Make your own heart tea bag tutorial as a quick gift

29. January 2022 - Anika Semmer

DIY Heart Tea Bags – How to Make the Lovely Surprise | Tutorial




Hot cuddles, fiery passion, a cup full of happiness: this sweet tea bag is a quick little last minute gift. This is how to make DIY heart tea bags.

My mother liked to say: love is in the details. That’s exactly what I thought of when I stumbled across this cute idea online to give tea in a different way than a pretty tin. These DIY heart tea bags are a super cute idea as a quick gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary or wedding day or for a birthday. They are super easy to make as a quick (last minute) gift.

The DIY heart tea bags are perfect on a breakfast tray for breakfast in bed for your mum, best friend or sweetheart! If you’re looking for even more ideas for this, you can find brilliant tips for a Mother’s Day breakfast or a romantic breakfast in bed here.

I last sent breastfeeding tea and her favourite tea as a heart tea bag to a dear friend who has become a mother, and wrapped it in a pretty little heart envelope.

Material List*

How to Make DIY Heart Tea Bags

To make a DIY heart tea bag you will need loose tea, a tea filter and needle and thread

You should put about 3g of loose tea into the DIY heart tea bags

With a little imagination and creativity, you can give the DIY heart tea bags a personal touch. Label your tea with a melodious name to match the tea blend, such as “Hot Love” or “Harmony”, and write a lovely saying, compliment or wish on the back of the label. Find inspiration for 365 reasons why I love you.

Step by Step Instructions

A nice little envelope works especially well as an envelope for the DIY heart tea bags

Off to the post office in a matching envelope

  1. Use a heart-shaped biscuit cutter as a template and circle it on the tea filter. You can also cut out a heart on paper and use it as a template, or freehand trace the heart.
  2. Cut out the heart and secure the two tea filter layers with a paper clip.
  3. Start at the top of the heart and sew the heart 3/4 of the way around to the right. Leave about 2-3 mm of edge overhanging.
  4. Fill with loose tea.
  5. Sew the heart completely closed and knot the end of the thread.
  6. Use the hole punch to punch a small hole in the top of the heart and thread the baker’s twine through it to keep the tea bag from falling into the cup and to attach it to the cup.

How to Make a Pendant for the DIY Heart Tea Bags

There's room for a personal message on the labels of the heart tea bags

You can get creative on the labels!

You can get creative on the labels!

  1. Punch a rosette out of dark red paper and glue a circle with a diameter of 2 cm onto it.
  2. Paste a heart sticker on it and, if you like, label it with a name for the tea to match the occasion.
  3. On the reverse side, write the brewing time of the tea and leave space for a personal wish, saying, a word or a small drawing. I have used a matching stamp motif for breastfeeding tea and fear tea for a new mum.

Have fun making them and of course giving them as gifts!

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