How to make a birth card with elephant motif

9. May 2020 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Cute Birth Card With Elephant | Tutorial




Self-made is unique, just like the newborn miracle. This is how to make a cute birth card with elephant.

Animal babies are simply cute and fit wonderfully as a motif on a greeting card for the birth. For the birth of a little boy I drew a baby elephant – you can find the template for free download on the material list! He enters the stage of life and first trumpets: “Hello, here I am!”.

There are more and more happy parents in my circle of friends at the moment. A nice reason to rejoice and a great occasion to make a birth card with creativity, scissors and fun. I never make the same card, but always think about what the parents particularly like – and sometimes I just feel like a certain motif or craft material. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find instructions for making a birth greeting card with baby name pennant.

If you have all the materials at home, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to make. You can simply print out the baby elephant on as thick a paper as possible – or if you have a talent for drawing, you can take up the pencil yourself. ? Always looking for creative inspiration? Browse through our Craft ideas!

Material List*

How to Make a Birth Card With Elephant

Material for a DIY Birth card with elephant

Only at the end the single parts are glued together

Do you have as much motif paper at home as I do? I love making things with it! You can easily change the style of your birth card with your choice of paper.

I made this card in the days of Corona. Luckily, you can find everything your heart desires on amazon* even when the craft shops are closed for weeks.

1. Design Baby Elephants or Print Them Out 

The motif for the birth card with elephant is suitable for a baby boy or girl

Colour it in, cut it out – hello little baby elephant!

First draw your baby elephant in pencil and trace the lines with black permanent marker and erase the pencil lines. Then cut it out along the lines. My baby elephant is about 5 cm high and 3.5 cm wide. It should be no more than half the size of the card.

Alternatively, you can simply print out the baby elephant template in the materials list on paper as thick as possible.

2. Select Motif Paper and Cut to Size

Cut out the individual pieces first to glue them on.

To measure the length, simply place the paper strip on the card

I chose a motif paper sheet that had different patterns, one orange and one blue-grey. The paper strips on the right and left are 0.5 cm wide and 15 cm high, the strip at the bottom is 1.5 cm high and 10.5 cm wide. I stuck a border made of Washi Tape on it. The strip above the curtain is 1 cm high and 10.5 cm wide.

Then measure a 3.5 cm high and 10.5 cm wide piece of paper from a piece of motif paper in a contrasting colour (orange for me) and cut it out. Then cut bows into the paper as shown in the photo.

Now cut a 6 cm long and 2 cm wide rectangle out of kraft paper and cut out a prong about 1 cm deep on one side. Cut a “stamp” out of purple cardboard freehand or with pinking shears and stick it onto the kraft paper cut-out. I punched holes in the tag so that you can pull it out from under the baby elephant. I simply attached it to a piece of thread first and stuck it on with a glue dot under the baby elephant.

You should allow at least 20 minutes to make the birth card with elephant

You can also write the baby’s name on the curtain

Now use the glue stick or hot glue gun to stick the individual pieces of paper onto the card. You start with the stripes on the edge, then you put the stage floor with the Washi Tape border on the bottom and the curtain on the top of the card.

Glue the baby elephant onto the card at the very end to get it in the perfect position.

Finally, I just drew the notes that the elephant trumpets directly above the trunk and added the little hairs on the tail and head.

Have fun making the birth card with elephant! 🙂

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