Escape Room Leonardo Da Vinci's Cabinet - 60 minutes of puzzles and fun.

22. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

Escape Room Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet – Puzzles From the Universal Genius


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For 60 minutes, the brain works at full speed in Escape Room Leonardo da Vinci’s Cabinet, the new Labyrintoom Escape Game in Berlin. We followed the clues of the genius and went in search of the Holy Grail!

When one of the greatest universal geniuses in human history becomes the subject of an Escape Game, expectations are high. At least for us. There is hardly a genius so famous for his ingenious inventions, his broad knowledge of science, anatomy, engineering, painting, architecture – and love of puzzles, mechanical inventions and tricky devices. What’s more, Leonardo lived in the Italian Renaissance (15th century), which suggested grandly furnished rooms.

So the four of us entered the Labyrintoom Escape Game Berlin on a gloomy, grey evening at Wartenbergstraße 35 to play our first Escape Game with this provider. We were allowed to test it for free. The Escape Room Leonardo da Vinci’s Cabinet is one of 3 Escape Room Games at Labyrintoom – we will definitely play The Cube and The Wizards Cabinet as well and report back!

The Espace Game Testers

At our last Escape Games, we found that we work best in a team of four. This time we were joined by a relative Escape Game newcomer who has only played two other Escape Games in Berlin – and Alex, myself and the third member are already quite experienced with about 10 Escape Games played so far.

Our team worked really well together, often teams of two teamed up to solve a puzzle while the other two tried to crack another mystery. And that was a good thing – because in Leonardo da Vinci’s Cabinet there are so many puzzles, mind games and hidden secrets – solving them all is really only possible as a team!

60 Historical Minutes in Escape Room Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet

At the Escape Game Berlin test, we also tested Leonardo da Vinci's Cabinet by Labyrintoom

Puzzling in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet by Escape Game Berlin provider Labyrintoom

As soon as the door closed behind us and time trickled through the hourglass, one of the missions that has driven mankind for centuries began for us: the search for the Holy Grail! The legendary Holy Grail was supposed to be hidden somewhere in Leonardo da Vinci’s cabinet – of course best hidden by secret doors and puzzles.

So we searched for clues to solve this great mystery. To do this, we had to solve codes, draw conclusions through logic and observation, and also get hands-on every now and then. We did a good job for a long time and hardly needed any help to make progress – the team is equipped with a walkie-talkie and gets tips from the game leader when time is running out or things get stuck for a while.

In the last challenges, however, we got distracted by a puzzle and wasted valuable time – that’s why we really needed all the time. According to the game leader, we had done a great job beforehand, (after that we were stuck on one task for quite a long time). 🙂

The Puzzles and Brainteasers of Escape Room Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet

Leonardo Da Vinci's Cabinet - the highlight at Labyrintoom

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet – Europe map

Do you have to be a genius to create this Escape Game? No. Most of the puzzles are easy to moderately difficult and can be solved in a team with concentrated logic and dexterity.

Since we are no longer Escape Game newbies, we automatically compare Labyrintoom’s Escape with our previous experiences. And there are a few pluses that stand out: in Leonardo da Vinci’s Cabinet, Labyrintoom has built in an above-average number of puzzles and tasks. What stands out: there are completely different puzzles, all of which are lovingly designed and fit like the Mona to the Lisa, so to speak.
As a Da Vinci connoisseur, you will often find yourself recognising a puzzle or an apparatus, and this is where you notice the love of detail. And fans of the Dan Brown books Sacrilege and Illuminati will also have one or two aha moments 😉

What also stood out: there were very few of the typical locks and compared to our previously tested Escape Games, the searching and finding objects was hardly the focus but actually it was all about combining and logic.

Equipment and Atmosphere in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet

Our expectations of the décor and design of the Escape Game rooms were mega high. We started in a tube-like room around dim light from the wall candles, which was furnished with astronomical models and paintings. If you solved the puzzles and cracked a hidden code or two, the genius equipped his rooms in such a way that a new puzzle opened up as if by magic, a mechanism was triggered or the like.

And as with most Escape Games, the tubular first room in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet in Berlin is by no means the end of the story. In the course of the game, the team penetrates deeper and deeper into Leonardo’s universe with voiced and atmospherically decorated rooms.

What applies to the puzzles applies just as much to the design of the rooms of the Escape Game: they were very imaginatively adapted to the theme of Leonardo da Vinci. As soon as the door closed behind us, we were literally immersed in Leonardo’s world. This much we can reveal: some tasks trigger impressive mechanisms that do credit to da Vinci.

Our Conclusion

Leonardo da Vinci's Cabinet is an Escape Game in Berlin from the provider Labyrintoom

The 3 Escape Game testers – this time without the photographer

We experienced 60 minutes filled with versatile logic puzzles in detailed, impressive rooms that took us back to the time of the Renaissance for an hour and created the atmosphere of a Dan Brown thriller.

We were amazed by the amount of puzzles that had to be solved until we had solved the mystery of the Holy Grail – the charm of an Escape Game lies in the fact that you never know how far you have progressed with solving the big puzzle. Since we made good progress for quite a long time and solved the tasks quickly, time was really on our backs only at the end. Once you’re stuck, time suddenly slips away twice as fast!
There were noticeably few classic locks to pick and the searching and finding objects gave way to logic puzzles. We rated the puzzles as easy to moderately difficult – but for some of them we had to think carefully as a team and find solutions together.

Summary of the Escape Game Berlin Provider Labyrintoom

Leonardo da Vinci’s Cabinet was the first Escape Room of the Escape Game provider Labyrintoom, which has existed since 2016, that we tested. There are a total of 3 Escape Games there: The Wizard’s Cabinet and The Cube will definitely be tested.

We can recommend Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet to all Escape Game newcomers and friends of puzzles. It offers a lot in 60 minutes and the provider has designed the Escape Game very lovingly.

Labyrintoom Escape Game Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet – Facts

  • Website: (available in English!)
  • Adress: Labyrintoom Escape Game Berlin, Wartenbergstr. 35/36, 10365 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Mondays- Sundays, 10am – 1am.
  • Phone: 0152 06480532 or 030 97862954
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 6
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Price: € 17.00- 33.00 per person (depending on group size

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