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27. July 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Underground Lasergame Berlin – Lasertag in a Real Bunker


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The largest underground lasertag area in Germany is the Underground Lasergame Berlin in a real bunker. This aroused our curiosity and we tested it at the Battle Royal.

Where is the right entrance? we ask ourselves and look around a bit puzzled. We are standing in front of the Europahaus, which, according to the doorbell signs, houses the headquarters of a ministry and a contact point of the Robert Koch Institute, among other things. And there’s also supposed to be a laser tag arena here???

Then the scales fall from our eyes: directly in front of us is a construction site on the pavement. Or at least it looks like one: Barrier fences and orange and white pylons border the few square metres. But on the outside of the fence, the sign says: “Underground Lasergame – Admission by appointment only”. And now we see that behind two pylons a staircase leads down into the depths!

Of course! This time the whole thing takes place in a real bunker! While we are waiting for someone to pick us up, the group we are going to play with slowly arrives: a female volleyball team with a male coach. Then the Undergound Lasergame employee comes up from the depths and invites us down. Let’s go to the battle royal!

Note: Two of us were allowed to participate in the “Battle Royal” game package free of charge. However, this experience report is not paid and reflects our independent opinion.

The “Sector 9” Arena by Underground Lasergame Berlin

Underground Lasergame Berlin - Eerie Bunker Corridor

Pretty spooky in the bunker…

This was our third time playing lasergame and with every provider it is a completely different experience again. What distinguishes the Underground Lasergame is first of all the special location, which alone is worth seeing: a real bunker!

Compared to the two laser tag arenas we had played in so far, this meant above all: less freedom of movement, narrower corridors and a more realistic feeling. Due to the location alone, the strategy of hiding for a longer time and shooting from an ambush made more sense here than running around, especially since you were quickly hit without cover and had few possibilities to dodge.

There are always barrels stacked in the corridors and rooms of the bunker, marked with glow-in-the-dark paint with the sign for radioactivity. All in all, the atmosphere of Underground Lasergame Berlin feels a bit like Resident Evil or other first-person shooters. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if a few zombies were staggering around the corner and the zombie apocalypse had broken out above ground while you were protected in the bunker…

The Equipment

The weapons and helmets also look more realistic at Underground Lasergame Berlin than at the other providers we have already tested. The gun looks like a real gun and is also made of metal. By the way, it doesn’t really work with a laser but with an infrared beam, similar to a remote control.

Since it’s easy to get in each other’s way in the narrow corridors, you have to hold it down for safety, especially in the faster games, when you’re not shooting, to avoid the risk of accidentally hitting someone with it.

Here you don’t get a waistcoat or a headband with sensors, but a helmet that is connected to your weapon and which also marks the area where you can be hit.

The Games in the Battle Royal

As usual, the first round was a “Last Man Standing” match, all against all, to get used to the game and familiarise ourselves with it. After 15 shots you have to reload your magazine, but you have unlimited ammunition in this round. However, you only have a limited number of life points (10), so you may not be hit more than 10 times.

For the second round of “Team Deathmatch”, we were divided into 3 teams whose members were marked with blue, red or green luminous bands around their upper arms. Each team had 15 life points and the team with the last remaining members won.

The third game was called “Monster Hunter” – a small group of zombies (I was one of them) fought against the humans. If we zombies managed to hit a human often enough, he also became a zombie. If, on the other hand, a zombie was hit too often, he died. In a relatively short time, the zombies won and turned everyone else into zombies.

For the fourth round of “Dominion”, we split up again into the teams from before and now had the task of conquering and defending a base. This base consisted of an electronic box that you could unlock for your own team by shooting at it. It then lit up in the team’s colour until another team managed to capture the base. If you “died” in battle, you could always revive yourself in this game.

In the fifth and final game of the Battle Royal package, “High Scoring”, you couldn’t die at all, but you could collect plus and minus points. Again divided into teams, the aim was to hit the opponents as often as possible, to be hit as little as possible yourself and, above all, to avoid “friendly fire”, i.e. accidental shots at your own team, as these meant a whopping 10 minus points.

Our Experience and Conclusion

Underground Lasergame in Berlin - The best strategy is to hide

Better to hide than run around

The location of Underground Lasergame Berlin in a real bunker is definitely something special, which distinguishes the provider from most other laser tag arenas. The atmosphere created by this setting and by the weapons and helmets is altogether more martial and gloomy here. If you are a fan of first-person shooters and survival games like Resident Evil, you will love this! However, it is quite justified that tagging at Underground Lasergame is only from 16, in the provider’s outdoor arena at another location, by the way, only from 18.

Due to the conditions of the bunker, we also had to adjust our laser tag experiences made elsewhere. While there our tactical rule of thumb was to stay on the move and run, here at Underground Lasergame this could quickly prove fatal. Hiding longer and then attacking from ambush was often the better strategy here.

Of the various games, we liked “Dominion” and the “Zombie” variant the best, as they brought the most dynamics into play in a Battle Royale.

I had the impression that tagging at Underground Lasergame Berlin was more challenging in terms of skill and that the competitive aspect was even more central than in my previous experiences at other providers. For example, there were 2 games here where you were eliminated and had to leave the arena if you were hit too many times.

Since I’m generally not Rick Grimes in such games, I was missing a little sense of achievement. For me personally, the sporting and challenging aspect was too much in the foreground here before the pure fun. As with the atmosphere or the feeling, this is of course a matter of taste and possibly exactly what other players are looking for.


Underground Lasergame offers a more competition-oriented version of lasertag in a unique bunker atmosphere reminiscent of computer games and, unlike other providers, is aimed primarily at an adult audience (16 and over).

Underground Lasergame – The Key Data

  • Website: www.underground-lasergame.de/
  • Address: Underground Lasergame (Location 1: Bunker Sector 9), Stresemannstraße 92, 10963 Berlin
  • Contact: Phone: 030 2300 3195 (Mon – Sun, 10am – 8pm) // Email: [email protected]
  • Minimum age: 15 years
  • Duration: 30 – 120 min. (depending on the game chosen)
  • Prices: € 9.99 -29.00 per person (depending on the game chosen). The package we tested, Battle Royal (5 games / 120 min.), regularly costs € 29 per person.

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