Creative DIY welcome baby girl card with Breastfeeding Tea Sticked Inside the Card as a Surprise

23. April 2022 - Anika Semmer

DIY Welcome Baby Girl Card With Cute Surprise for Mom | Tutorial




Creative and lovingly homemade: is there a better occasion than birth to reach for the scissors? This is how to make a cute DIY welcome baby girl card that will make the new mum smile when she opens it. Inside she finds a little surprise for the breastfeeding period. 

Fancy baby names but boring designs? There are plenty of baby cards to buy, but sometimes you just don’t come across anything that inspires you. You want to show your joy with a personal, beautiful card (and a nice little gift) when a little miracle is born to your friends and family. This DIY welcome baby girl card includes a small gift for the mummy when you open it. It contains a self-sewn heart tea bag with breastfeeding tea. You can also find the instructions for this on Abenteuer Freundschaft, I’ve linked it to you on the material list including a matching heart envelope in which the tea bag is placed so that it doesn’t smell out!

Ever since I became a mum myself, I’ve known how happy I am about a homemade DIY welcome baby card and all the little gifts and surprises that arrive at the house. The more personal, the nicer. Especially because I’m like everyone else: making something personal with time is easy to say but hard to do, because time is often so damn tight. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find several craft ideas for your wish card, which sometimes take more and sometimes less time to make. You can make them all step by step with the instructions, material list and templates to download for motifs and design them according to your ideas.

More Ideas for DIY Welcome Baby Cards

Find more DIY birth card inspiration here: from a baby card for a girl, birth greeting card with baby name garland and a creative baby elephant themed congratulations card a cute baby card with animal letters and more.

With us, all of the happy birthday cards have gone into a personalised treasure chest for eternity, along with fond memories from the first year of life. If you are still looking for a personal gift, you can find such a memory treasure box for example at amazon with name engraving and date of birth as a beautiful personalised gift for birth.

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How to Make a Creative DIY Welcome Baby Girl Card With a Surprise Inside

This DIY welcome baby girl card has a breastfeeding surprise tucked inside

Motif stamp sets and paper sets are worthwhile for versatile use

Motif stamp sets and paper sets are worth using in a variety of ways. Breastfeeding time is a very special time for mummy and baby. It’s just an incredible feeling that as a mother you have everything your baby needs to grow healthy and loved. Since I like to design the inside of my cards as well, I had the idea to use the left side of the card for a small gift for the mummy. There I hid a heart tea bag with breastfeeding tea in a self-made heart envelope as a little surprise. Most of the time you need to make this card is spent on the inside. The outside is quickly made!

Important: The instructions for the Heart envelope and the Heart tea bag can be found on the material list!

For mums, the birth marks the beginning of an especially exciting time.

Duration: 2 hours (with breastfeeding tea)

Material List*

How to Make the Front of the DIY Welcome Baby Girl Card

Tutorial for a DIY welcome baby girl card with the baby's name in wooden letters and baby motifs

With the appropriate choice of colours, the DIY birth card will suit both boys and girls

  1. Paint three balloons and a circle with a diameter of 2cm, label it with your congratulations (e.g. All the best for the baby) in handlettering and cut it all out. Colour the balloons.
  2. Lay out the baby’s name in wooden letters and use the permanent marker to draw a suitably sized ribbon with prongs, hatch it all around and cut it out.
  3. Make a 6 x 9.5 cm rectangle on the light purple card and an 8 x 9.5 cm rectangle on the motif card (pink with golden triangles in my case) and cut them both out.
  4. Glue the larger motif card rectangle onto the top half of the card and the light purple one onto the bottom, leaving 0.5 cm of white border all around.
  5. Use the hot glue gun to glue the satin ribbon over the edges of the paper to laminate them.
  6. Stamp the large ornament onto the purple thicker clay card, allow the stamping ink to dry briefly and cut out the ornament with semi-circular arcs along the design (see picture).
  7. Stamp the baby in the cradle on the rest of the white paper on which you printed the template, colour in the motif and cut it out. Leave a white margin of about 0.5 cm all around.
  8. Now stick the jagged ribbon diagonally on the bottom third of the card and the purple ornament with the circle and congratulatory lettering on top in the centre of the card.
  9. For the front of the DIY birth card, you now only need to stick the cradle on the bottom right, the three balloons on the top right and the baby’s name in wooden letters on the ribbon.
  10. Finally, carefully stamp the three dummies around the name ribbon.

How to Create the Inside With Breastfeeding Tea

Design the baby card inside with a sweet surprise for the new mum

Surprise when you open the card – inside the envelope is the tea bag with breastfeeding tea

  1. You can make the heart envelope yourself or if you want it to be quicker, just use a bought one. You can find the link to the instructions for making your own envelope on the material list!
  2. You can also find the instructions for the heart tea bag with tag linked on the material list. Alternatively, you can use a breastfeeding tea bag.
  3. Glue the envelope in the centre of the left side of the card, stow the heart tea bag with breastfeeding tea inside and peek out the pretty homemade tag.
  4. Stamp baby bottles on the two halves of the heart used to seal the little envelopes and decorate the card with more cute baby motifs from the stamp set. I stamped a pram in the middle and four dummies around my text. Finally, you just have to colour in the motifs.

Have fun making your own DIY welcome baby girl card!

Discover even more crafting ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft! We love are quick DIYs with instructions, material lists, templates and lots of tips so you can get started right away.  And when you’re not crafting, you’ll find lots of inspiration for fun leisure activities with kids, friends and your partner!

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