Newborn baby girl card made of pink and turquoise patterned design paper

17. July 2021 - Anika Semmer

New Baby Girl Card - Easy and Cute DIY Idea ?| Tutorial




Hello baby girl, how nice that you are here! To welcome a tender new earth citizen warmly in our beautiful world, it goes to the new baby girl card crafting. How you can easily make it yourself, you learn here.

There is offspring! For mom and dad it feels like a miracle, after all, the little person lifts their world off its hinges. When a baby is born in the family, friends or close acquaintances, it’s a great reason to get out the craft box again and make the Birth greeting card itself. If it goes for you to make a new girl baby card, you are exactly right here!

Since there is a real baby boom in my immediate environment at the latest since the 30 was exceeded, you can find on adventure friendship some instructions to tinker with cards for the birth, which you can also look at: for example, a birth greeting card with baby name pennant, a birth card with cute elephant and a creative birth greeting card with animal letters.

While a card for a birth is first and foremost a token of appreciation for the parents, the cards are often saved and kept in a keepsake box for the baby or pasted into the photo album. They are also a nice reminder for the child. So it’s doubly worth it to take a little time and stand out with a homemade card. Sure there are also super beautiful baby cards to buy and you do not always have time to tinker, but in 20-40 minutes can all my cards nachbasteln, provided you have everything you need there. That’s not much time to make a new baby girl card, right?

With a little planning, you can theoretically sit down months before the birth and start tinkering, because such a child is not born overnight. But admittedly, I usually also sit down at the last minute and get to tinkering … 😉 But what saves time in any case is to get the necessary craft materials that you do not have in stock in advance in the craft store or to order conveniently on the Internet. Everything you need for this baby card, you can find on the material list*.

How to Make a Cute New Baby Girl Card

Making a new baby girl card works out in 20 minutes if you have all the craft materials on hand.

You can also color the design stamps

There are a few inexpensive tools to quickly get nice prongs, borders, frames or rosettes done. If you don’t have them, just plan a little more time for crafting and work with scissors. What’s really worthwhile (especially when the baby boom in your circle of friends is looming) is to purchase a beautiful baby-themed stamp set. It’s a real time saver and the stamps from Paper Poetry for example which I love to use, make a lot and are versatile!

Duration: 20 minutes

Material List*

Create the Front of the New Baby Girl Card

With motif punches and stamps you can make a beautiful newborn baby girl card in a short time.

Punch, stamp, arrange, with the right tools it’s quick

  1. First cut from the pink clay paper with the zigzag scissors on the right and left about a 0.5 cm wide strip in one piece. Now measure a 5 cm wide and 15 cm long strip of the turquoise motif paper with the set square and cut it out. Punch out a rosette exactly from the center with the rosette punch.
  2. Punch out the baby feet from pink clay paper.
  3. Stamp the lettering “Baby Girl” and the baby on the insert sheet that goes with the card (I never use this and if I do I take the matching contrasting color, here it would be the pink clay paper). Cut out the baby and another circle 1.5 cm in diameter. The lettering Baby Girl you just cut out as a stamp with the zigzag scissors.
  4. Paint dots around the baby on the one circle and lines on the blank circle and stick in its center the pink baby feet.
  5. Now first glue the pink clay paper with the jagged edges on and flush left about 1 cm from the edge of the card the turquoise motif paper strip. In the punched rosette you glue the circle with the little feet and arrange right overlapping the turquoise rosette, the baby on the circle and the baby girl stamp and glue them on.
  6. Now you just have to stick the balloon sticker on the turquoise strip above the rosette and the heart below and connect both with the permanent marker with the one painted balloon string.
  7. Finally, glue the pennant chain made of the fabric gift ribbon in an arc on the top right corner of the card with hot glue.

Customize the Inside of the Card

Matching the front page, the inside of the newborn baby girl card is also designed

On the right is space for the congratulatory text, in the rosettes on the left for the signatures

  1. Glue the two cut zigzag strips each right and left as a border on the edge of the card.
  2. Punch out a pink rosette and a turquoise rosette and stroke the pink rosette once around. Glue two balloons on the left side of the card and paint the balloon strings. Now glue a rosette on each balloon string so that they overlap. Put the signature of a well-wisher in each rosette! So if there are more of you than two, just glue on several balloons and rosettes.
  3. Now you stick with the hot glue gun still a piece of pennant chain gift ribbon in the top center of the card.

Have fun crafting the new baby girl card!

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