Jungfernheide High Ropes Course - A wonderful climbing park

15. July 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Jungfernheide High Ropes Course Berlin – What Adventure to Expect


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The Jungfernheide high ropes course is one of the most popular outdoor climbing parks in the capital. We ventured high into the treetops and tested our climbing skills and courage!

We had recently had our first experience of a climbing park at the Indoor climbing park BergWerk and were keen to find out what it felt like to climb outdoors in nature. After friends had recommended the Jungfernheide high ropes course to us several times, we wanted to see for ourselves whether this outdoor climbing park would also convince us and live up to its good reputation.

Can we recommend the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course?

What awaits families, adult beginners and climbing experts at the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course?

Full of anticipation, we plunged into adventure on a balmy summer day and explored the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course. Read below what we experienced and how worthwhile a visit to the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course is!

Note on transparency: As experience testers, we were kindly allowed to climb for free at the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course. However, this experience report is unpaid and reflects our honest opinion.

The Experience Testers

We tested the Jungfernheide high ropes course

The 3 adventurers at the Jungfernheide high ropes course

Again there were three of us, our core team of adventure testers, so to speak. While Johannes is athletically fit and had only recently been climbing elsewhere, Anika and I brought less fitness and experience with us, but that didn’t detract from the fun.

What we noticed clearly more than once was that people with long arms and legs have a clear advantage when climbing in the climbing park and have to use less strength for the same climbing routes. As with our first climbing experience, however, the best thing here was the team experience. You cheer each other on, encourage each other or try to give tips and help.

In the company of friends or people you know well and trust, you definitely gather courage faster, jump over your shadow – literally and figuratively – and have a great sense of achievement.

The Jungfernheide High Ropes Course

Jungfernheide high ropes course for beginners

We first started with a course for beginners

Not far from Tegel Airport, in the west of Berlin, lies the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course with 150 hectares of forest! This makes the high ropes course the second largest park in the capital, only the Tiergarten is bigger. But you can’t climb there.

Here in Jungfernheide you can, on 13 different climbing courses, 3 especially for children and 10 for adults. For children up to a certain height, there are also other climbing harnesses and with these you may only climb on the 3 children’s courses. Exactly the opposite is also true for adults with their climbing harnesses.

At the beginning, there is a briefing on how to put on the climbing harness, how to secure yourself correctly and what rules of conduct are to be observed in the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course. And then you’re ready to go!

The Different Paths in the Jungfernheide Forest High Ropes Course

Jungfernheide High Ropes Course - The Blue Course

Climbing is often not as easy as it first looks

The courses for adults are colour-coded according to difficulty, from green to blue to red to black. The most difficult course is Black Plus and is appropriately marked on the map of the high ropes course with a skull with crossed bones. According to a very nice member of staff at the climbing garden, only about 5 to 10 people manage this path per year without falling!

It should be emphasised, however, that falling here only means that you are then hanging in your climbing harness. The Jungfernheide forest high ropes course has been in existence for 8 years and has so far been accident-free. Thanks to the “Smarties” belaying technique, you are always secured with at least one hook, but usually with two hooks on a steel rope.

Our Course Selection

Jungfernheide High Ropes Course with different courses

The tasks of the courses are very diverse and different

To get used to the course, we started with a green course at beginner level, then progressed to a blue one and finally we dared to do a red one, which made us sweat. Only Johannes dared to try a black course. Maybe the rest of us will do it next time ? ? The red and black courses

The red and black courses are not only harder to climb, but also higher above the ground. And the view 15 m down is psychologically quite different from “only” 7 m, so it’s easier to get shaky knees, even if you know in the back of your mind that you are well secured.

Hanging Bridges, Ropes, Swinging Wooden Boards and Rope Slides

There are lots of great rope slides at the Jungfernheide high ropes course

The rope slides bring mega fun!

On the climbing courses, you first climb up onto a tree platform and then always from tree to tree via a station, with only one person climbing the station at a time and the others waiting. As only a maximum of 3 people are allowed per platform, our group of 3 was the ideal size.

