How to make a heart Envelope with free template

25. January 2019 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Heart Envelope for Vouchers, Money and Cards | Tutorial




This tutorial shows you how to make a heart envelope in 20 minutes. With the templates, which you can download for free, everyone can create beautiful packaging for vouchers, money gifts and cards. This is how it works.

For some gifts, the envelope is the only packaging. Nevertheless, the gift should look good – especially if you want to give away money for a wedding or wrap a voucher beautifully. The motif that is super suitable for birthdays, weddings and romantic gifts is the heart. It is the symbol for love and its simple shape makes it super easy to make.

In this tutorial you will find free templates for the envelope and the lining, which you simply need to print out. Two halves of the heart on the back of the envelope are used to seal it. The templates are sized so that you can print them out on A4 paper. A heart envelope measures approximately 9.5 cm x 10 cm. So you can fit a few banknotes in it and you can easily adjust the size of your self-designed vouchers. Bought cards often have a different format – so you have to enlarge the templates accordingly!

All the materials I used to make the heart envelope are on the following materials list.

What You Need to Make the Heart Envelope*

How to Make a Heart Envelope

This is how to make a heart envelope that's just the right size for cash gifts or vouchers.

Craft a heart envelope with fibre silk lining

Time: about 20 minutes.

1. Cut and Craft the Heart Envelope

Print out the template (see materials list) on the paper of your choice. I recommend not using ordinary copy paper, but thicker paper (at least 160 g/m²), as this will make the envelope more stable and the hearts will not have unsightly creased edges. Stick the inner lines with the lining.

Use a pencil to mark the four corners where you want to glue the lining. Now place a triangle on the sides without the heart half and bend the protruding triangles upwards along the triangle.

Cut out the outline for the heart envelope and cut the left half of the heart at the bottom to the middle and the right half from the top to the middle.

Tip: You can also use the template as a stencil and make the envelope from a nice motif paper.

Making a heart envelope is all about precision

Glue the lining onto the heart envelope

Cut out the template for the lining from the envelope template and cut it out. It serves as a template because the fragile fibre silk is not suitable as printer paper.

Trace the template with a sharp pencil onto fibre paper in a contrasting colour and cut it out.

Tape the lining to the inside of the envelope for a perfect fit, with the small corners touching the edges of the envelope.

3. Fold and Decorate the Heart Envelope

To make this heart envelope, all you need are the templates

Red envelope: Pin the heart and press edges on the sides.

First fold the pre-folded triangles inwards. Now fold the two sides with the heart halves over them, interlock the two cut heart halves and press the two sides of the envelope with the heart halves down until the heart lies flat.

Mix acrylic paint with water and colour the wooden hearts from both sides. Stick a small heart on the side of the heart closure and another heart on the front of the envelope.

When it comes to how to make a heart envelope, you need to fold accurately

Two dark white envelopes – front and back

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