Check out our theme party list for 111 ideas for themes for an awesome theme party!

16. July 2017 - Anika Semmer

Ultimate Theme Party List – 111 Brilliant Party Ideas




When Borat and Donald Trump toast each other, Gandalf spins at the DJ booth or E.T. and Darth Vader go wild on the dance floor – then you’re celebrating at one of the best theme parties ever! Whether toga, thong or trash – you’ll find 111 x inspiration on our theme party list!

You’ll find concrete ideas and tips on how to implement them in all the linked motto party themes!

Our Theme Party List – 111 Ideas for an Awesome Party

Party Themes from Pop Culture

  1. Hollywood theme party
  2. Celebrity party
  3. Glamour party
  4. James Bond theme party
  5. Pop star party
  6. Rock’n Roll party
  7. Gangster’s paradise party
  8. Quentin Tarantino party
  9. Hell on Wheels: Mad Max party
  10. Disney party
  11. Heroes of childhood theme party
  12. Superhero theme party
  13. Comic book party
  14. Marvel vs. DC party
  15. Soccer party
  16. Dirty Dancing Party
  17. Star Wars party
  18. Casting show party
  19. Cutie and Nerd Party

Historical Theme Parties

Theme party list with Historical Themes

Von gnuckx unter CC0 1.0

  1. Ancient Rome
  2. Ancient Egypt party – Cleopatra’s triumphal procession
  3. Venetian masquerade theme party
  4. Medieval party
  5. At the court of Louis XIV
  6. Wild west party for adults
  7. 1001 nights party
  8. 20s party
  9. 50s party
  10. 60s party
  11. 70s party
  12. 80s theme party
  13. 90s theme party
  14. “Eastalgia” party – Risen from ruins
  15. Mafia party – An invitation you can’t refuse
  16. The Trash Trump Party – Whose trolls the Trump the most?
  17. Hippie party
  18. Flower Power party
  19. Viking party
  20. Stone age theme party

It’s All About Style Theme Party

Style theme party list

Party themes from stylish to completely tasteless

  1. Black and white theme party
  2. Rainbow party
  3. Bad taste party
  4. Ugly sweater party
  5. Fairy tale party
  6. Cheeky fruit & young vegetable party
  7. Pajama party
  8. Punks & poppers theme party
  9. American High School party
  10. Cheap party – cheaper only at Primark
  11. Hit parade party
  12. Camp party
  13. Professions & uniforms Party
  14. Disco Fever Party
  15. Freaky-costume-Party
  16. Dandy party
  17. Sports outfit party
  18. Nudist party
  19. Trash your Dress Party
  20. Winter Wonderland party
  21. Double pack party – couple & partner costumes
  22. Moustache party – from Einstein to Schimanski
  23. Indoor Picnic Party

Fantasy Theme Parties

  1. Fantasy party
  2. Space party
  3. Sci-fi party – Back to the future
  4. Noah’s Ark party
  5. Heaven & hell party
  6. Cyberpunk party
  7. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table party
  8. Lord of the Rings theme party
  9. Game of Thrones party
  10. Fairy tale party
  11. Alice in Wonderland tea party
  12. Jack Sparrow’s pirate party
  13. Greek gods theme party
  14. Horror party – Until the blood freezes
  15. Witch party for children
  16. Vampire party (for adults or for children)
  17. Zombie apocalypse party
  18. Gender swap party
  19. Deadly Sin party
  20. Paradise Party at Adam & Eve
  21. Neptune’s underwater party
  22. Talking Dinosaur Party
  23. Black Widow Party
  24. The Wizard of Oz Party
  25. Willy Wonka’s chocolate party

Theme Parties in Breathtaking Locations

  1. Circus party
  2. Casino Royale theme party
  3. Madhouse party
  4. Hospital party
  5. Jail party
  6. Opera ball party
  7. Studio 54 party

Theme Parties to Near and Far Countries

Theme party list - Celebrating like in other countries

Celebrating like in faraway countries

  1. Country party: each guest represents a country
  2. Hawaii theme party
  3. South Seas party
  4. Safari theme party
  5. Havana party
  6. Beach party
  7. Jungle camp party
  8. Rustic alpine party
  9. Oktoberfest theme party
  10. Asian evening
  11. Down-Under-Party
  12. Fiesta Mexicana
  13. New Orleans party
  14. Very British! – Party
  15. Russian Party
  16. Parisian Bohemian Party
  17. Japanese Geisha & Samurai Party

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What are your favorite themes for  theme parties and what do you think is still missing on our ultimate theme party list? We’d love to hear your suggestions! For our top 10 theme parties for adults, here are specific tips on how to implement them.

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