Vampires are one of the most popular spooky characters for all ages - Learn the best tips for a vampire party for adults here.

16. October 2021 - Alexander Schmidt

Vampire Party for Adults – 6.66 Fang-Tastic Ideas




Wrapped in a night-black cape, you sip your deep red cocktail with relish. To the eerie sound of creaking doors and wolves howling in the distance, you throw yourself and your peers onto the dance floor in the castle of the dark prince. Welcome to a vampire party for adults!

What you need to know and how you can make sure the party has that special, well… bite, you can find out here 😉

Vampires are one of the (literally) immortal classics among the creepy creatures and monsters that have occupied mankind’s imagination and populated its horror stories for thousands of years. And just when they seem to have gone a bit out of fashion, suddenly a new film, a new series or a new super exciting vampire novel comes along that brings fresh blood to the vampire genre…

But it’s actually logical that vampires can’t be killed! Because they already are, and so they return again and again in pop culture as well as high culture. Quite rightly, if you ask me! Yes, I confess: I’ve been a vampire fan since childhood, ever since I first saw the great and quite funny film “Dance of the Vampires“*.

As you can see, vampires appeal to people of all ages! However, this is not about a vampire party for children, but about tips for a vampire party for adults.

6.66 Essential Tips for a Vampire Party for Adults

Vampire parties are particularly popular at Halloween, the festival of horror par excellence. Independently of this, many adults love theme parties for all kinds of occasions, be it birthdays, graduation parties or anniversaries.

Those who choose the vampire theme for their event are opting for a wonderfully versatile genre. Because the vampire theme can be interpreted in many different ways: from dignified elegance in black capes to gloomy-baroque splendour to postmodern cyberpunk vampires, everything is possible. Remember: bloodsuckers are highly transformable!

So that you can think of everything when planning your vampire party for adults, we have put together a sinister and princely treasure trove of 6,66 ideas for formidable bat parties. The seventh idea is already bitten, so they are the undead….

May inspiration come to you on dark wings!

1. Tower Room or Dungeon – Find the Right Location for Your Vampire Party!

When planning your vampire party for adults, act like Count Dracula himself and decide first and foremost in which room of your castle you want to host it. How? You don’t own a… ??? Okay, no problem. With a little imagination and effort, you can turn any place into your own personal vampire castle!.

However, if you have the choice or the budget, try to organise a location that is as vampire-like as possible. This could even be the hall of a castle or a stately vaulted cellar. On warm summer days, however, even vampires like to celebrate outdoors and an open party tent can also be transformed into a vampiresque location.

Either way, what you need is stylish decorations!

2. Live More Beautifully in the Crypt – Make Sure You Have Appropriate Vampire Decorations!

Of crucial importance for any theme party is appropriate decoration. With really successful vampire decorations, every location becomes a venue for eerie vampire dances. Create a harmonious colour scheme with lots of black and red and decorate the venue with vampire-themed items.
Multi-armed candlesticks, artificial cobwebs or cobweb-like curtains, rattling skeletons and skulls in all sizes look good.

Above all, however, the bat may appear often and frequently as a central motif, be it on paper napkins, as a decoration hanging from the ceiling or as a large-scale wall poster.

Furthermore, spiders, skulls, bare trees, creepy castles under a full moon and similar classic creepy motifs are also suitable decoration motifs for your vampire party for adults:


Depending on the atmosphere you want to create and how dignified you want your party to be, you can of course also go for classic elegance and, for example, choose elegant cloth napkins in night black and blood red instead of printed paper napkins.

Only one thing is absolutely taboo, of course: mirrors!

3. Send a Stylish Invitation to the Vampire Party for Adults!

tipps for a vampire party for adults

Do me the honour and show your teeth at my vampire party!

With the invitation to a theme party, you ideally not only specify the theme, but also set stylistic standards. As a rule of thumb: The more elaborately your invitation is designed, the more effort your guests will put in!

Play out your creative talents here! If you are good at drawing, painting or graphic design, then motivate your guests with a self-designed theme picture that you print on the invitation cards and that expresses your version of the vampire party.

Or is your talent more literary? Then write the invitation to the vampire party in darkly romantic verse or like the beginning of a horror story. For inspiration, check out our Halloween invitation texts.

If it’s a small party with a limited number of guests, you can even make the invitations yourself. Here on Adventure Friendship you can find some instructions for making Halloween cards, including a bat invitation card.

