions where party fun is in the foreground!

Escape Room Liquor Store at Escape Berlin – The Key Data

  • Website:
  • Adress: Escape Berlin VR GmbH, Storkower Str. 140, 10407 Berlin
  • Booking: online with fixed times
  • Number of players: 2 – 9
  • Minimum age: Minors are allowed to participate, but not to drink, otherwise the game will be cancelled.
  • Duration of the game: 60 min.
  • Price per player depending on number of players: € 29.00 – 55.00

Have a look at our other reports on Berlin Escape Rooms. We also have lots of tips on activities with friends, as a couple or with children. 🙂

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