While on the easier courses you still cross suspension bridges where you can hold on, on others the exercises become much more difficult. From swinging wooden stakes with small steps attached to the sides, to rope loops, swings and imaginative obstacles.
As a kind of reward, there is a rope slide at the end of the course, where all you have to do is squat down, let yourself glide down and sail over the abyss.

Summary of the Jungfernheide High Ropes Course

We really enjoyed the experience at the Jungfernheide high ropes course

Almost as if you were climbing a staircase straight up into the sky: stage of the black course

Climbing high up in the treetops and mastering new challenges with each stage on varied climbing stations that blend wonderfully into nature and have nothing artificial about them. The Jungfernheide forest high ropes course has managed to preserve the tranquil atmosphere of the forest and the experience of nature in its climbing park, even though you are actually pursuing a man-made leisure activity. Those who venture onto the black course can expect stations that would make Tarzan shine: including a rope on which you swing into a taut net as if on a liana.

From the child, despondent beginner to the daredevil and true climbing pro, the forest high ropes course offers different courses with varied challenges for everyone. The ultra-difficult black pirate climbing course is something like the ultimate jungle test – we just watched from below as a young Tarzan climbed there, again and again and again…. The sense of achievement of completing this course is probably a real highlight of the year, even for a professional. By the way, from the black courses onwards, a park ranger always watches you and gives you tips – including where you can take shortcuts and descend if you don’t have enough strength or if your heart flutters – so advanced climbers can make progress and we too will dare to tackle more difficult courses next time with fresh strength.

Our high expectations of the high ropes course were fully met and it will certainly not have been our last visit there. We particularly liked how extensive the entire Jungfernheide forest high ropes course is and how beautifully the climbing structures blend into nature. This is also because only suitable types of wood were used, as Adam, a very nice employee of the climbing park, told us, who also gave us some good tips.

In general, the trainers at the high ropes course are very friendly and helpful and there is always someone around if you need help. In this respect, we always felt safe and well looked after.

Suspension bridge at Jungfernheide high ropes course

Even suspension bridges can be tricky

Especially for climbing novices, I would definitely recommend to increase slowly. We have noticed that children and young people tend to overestimate themselves. Especially in classes there is a lot of competition and everyone wants to show how much they can do.  So it’s better to start simple and then move on to the next challenge.

What we also noticed was that we had a hard time with different exercises. While I had the hardest time with the balancing acts because my sense of balance is obviously not that good, my long legs and arms were a great advantage for other exercises, where Anika had a much harder time.
We all enjoyed this experience and especially the rope slides are just pure fun! But what I personally liked most was the sense of achievement when you had to overcome something during an exercise and then managed to do it. The grin and the great feeling of having achieved something under your own steam is something you take home with you.

Jungfernheide High Rope Course – Facts

Rope slings at Jungfernheide high ropes course

You shouldn’t get dizzy looking down

  • Website: https://www.waldhochseilgarten-jungfernheide.de/
  • Address: Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide, Heckerdamm 260, 13627 Berlin // Access via park entrance Heckerdamm/corner Heilmannring
  • Contact: Tel: 030 34 09 48- 18 // Fax: 030 34 09 48- 19 // Em-ail: [email protected]
  • Opening hours: March – October, varies according to season, usually between 11:00 and 19:00. For exact opening times, see here
  • Rental period for climbing harnesses: 3 hours
  • Requirements: At least 6 years old // Children’s course: grip height: 1.45 m – 1.89 m // Adult course: grip height at least 1.90 m // Maximum weight: 120 kg // No pre-existing musculoskeletal disorders, spinal disorders, cardiovascular disease or epilepsy, no pregnant women
  • Prices 6-14-year-olds: Mon-Fri: 13 € // Sat, Sun, public holiday: 16 €
  • Reduced prices (young people, students, trainees, pensioners): Mon-Fri 16 € // Sat, Sun, public holiday: 19 €
  • Prices adults: Mon-Fri: 19 € // Sat, Sun, public holiday: 22 €

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