4. Countess Bathory’s and Count Dracula’s Wardrobe – Shine Through Your Costume

A good vampire party for adults includes, above all, stylish costumes

Elegance of a vampiress: Delphine Seyrig in “Daughters of Darkness” © Bildstörung

Elegance of a vampiress: Delphine Seyrig in “Blood on the lips” © BildstörungOf course, your guests are responsible for their own costumes, but as host you should set a good example.
Some prefer it classic: elegant evening dresses for the ladies, the finest suits for the men, of course everything in the colour of the sky at midnight on a moonless night. Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Gary Oldman have made Dracula a true style icon. But film history has also produced stylishly dressed female vampires like Delphine Seyrig in Harry Kümel’s vampire film “Blood on her lips“, who are not infrequently even much more elegant (and deadly) than their male relatives.

Particularly recognisable in the vampire world is the flowing cape with high collar that dresses everyone well.

Other part-time vampires are more in tune with the times and prefer to live out their undead vampire existence in clothes that are the latest fashion and elicit the same from their victims when they bite into them in style at night.

Last but not least, there are of course always those who are particularly keen on experimenting, for whom a costume can’t be fancy enough: from the punky anarchist vampire to the futuristic bloodsucker from the distant future. Fortunately, there are no limits to the imagination.

Vampire costumes for all tastes are also available at amazon*, among other places, and for ladies as well…:

…as well as for men:

On the one hand potentially annoying, on the other indispensable as a vampire are the characteristic pointed canines. It is advisable to be a bit choosy here and to pay attention to biting and speaking comfort when buying. After all, it’s supposed to be a long night…

Bestseller Nr. 2
Horror-Shop Vampir Eckzähne Lady Fangs von Scarecrow
Horror-Shop Vampir Eckzähne Lady Fangs von Scarecrow
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19,76 EUR
Bestseller Nr. 3
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5. This Is the Sound of Darkness – Play Matching Vampire Music!

When Jonathan Harker first visits Castle Dracula raves to him about the howling of wolves, the cawing of ravens and the fluttering of bats: “What heavenly music they make!

There is the right vampire music for every musical taste:
Whether purely atmospheric as background…


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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…iconic and rocking as the soundtrack of “From Dusk Til Dawn“…

From Dusk Till Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn
Media Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-); Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-); Audio CD – Audiobook
7,99 EUR Amazon Prime

…Or dark techno for the contemporary gritty vampire dancefloor:


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Video laden

6. A Very Special Juice – What No Vampire Dinner Should Be Without

Vampires fit right into the current zeitgeist in one more way: they define themselves by their diet. Yes, “blood is a very special juice” was already known to old Goethe. Therefore, it is not at all easy to find a truly worthy substitute for it!

Ketchup and tomato juice are of course absolute classics, and as a cocktail, the “Bloody Mary”, which already fits the name. But at a vampire party for adults, as at any good party, there should of course be something for everyone to eat and drink.

To give the buffet a special vampire touch, you can offer other deep red juices as “blood substitutes”, e.g. strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb or redcurrant juice. All these juices are also good for mixing for those guests who like to drink something harder.

For food, you can serve red jello, for example, and label it “blood pudding”. But there are also numerous recipes on the web for vampiric scary snacks, such as those often served at Halloween parties, for example for Vampire Burgers, Saltstick Gravestones or Vampire Donuts.

Fans of the cult series Vampire Diaries and / or True Blood can even enjoy their own cookbooks:

Keine Produkte gefunden.

6.66. Blood of My Blood… – Make This Adult Vampire Party the Start of a Wonderful Party Series!

Adults are like a big bag of chips, once you’ve had a taste, you can never stop!” Thus spoke Prince Dracula, biting heartily into the neck of a fair maiden who was already lolling expectantly on his chaise longue.

Yes, you know this feeling from good parties or party series. A really good party is never really over, just temporarily put on pause. But if you and your friends are real vampires at heart, then host a vampire party series in turn. Or change the theme but elevate another factor to the consistency of your private celebrations.

There’s one thing that celebrating has over the old tribe of bloodsuckers: it’s truly immortal and can’t be brought down by a wooden stake or a silver nail…
With this in mind, we wish you infernal fun at your vampire party for adults!

While you’re here, stay a little longer to browse – it’s worth it 😉

By the way, here on our blog you will not only find numerous tips for theme parties and general party ideas! At Abenteuer Freundschaft, we give you lots of tips for activities with friends, with your partner or the whole family. Just have a look around, you will discover a lot, I promise!

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*This article contains so-called recommendation links. This means that if you order a product through it, we may receive a small commission without it costing you a single cent more. At the same time, you can support us and our work in this way.


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